A Cannabis-Infused Ritual For the Summer Solstice and Beyond

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Marking the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is a literal tipping point between two worlds. The North Pole is at its maximum tilt, and suddenly we find ourselves between spring and fall—and between our outer and inner selves; the conscious and subconscious realms. In the Pagan tradition of Litha, the maximum sunlight of this day means honoring abundance, growth, and fertility—and the Sun’s awesome creative power.

The Summer Solstice was also often considered the first day of the year in ancient times. And being that we’re exactly halfway through the year, we’re being cosmically invited to take stock of what we’ve done (or not done—no judgement!) and set some shiny new intentions in the full light of the sun’s rays.

This year’s Solstice is especially dynamic: it occurs on Saturday, June 20 and is quickly followed by a new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer. In other words: if you’re looking for a chance to assess your emotional well-being and level-up your weed-infused self-care and general feelings of pleasure (find me someone who doesn’t need *that* right now), this is it.

It’s also a big opportunity for anyone who reveres nature and who’d like to slow down, explore their inner witch, and get back in touch with the elements and themselves. Which—given how categorically intense 2020 has been so far—should be everyone.

“The Summer Solstice is an axis point in time. According to witches, the earth’s vibrancy (and therefore ours) is at its peak. Everything is pregnant with potential. Traditionally, this Solstice usually saw farmers ask for blessings and express gratitude to the land and everything that grows on it. And that means everything. But the history of Summer Solstice rituals largely depends on where you are in the world.”

Ancient traditions

It seems wherever there are people, there’s a need to mark this point in time. It’s just that special.

For Swedes, Midsommar (as it’s literally called there) is celebrated with maypole dancing and traditional food. For unmarried young women, it also involves sleeping with seven flowers under your pillow to dream of your future husband . . . if you’re into that kind of thing. In Finland, the aim is to build massive bonfires in honor of the badass God Ukko. In meanwhile in the UK, the ancient rocks formation of Stonehenge experiences its perfectly-aligned sunrise. I recommend getting high and looking it up on YouTube.

But it’s not just white people who honor this time, no way. In Australia, the Aboriginal rock formation Wurdi Youang was built by the Wadda Wurrung people way before Stonehenge was, after all. Wyoming’s Bighorn Medicine Wheel stands as a testament to Native American peoples’ sacred solstice and sun dance rituals. And in Central America, the ruins of both Mayan and Aztec temples show they were often precisely aligned by the solstices.

A Mid-Year Resolution Ritual for the Summer Solstice

You’ll need:
A candle

Pen and two pieces of paper

Inspiring objects or flowers, especially yellow ones

Your bath or shower at the ready

Some weed (additional herbs recommended)

Body oil

Chill, sensual music

Something delicious to eat

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Ready to shake the stress of 2020 off and make your mid-year resolutions count? Let’s go.

1. Create a sacred space

First, spend some time during the day gathering some things that make you happy on an altar or any private, clean space. This could include your favorite pipe—bonus points if it’s gold or yellow like the sun—or photos, trinkets, crystals, and flowers (again, yellow is perfect but colorful or summer-invoking will work too)—anything that makes you feel ~alive~ and super grateful when you gaze at it. Cleanse the space with smoke, sound or intention as you go.

2. Write a reflections list

While you gather your favorite gratitude-inducing objects, contemplate what “fruit” you’ve reaped since this time last year. What kind of growth have you experienced? What achievements or joyous moments have you harvested from life? Not necessarily your “success.” More, the stuff that makes you actually feel good. (It’s okay if they’re the same thing though.)

Take some quiet time to write these down in a list, going into as much emotional detail as possible. You want to embody the energy of pride, satisfaction, abundance, and possibility!

3. Write a resolution list

Next, light a great-smelling, weed-infused candle and place your gratitude list on your altar or DIY space. Your candle represents the fires of creation—what the next solstice cycle will bring. Now, take a deep breath and consider: What do you hope to achieve next? Does your New Year’s resolution need a rejig? How do you want to feel? How can you pledge yourself to the betterment of the world at this crucial time? What emotional seeds would you like to plant? This is your chance. Write it all down on a separate piece of paper. This is your resolutions list.

Again, let yourself embody your full power while gazing at the flame. What does it feel like to embrace optimism, change, potential, and the fertility of your future plans? Once you have that feeling, it’s time to bathe in it, literally.

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4. Soak and toke

Run a bath or a shower, ideally with your candle in view. This is the part of the ritual where you celebrate where you’ve been and where you’re going—by luxuriating in all that nature has to offer. Add CBD to your bath and let it truly, deeply soothe you. Remind yourself of your worthiness. Of the importance of cultivating all that the sun represents—pride, shining bright, abundance, and being seen.

Get in the mood with a vape, joint, or bowl that’s infused with nature’s greatest plant gift. Barbari’s Airplane Mode blend of herbs goes great with a nighttime weed sesh and offers lavender (a classic Summer Solstice choice) as well as protective sage, romantic rose and raspberry leaf, and blue lotus for heightened intuition. As you breathe in your weed, imagine yourself filling up with satisfaction, hope, worthiness, and power. As you exhale, let your breath exude pure gratitude to the sun, to nature, and to life, for all it’s given you and continues to give.

5. Soothe in gratitude

After your ritual bath, you’ll be feeling nice and dreamy, so lock it in with a layer of CBD body oil, letting every massage rub affirm your personal sovereignty and the pleasure that is your birthright. Now take your candle back to your sacred space. Let the flame flicker as you give thanks and gratitude to Mama Weed, to the earth and all its creatures, to the sun for shining the light of truth on all of us, and to yourself for existing and always doing your best.

Put on some uplifting, vibrant yet chill music and treat yourself to something yummy to drive home those fruity, sensual abundance vibes. When you’re ready, extinguish your flame. You can choose to either keep your bits of paper somewhere special for future reference (this time next year would be perfect for reflection), or you might want to bury them on the next full moon which is July 5—that’s when this new moon’s energy is at its ultimate, conclusive peak.

Either way, the Summer Solstice will kick off the beginning of a fresh new chapter for you and yours. May your heart be forever grateful, your plans come to fruition, and your weed always be top-shelf. Love to you, witches!

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Jerico Mandybur is Miss Grass’ resident Weed Witch. The best-selling author, modern spiritual guide, and former editorial director of Miss Grass, is our go-to source for all things tarot, magic, and witch-related.