Miss Grass

All Times Generous 8th (4.2g): Lemon Sportiff

Hybrid. Terpene-rich.

A generous eighth (4.2g) of full-sized Lemon Sportiff nugs in a colored glass jar.

Mentally stimulating with a smooth body high and fresh-squeezed lemon flavor. 

This hybrid gets creative wheels turning while grounding the body and mind with a hearty dose of THC. Many citrusy strains can come off bitter or sugary sweet, but the beautiful buds of Lemon Sportiff have a refreshing, juicy taste that stands out in the sea of limonene strains. 

Type: Hybrid
Lineage: Lemon Tree x Skorange x THC Bomb
Breeder: Purple City Genetics

Calm, Sensual, Connected, Soothed
Lemon Tree x Skorange x THC Bomb
Premium cannabis flower.
Head High
Body High

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