All about the Mother's Milk Strain

Photo by Miss Grass

Like the nurturing bond of a mama and her newborn, this strain will cradle you in its comforting glow. Mother's Milk is a sativa-dominant hybrid blessed with a "milky" coating of sticky trichomes and a high-THC content—the result of its Nepali OG and Appalachia strain genetics. 

It's a high that's both calming and uplifting; the ideal way to pamper yourself with tender loving self-care. Mother's Milk is a top-shelf sativa goddess that features a rich aroma, complex flavor, and a unique set of effects. Read on to discover more about the lineage, effects, and uses of this special strain.

It's a high that's both calming and uplifting; the ideal way to pamper yourself with tender-loving self-care.

Mothers Milk lineage 

When you dive into any strain's genetic lineage, you begin to understand its unique traits—and the Mother's Milk strain is no acception. This strain gets its relaxing indica vibes from Nepali OG—also known as Nepal Kush—a pure indica strain descended from the Hindu Kush landrace strains that sprout from the mountainous regions of Nepal. Nepali OG carries with it all the calm and serenity of the Himalayas in each puff, accented by exquisite hints of sweetness, spiciness, and fruit. Thanks to this genetic parent, Mother’s Milk inherits the ability to calm and generate serenity, a high THC content, and distinctive Kush undertones that complement its aromatic profile.

On the other side of the family tree is the infamous balanced hybrid variety, Appalachia. This strain is the result of a cross between Green Crack and Tres Dawg strains. Although its THC levels usually hover around 18%, it is highly sought after by cannabis connoisseurs due to its balanced effects that show some sativa tendencies despite its hybrid nature. Its aromatic legacy lives on in the Mother's Milk strain, whose alluring creamy aroma is balanced by the citrus-y and piney tones common to the Appalachia strain.

​Mothers Milk THC content

As with any strain, the THC levels of Mother’s Milk can vary from batch to batch, depending on the growing conditions and the care given to the plant during its flowering period. Typically, average batches contain THC levels between 16% and 21%. However, under the proper care and the right conditions, the Mother’s Milk strain can reach a THC content of 24% to 29%. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain also has a small, but significant, CBG content of up to 1%, with almost undetectable CBD levels.

​Mothers Milk effects

Paired with a chill Sunday or a mid-hike break, Mother's Milk can upgrade your day with its uplifting effects and tranquil sedation. With just a few puffs, this sativa-dominant hybrid strain kicks in with an energy boost, accompanied by a noticeable feeling of euphoria. 

One of the best features of this heady high is that it doesn’t cloud your thoughts. Instead, you'll feel functional—with a focused and alert state of mind that perfectly compliments a productive day.

The indica side of the Mother’s Milk strain eases in with a sense of calm and relaxation. Eventually, its relaxing effects take over every corner of your body, cradling you in comfort.

​Mothers Milk flavors

Light up, breathe deep, and exhale — slowly. Take your time with this strain and it will reveal a world of flavor.

The complex flavor profile of this strain carries delicious sweet, creamy notes of vanilla and honey accompanied by distinct citrus-lemon notes that will heighten your senses. These flavors mingle on your palate in a rich, dense smoke that leaves a unique earthy, piney aftertaste on the exhale, given by its kush landrace genetics.

​Mothers Milk aroma

With a truly seductive aroma, each puff of this strain is an experience. One of the characteristics most appreciated by users is the powdered milk aroma that Mothers Milk's buds emit. But, as you delve further the rich blend of fragrances behind that dominant scent begin to emerge as delicate citrus and lemony notes; reminiscent of the creamy topping of a lemon pie. Finally, fresh pine undertones bring together the complex Mothers Milk's aroma profile, making this strain genuinely unique—and very tasty.

​Mothers Milk benefits and terpenes

One of the most notable benefits of Mother’s Milk is that, despite its high THC content, it remains gentle and soothing—like the loving mother it is. At first, the Mother’s Milk strain will uplift you with energy while activating your focus and alertness. Its motivating effects and high-Limonene content can potentially help with anxiety, stress, and can uplift your mood.

Thanks to its rich Caryophyllene levels, Mother's Milk has excellent potential to relieve migraines and pain, relax muscle spasms, ease muscle stiffness, and alleviate sore muscles after a hard workout. 

Since the effects of the Mother’s Milk strain can be somewhat chill, it can be a helpful aid for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Its high Linalool concentration is thought to induce a drowsy, peaceful mood that invites you to snuggle up in the sheets to sleep like a baby. 

​When is Mothers Milk best to enjoy?

Despite being a sativa-dominant that generates an initial boost of positive energy, many seasoned cannaisseurs report that the indica side of the Mother's Milk strain shines the brightest. This is mainly because it induces a mellow cerebral high and a relaxing body buzz that offers mental clarity. 

These characteristics make Mother's Milk the perfect choice to wind down in the afternoon and help you decompress at the end of your day. After an intense workout session, it's also helpful for relaxing sore muscles while you still ease into your evening. It will set you in the right mood to watch a movie, prepare dinner, do some reading, or simply unwind after a long day at work. We also like it as a pre-stroll smoke or for a relaxing beach hang—preferably as the sun sets.

Regardless of the activity, you'll feel nurtured with this high-quality flower. 

​Where to buy Mothers Milk

Despite being widely popular and highly sought after, this sativa-leaning strain is not a common flower you'll find on the shelves of any dispensary. To enjoy this therapeutic gift of nature, try our All Times Flower and Minis, which often feature this gorgeous strain. And say goodbye to bad vibes.

​Mothers Milk growing info 

Mother’s Milk is one of those high-yielding cultivars that offers sweet and earthy buds—there's hardly a strain that matches its bounty. This sativa-dominant variety can be ideal for homegrown enthusiasts who may not have enough time or space to grow in large quantities. Under the right conditions, it pleases growers with an outstanding bud production.

In addition to giving generous yields, this strain is also mold-resistant and grows in various environments thanks to its hybrid nature. Whether growing Mother’s Milk plants in your garden, in a greenhouse, or indoors, the crop won't require much attention or specific care to achieve beautiful flowering. It usually takes around 60 to 70 days to enter the flowering stage. You will start to see those bright milky-white trichomes that give this strain its name during this period.