Miss Grass Minis Are Here

Photo by Zen Sekizawa for Miss Grass

Introducing Miss Grass Minis. Personal-sized pre-rolled joints for every occasion—Fast Times, Quiet Times, All Times. A mixtape of cannabinoids and terpenes to make you feel *just* right.

The very first cannabis product created completely with you in mind.

About a year ago we had a big thought: What if we made a weed product? Something we'd really want to consume; something that truly honored what we love about the full spectrum of our favorite plant—and all those who love it back.

We knew we couldn’t do it without you. And, more importantly, we wouldn’t want to. After all, you’re our very favorite weed-loving buds on the planet. You’ve been here on the high road with us since Day 1, lighting the way with love and bud the entire time.

So we asked. And here’s what you said was at the top of your list:

  • Pre-rolled joints.
  • Small in size and easy to smoke.
  • Super smooth.
  • Different formulations for different moods.
  • Sustainably grown.
  • Cool packaging.
  • Not too pricey.

We heard you loud and clear. So, we researched a ton. Experimented a bunch. Developed for months. Examined every bud. Tried every terpene. Tested every strain. Measured every cannabinoid. Monitored all possible effects. And, of course, smoked a whole lot. (Hard job, we know.)

Now our stash is finally ready for you to smoke. And to be honest, we couldn’t be more stoked.

Miss Grass Minis. Perfectly yummy. Perfectly smoke-able. Perfectly yours. Find your time. miss grass minis pre-rolled joints fast times

Fast Times

Make friends. Make art. Make out.

For you and a nude beach. Or you and a regular beach, if that’s more your thing. Fast Times is an inspiring flower blend meant for opening your spirit, getting things done, and moving along. It’s vibrant without jitters; high-flying without losing sight of the ground. The kind of energetic buzz that goes well with daytime dancing, al fresco painting, all night talking, or just doing you—and, maybe doing someone else, too. miss grass minis pre-rolled joints quiet times Quiet Times

Turn up the music. Turn down the bed. Turn inside.

For you and a bubble bath. Or you and a film. Or you and your journal with a pen in your hand. Quiet Times is a calming flower blend that works well with dim lighting, chocolate, and a really great tune. Or a lazy Sunday with your love in your room. Relaxed but not sluggish; dreamy but not spaced-out. Like a soft cashmere sweater or the silkiest sheets—soothing, weightless, and super serene. miss grass minis pre-rolled joints all times All Times

Get centered. Get clear. Go wherever you want.

For you and whatever. All Times is a 1:1 CBD:THC flower blend with a balanced, easy-going high. A versatile bud that goes with the flow and is up for anything—kind of like your fav black T-shirt or your forever plus-one. Energetic without being frenzied; chill without being a dud… with just enough sparkle to make everything more fun.