Miss Grass


Make friends. Make art. Make out.

For you and a nude beach. Or you and a regular beach, if that’s more your thing. Fast Times is an inspiring flower blend meant for opening your spirit, getting things done, and moving along. It’s vibrant without jitters; high-flying without losing sight of the ground. The kind of energetic buzz that goes well with daytime dancing, al fresco painting, all night talking, or just doing you—and, maybe doing someone else, too.

Tastes like: Cinnamon, flowers, and hops.
Feels like: A creative high you can vibe on.

Level of high: 8-9
Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humalene, Limonene

+ Premium cannabis flower. Pesticide-free; sustainably-grown.
+ Matchbox and stick matches.

Total THC: 18-22% Total CBD: 0.1%; Total Cannabinoids: 18-22%
Main terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humalene, Limonene
How To Use It
To open your Minis box, press the tabs on the back that say “Push Us” while simultaneously pulling down on the ribbon tab. A magic drawer will open and voila!—5 Miss Grass Minis just waiting to enjoy. Use a match from the included matchbox to light one up. High.
Why We Love It
You asked for it and here it is: An inspirational and energetic blend with an uplifting high. A super-smokable pre-roll in an easy-to-finish size.

Sustainably-grown by our buds at Glass House Farms in Carpinteria, CA.
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