Miss Grass


Hybrid - 1/2oz Premium Flower

For you + rolling your own. Miss Grass All Times Flower is premium full-sized, single-strain nugs inspired by our signature All Times 1:1 Minis—but with full-THC for extra sparkle. This is a versatile, up-for-anything smoke that goes with the flow and makes everything sweeter. Any time, any place—kind of like your favorite plus-one. Get centered. Get clear. Go wherever you want.  With notes of pine, herbs, and ginger. So you can feel *just* right. 

Feels like: An easy, sparkly high. The full-THC version of our All Times 1:1.
Tastes like: Pine, Rosemary, Ginger, Spice

Premium cannabis flower.

Strain: Blueberry Haze, a cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Super Silver Haze
THC: 21.44% CBD: .15%
Terpenes: Farnesene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
How To Use It
Open the bag using the thumb-slot at the top. It’s child-resistant, so don’t stress. Once you’re in, inhale the fragrance. Choose your nugs, separate the stems, break the buds, or just grind up. Roll your own, pack a bowl, or ready the bong. Light. Inhale. High. You really can’t go wrong.
Why We Love It
Miss Grass Flower is grown on a family-owned farm in Northern California that, for over four generations, actually grew the other kind of flowers. The greenhouse practices still remain: pesticide-free and sustainably-tendered with recycled water and house-made soil using reclaimed plant matter and organic inputs. All to produce our full-sized premium nugs in three special strains—terpene-rich and lushly aromatic; we chose them because they give just the *right* kind of highs.
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