A Mini Moment With: Tiara “Barbie” Kelly

Photo by Courtesy

International runways, stunt performing in blockbuster films, TV show cameos, music videos with #1 artists, and gracing front covers are just part of the multifaceted daily dance for non-binary queer icon, Tiara “Barbie” Kelly (they/them). But don’t be fooled, behind the art, ASMR, and aesthetic, Tiara’s one badass activist. 

Once a dance student at Woodbridge Senior High School of Performing Arts, the Maryland native turned content creator and CEO of lifestyle brand Spiritual Ratchet has clearly been making moves ever since (we didn’t ask how many pages their resume has). 

As fans and followers ourselves, we recently caught up with Tiara to talk our love of cannabis and how they use their content to be the fearless and much-needed representation that celebrates freedom, body positivity, spirituality and black girl magic, all while combating the double stigma as a non-binary cannabis consumer. 

When did your relationship with cannabis start?

I started my relationship with cannabis at age 16 with my dance class during tech week. We went to the woods, had a session, came back inside the studio; I swear I could fly! It felt magical like I could truly be free especially at a time when I started to battle with depression.

What benefits have you seen?

Cannabis has helped me with my mental health. Instead of taking antidepressants, I use the flower in every way from THC to CBD! It truly keeps me level headed. Also, using CBD balms for aches, especially during periods as I have severe cramps.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re high?

My favorite thing to do when I'm high is a solo dance party, or relax like in a hot bubble bath with a kushqueen CBD bath bomb.

“Cannabis is legalizing and becoming more popularized while black people are still criminalized.” 

What kind of challenges have you faced taking on double stigma as a non-binary cannabis consumer?

Most of my challenges are the lack of space and opportunities for young black creatives in the industry. Cannabis is legalizing and becoming more popularized while black people are still criminalized. Though there are companies saying they are working on equality, the team is all white male. Yes, women are taking up space, but I’ve yet to see the consumers of weed shown in full fashion beyond the stoner or rapper stereotype. Most of my peers are black queer creatives who would love to have the access and tools to learn more about the plant or how to legally start their own businesses.

How did it feel to finally put yourself out there and own your identity?  

I've always put myself out there (I'm a Sagittarius), otherwise nobody would know who I am. I have been openly queer since I was about 13 or 14 and started to identify as non binary around 25 as I have always felt gender fluid. There wasn't much representation growing up so I try to be that for me and generations to come that you can be your authentic self. I am grateful for supportive people around me who love who I am all in all. 

What’s one message you want to tell your fellow weed lovers out there?

To my fellow weed smokers please use lip masks, stay hydrated, don't smoke with everyone, check if you got your lighter back and smoke weed everyday! 

What’s one piece of advice you would tell your younger self? 

I would tell my younger self to trust your gut! Your intuition is always right and your ancestors got you! If you need help, ask for it cause there's no fun in struggling especially when the universe is here to help serve you.

Dream smoke sesh. Who are you passing the J to?

Since I've smoked with the legends Snoop and Wiz khalifa. I would love to smoke with Rihanna, Erykah Badu, and Beyoncé! Throw in Issa Rae too!