Miss Grass

Fast Times Generous 8th (4.2g): Durban Strawberries

Sativa dominant. Terpene-rich.

A generous eighth (4.2g) of full-sized Durban Strawberries nugs in a colored glass jar.

Ease into a more energized state with smooth strawberry flavor.

Some avoid sativas because of the disorienting crash you feel once the buzzy high fades away. This unique combination of pure sativa lineage from Africa, a stony Strawberries plant, and a Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze bred in England makes for a totally different kind of lift. 

Type: Sativa-dominant
Lineage: Durban & Strawberries x 1987
Breeder: Purple City Genetics

Sunny, Bright, Creative, Uplifted, Alert, Inspired, Free
Durban & Strawberries x 1987
Premium cannabis flower.
Head High
Body High

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