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Where to buy your flower, what to do once you’ve smoked it, and (perhaps mostly importantly) what to eat.

A young woman reading a book in a cafe.

20 Books to Read to Get Good at Weed

From the history of the War on Drugs, to cannabis’ medical benefits, to how to guides—whatever your interest in weed, there’s a book in here waitin...

Las Vegas landscape


Vegas, baby! But make it chill and non-overwhelming. Here’s where to shop, eat, and hang when Sin City calls.

Two young women standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

HIGH CITY GUIDE: San Francisco

With the advent of legal cannabis, SF has become one of the most vibrant places to live and work if you enjoy the herb, no secrecy needed.

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The Case for Keeping Cannabis Weird

The legal cannabis market has been all about sanitizing the culture, pushing the stoners to the fringe, and making room for a more "sophisticated" ...

High City Guide: Toronto

High City Guide: Toronto

Cannabis is officially legal in Canada this week, so we’ve hit up our good buds in bud, Ace Valley, for the hot tips on how best to enjoy your new ...

Cannabis *Is* Fashion, Officially

Cannabis *Is* Fashion, Officially

Cannabis isn't just pushing the reset button on what it means to take care of ourselves, it's also taking the fashion world by storm. And damn, it'...

cannabis witch

How to Use Cannabis Like a Witch

These days, witches practice things both passed down and recently conjured, but plant proficiency is a huge thread in their tapestry.