Miss Grass

Quiet Times Generous 8th (4.2g): Rainbow Belts

Indica dominant. Terpene-rich.

A generous eighth (4.2g) of full-sized Rainbow Belts nugs in a colored glass jar.

A bright lime flavor and meditative high that brings a whole new mellow. 

Remember those surreal Skittles commercials from the early 2000s? They may or may not have been based on the very, very special flavor and feel of this Skittlez cross. It hits heavy like an OG Kush but has a bright, bubbly flavor like real sour candy. 

Type: Indica-dominant
Lineage: Zkittles X Moon Bow 75
Breeder: Archive Seed Bank in Oregon

Calm, Sensual, Connected, Soothed
Zkittles X Moon Bow 75
Premium cannabis flower.
Head High
Body High

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