7 Ways to Use Cannabis for a Better Sleep

Photo by Mineral.

There’s something especially satisfying about dialing in on that perfect nighttime routine. That’s because when you fit those puzzle pieces together perfectly, the right routine can go far beyond taking off your makeup and shimming into your PJs (or finally ditching your clothes for your birthday suit if that’s more your speed). It becomes a therapeutic ritual that quiets your body as well as your mind—and when it comes time to finally slip into the sheets, it means you’ll be counting sheep in no time.

Incorporating a CBD product or seven (hey, it’s easy to love a person who isn’t afraid to commit) can be just what your current routine is missing. Beyond the scientific evidence that consuming cannabis can help ease you into sleep, there are plenty of products that you can layer and lather up to help you wind down your day. Below are just a few of our favorites.

Get the Drop

When it comes time to start your R&R ritual, try kicking things off by placing a couple of drops of Mineral’s Robyn for Sleep tincture underneath your tongue. As you work your way through the rest of your routine, its mix of CBN (a.k.a. cannabinol, which is known for its sedative properties), CBD, and sleep-focused terpenes will kick in, ungluing your shoulders from your ears—along with relaxing muscles throughout your body—and pumping the breaks on any racing thoughts.

Bombs Away

Next, run yourself a bath and toss in Life Elements’ Bliss Ball Bath Bomb. Besides the sheer joy (and, let’s be real, prime Instagram opportunities) that a fizzy, bubbly bath brings, this particular ball will infuse that already healing hot water with all of the goodness of CBD. As you soak, the bath bomb will work together with the tincture to further relieve any aches and pains. You can choose one of the Bliss Ball’s stronger formulations to really amp up the relaxation—it’s available with 50, 100, or 200 mg of CBD after 25 to 30 minutes, you should be feeling fully relaxed and your skin should be glowing.

Perfect the Rub Down

Once out of the bath, slather yourself in Apothecanna’s Calming Creme, which blends CBD with soothing ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and frankincense into a luxe, instantly relaxing body lotion. In addition to smoothing it over your legs and arms for an extra hit of hydration and a well-deserved mini-massage, you can rub it into your pulse points (think temples, insides of your wrists, and chest) to help further calm the body.

Use a Super Serum

Next cleanse your face and, apply a healthy dose of the Frigg Face Potion to your face and neck. This bottle packs a serious skincare punch thanks to a formula that combines ingredients like squalene—which fights free-radicals to keep your skin looking young—with responsibly sourced botanical oils that kicks your body’s endocannabinoid system into healing high gear. The result? Skin that glows with the radiance of that 10-day vacation you wish you had time to take.

Treat Yourself to a Good Face Mask

Once the serum’s fully absorbed, lay on the luxe High Potency CBD Mask from Beboe Therapies. Here, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are put on impressive display, alleviating dry patches—this handy guide breaks down exactly how CBD can save your winter-worn skin—soothing any breakouts, and repairing your skin’s natural barrier. Plus it comes in a handy sheet design—no mess, no muss, no fuss. Think of it as a hyper moisturizing treatment.

Patch Yourself Up

If you’re still feeling a little bit stiff or sore after getting out of the bath, stick the Be Calm Patch from The Good Patch to the inside of your wrist or top of your foot (any venous area will do), to kick relaxation levels up another notch. The patch will deliver 15 mg of premium hemp extract to unwind stressed muscles over the course of 24 hours—so it will keep you feeling cool, calm, and collected even after you’ve made the mad dash to the office the next morning.

Breathe It In

If you could use an extra dose of self-care before you call it a night, we’d suggests taking a few hits of the Miss Grass ZZZ Hemp + Herb Minis for Sleep before finally winding things down. Though the formula can be used any time of day you need extra help chilling out, its blend of CBD, CBG, and calming herbs is especially useful to quiet any remaining stress, meaning you’ll be out like a light by the time your head hits the pillow.

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