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Pot-infused dinner parties. CBD manicures. A dispensary every couple blocks. And a blossoming culture that's revitalized art, fashion, music, wellness, and community. All inspired by the cannabis plant? That's Los Angeles 2018. What a time to be alive.

LA has always been a stronghold of pot culture. When California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, West Hollywood was among the first and most progressive cities in the state to welcome the nascent industry. The small centrally located city has continued its tradition, having also been among the first cities to license adult use dispensaries this year, and is moving ahead with on-site consumption licensing, too.

California's cannabis industry is valued at $7 billion. And LA is the capital of that industry. Beyond the dizzying array of options lining the shelves of dispensaries all over the city, LA is also point blank a beautiful place to enjoy all that bud. With its hiking trails, beaches, parks, and 420-friendly party culture, it can be overwhelming even for locals deciding where to buy weed, what to buy, and how to best enjoy it.

So whether you're from out of town or you're a native Angeleno, look no further—here are some of the best spots in the city, vetted by a local.

Shops to buy your bud

Zen West Hollywood
  • Where: 8464 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood (right by La Cienega)
  • What: Old school Weho dispensary, still kicking after 15 years
  • Why it's great: Serving both medical patients and adult use customers (from different entrances), Zen has better prices on the same products you'd find in other upscale dispensaries of similar caliber. Centrally located between LA's east and west sides, Zen is a great stop while cruising Santa Monica Boulevard on your way downtown, or toward the beach.
Green Goddess Collective
  • Where: 1716 Main Street, Venice
  • What: Dispensary
  • Why it's great: Within walking distance of Venice Boardwalk, hit up the Goddess, then hit the beach. Rent bikes, picnic on the sand, trip out over the boardwalk's always reliable sampling of LA's finest freaks. Don't let the line at the Goddess intimidate you. It goes by quickly and you'll get individual attention from the friendly budtenders. And next door to Green Goddess, you'll find Foria's store — a great open place to lounge and learn how weed can enhance your sex life and ease your periods. (You can also grab your very own Foria Awaken CBD-infused lubricant right here.)
The Higher Path Collective
  • Where: 14080 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks
  • What: One of LA's finest dispensaries
  • Why it's great: Owned by Jerred Kiloh, a pioneer and leader in LA's cannabis movement who's been instrumental in advocating for fair cannabis policies, The Higher Path has been voted best dispensary in LA. Regulars can earn loyalty points, too.
99 High Tide Collective
  • Where: 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu
  • What: It's not just a dispensary
  • Why it's great: 99 High Tide is the only pot shop in Malibu (keep that in mind next time you spend a weekend up there by the beach). But that's not the only reason we love it. The dispensary-come-gallery features top-shelf organic strains and high-end cannabis products alongside boutique fashion, art, crystal, elixirs, superfoods, and other "higher consciousness" products. Leave your qualms about LA stereotypes at the door, step in for complimentary massage, sound healing, breathwork, and other energy work, too.

Spots to enjoy it 
*Miss Grass does not endorse public consumption.

Barnsdall Art Park

  • Where: 4800 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles
  • What: More than just a park, Barnsdall features an art gallery, art classes, Friday wine tastings, and — the best part — a "top of the world" style view of the city.
  • Pro-tip: Uber over, and be sure you get dropped off at the top — unless you're down for a hike up the driveway. (Recommend this discreet little one-hitter from INDA for the adventure.)
Self Realization Fellowship, a.k.a. The Lake Shrine
  • Where: 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles (not far from where Sunset meets PCH)
  • What: This multi-faith outdoor temple feels like the most peaceful place in the world. Founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda, the SRF plays an important role in LA culture and history (not to mention Jim Morrison used to trip in this beautiful spot back in the day). Alongside meditation classes and seminars on spiritual living, the SRF's real draw is its beautiful lake, surrounded by solitary spots to sit and think, draw, journal, or just be. (Recommend a cannabis bug spray from Apothecanna for the full experience.)
Tree People
  • Where: 12601 Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills (located within Coldwater Canyon)
  • What: It's no Runyon Canyon — namely because the trails are less crowded, with fewer tourists and fewer people posing for the 'Gram. While Runyon does have beautiful views of the "City" and the Hollywood sign, Tree People offers peaceful, rigorous trails to hike, jog, or walk your dog, with plenty of offshoots to sit on the bench, take a breath, and look out over the San Fernando Valley.
Zen & Kush
  • Where: The location changes for LA's best monthly pop-up
  • What: This 420-friendly, booze-free party is more of a curated arts experience, put together by ganja goddess Lizzy Jeff. Get your tarot cards read, munch on edibles, get a massage or a crystal healing, watch the stellar dance performances, or hit up the medicine bar to learn about different medicinal herbs. You may also get to catch a performance by Lizzy, herself. (Recommend a Wildflower CBD vaporizer to blunt the effects of too much cannabis, if such a thing happens!)

Cannabis-inspired food to eat

  • Where: 815 South Hill, DTLA
  • What's weed about it? The CBD-infused cannabis leaf tempura, and the cannabis smoked heritage pork in kogi with CBD kimchi.
Prank Bar
  • Where: 1100 South Hope Street, DTLA
  • What's weed about it? Terpene-infused cocktails and kombucha.
Gracias Madre
  • Where: 8905 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood
  • What's weed about it? Best known for its CBD cocktails, containing hints of lemon, agave, hibiscus, and other flavors.

Yummy late-night munchies

Canter's Deli
  • Where: 419 Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles
  • What: The best place in the world, period. This 24/7 Jewish deli, annexed to The Kibitz Room dive bar, has the best pickles on any coast, pastrami, baked goods, bagels and lox, breakfast at midnight, and all the works. Canter's is the best for late-night heart-to-hearts or shenanigans with eclectic locals who've been frequenting the place for decades. On Sundays, the Kibitz Room hosts karaoke night.
Lucy's Drive Inn
  • Where: 1373 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles
  • What: 24/7 drive-through Mexican. Enough said.
Mel's Drive-In
  • Where: 1660 North Highland, Hollywood / 8585 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood / 14846 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks
  • What: Not a drive-in, but a good 24/7 spot nonetheless for 1950s vibes, jukebox music, and good ol' fashioned milkshakes.
Swingers Diner
  • Where: 8020 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles / 802 Broadway, Santa Monica
  • What: Sixties diner with old-school Hollywood vibes, an extensive menu, and plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Elevated wellness offerings to try

Lit Yoga
  • Where: Private location, Venice
  • What: Herbal tea ceremony, cannabis offerings, and yoga flow.
  • Where: Multiple locations in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Larchmont, Studio City, South Bay, Pacific Palisades, and Dallas Preston Center
  • What: The canna-cure "chill time" feature Relieve Pure CBD Bath Bomb, Renew CBD Hand and Foot Scrub, Melt Away pain relief lotion with massage, and CBD chocolate
Puff, Pass, & Paint
  • Where: Pop-up locations
  • What: A 420-friendly, BYO-cannabis, painting class, all art supplies included.
Madison Margolin is an LA/NY-based journalist on the cannabis beat. Her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, Merry Jane, Herb, Playboy, and other places too.