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Quiet Times 1g Doob: Dobos Triangle

Indica dominant. Terpene-rich.

A single 1g pre-roll of whole Dobos Triangle flower in a reusable glass doob tube.

Wind down with a gassy, OG Kush-like classic that relaxes head-to-toe. 

Named after the rich, chocolate buttercream Hungarian Dobosh sponge cake, this strain is similarly decadent and heavy in effects. High terpene and THC contents deliver head-to-toe, in-the-couch relaxation, making this one for the folks who want a classic OG Kush vibe.

Type: Indica-dominant
Lineage: Wedding Cake x Bubba Diagonal
Breeder: Purple City Genetics

Calm, Sensual, Connected, Soothed
Wedding Cake x Bubba Diagonal
Premium cannabis flower.
Head High
Body High

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