A Mini Moment With… Jasmine Mans, Poet and Creator of Buy Weed From Women

Photo by Taylor Baldwin

We’re kinda obsessed with Jasmine Mans. Not only has the spoken word poet and performance artist opened shows for Janelle Monae and Mos Def, but her work has also been featured in commercials for brands like Ulta and in magazines like Elle. The book she released earlier this year, Black Girl, Call Home, was also heralded by the New York Times as a “must read” and made Oprah’s list of the Most Anticipated LGBTQ Books of the Year. 

But Jasmine is also the woman behind Buy Weed From Women—a project whose mission is to propel the work of women-owned cannabis businesses and nurture the female cannabis community. Obviously, we can get behind that.

We know you’ve seen those BWFW sweatshirts, totes, and t-shirts all over the Internet. And probably out in the real world, too. “It must enrage men,” Jasmine laughs. We caught up with the superstar connector and creative to find out more about BWFW and how she uses weed to unwind after getting all this incredible work done. Read on.

Tell us why you started Buy Weed From Women? What was the inspiration?
The message was the inspiration behind BWFW: Buy Weed From Women. It must enrage men, lol. It's clear, yet unique. It's such a small, yet powerful message. 

I played around with the design and the language for a while. I wanted to see if the message had any imprint on my community, who loved weed and the arts. Cannabis has always been a close neighbor to the art community. The response was bigger than expected, it quickly traveled outside of my small world, introducing me to a space that came with insurmountable education and community.

"Cannabis is meditative for me. I prefer to be home, in a steaming bathroom, right before showering, drinking a bottle of water between puffs."

When did you start getting into cannabis and how has it helped you?
I started getting into cannabis in college, my sophomore year. Most of my friends were smoking so I gave it a try. Then, I didn’t have much knowledge about strains and effects. I knew that it brought fellowship and laughter, and I enjoyed that. As I grew more professionally it has supported me with much anxiety. 

jasmine mans buy weed from women

What’s your current consumption ritual?
Cannabis is meditative for me. I prefer to be home, in a steaming bathroom, right before showering, drinking a bottle of water between puffs of a joint that I'm regretfully ashing into a candle. Wow, what a run-on sentence! During my menstrual cycle I'm using a CBD belly rub before bed.

Do you use cannabis to assist with your creative process?
I personally don't think cannabis helps me with creativity. It helps me with the silence needed after the process is finished. 

"I wish people knew that cannabis was a medicine and were taught how to use it as such." 

What do you wish more people understood about cannabis?
I wish people knew that cannabis was a medicine and were taught how to use it as such. 

What’s the best bit of personal advice you’ve ever received?
The best piece of advice I ever received was 'find joy.'

jasmine mans buy weed from women

What’s a mantra or trick you use to change your vibe when you’re feeling down?
I am learning self control. I am aware that there are variables that I can control. When I am feeling down I attempt to change the space, a variable: I’ll watch a movie, listen to music, cook for myself, take and shower. I notice that when I cook and shower, it forces me to use my body and assert new energy. Feeding myself is, also, a deserving ritual. No matter how 'poorly' I feel I did today, I am still deserving of a meal. Removing the variable that can seduce pain is also important. If your phone tempts you to look at things, or memories that conjure pain, put yourself in a place that makes phone use hard, like an activity that forces you to use your hands. Showers often feel like a restart, a cleanse. I remember one day I gossiped and felt bad about it. I prayed and showered, as a way of offering my body an apology and reset. 

What’s a book that shifted your perspective?
James Clear’s Atomic Habits made me think differently about my approach to discipline and hard work. It gave me a kinder and more powerful approach to lifestyle change and daily routine. Sometimes I feel like I wasted most of my day and remember that I can drink a bottle of water, and that can be a small milestone for the day.

If you had a billboard, what would you want it to say? 
I think I’d want it to say “Buy Weed From Women.”

What’s a random thought you’ve been having lately, high or not?
I’m a high-cleaner/high-organizer. I'm often wondering how I can make my apartment more efficient, and reduce my amount of laundry. However, just yesterday, I googled, “how come all printers suck?” , because I thought there had to be a conversation or support group around this unique kind of rage, and guess what? There was.