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Fast Times 1g Doob: Sour Peaches

Sativa dominant. Terpene-rich.

A single 1g pre-roll of whole Sour Peaches flower in a reusable glass doob tube.

A bouncy, mood-boosting burst of energy with gassy, peachy notes.

This memorable daytime strain was crafted to satisfy even the most THC-tolerant palates, offering elevated effects and flavor. High BPM vibes make it ideal for slashing through to-do lists and maintaining an upbeat perspective on the cloudiest of days. 

Type: Sativa-dominant
Lineage: AJ Sour Diesel x Moroccan Peaches
Breeder: Purple City Genetics

Sunny, Bright, Creative, Uplifted, Alert, Inspired, Free
AJ Sour Diesel x Moroccan Peaches
Premium cannabis flower.
Head High
Body High

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