Mini Rituals to Help You Feel Calm, Creative, and Balanced

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Smoking a great joint—or really just using any weed in general, whether THC or CBD—should be a sacred ritual that elevates your mind, body, and soul. So whether you want to vibrate higher, chill deeper, or just feel more centered, we’ve curated a few super-easy mini rituals for calm, creativity, and balance.

Pair these mini rituals with whichever THC or CBD you love. You can even take it all one step further and do them with our Miss Grass THC Minis in Fast Times, Quiet Times, and All Times—or Miss Grass Hemp + Herb Minis in XXX, ZZZ, and 000. Can't go wrong.

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Mini Rituals For Calm

Try with: Miss Grass Quiet Times, a calming flower blend. Or ZZZ - Hemp + Herb Minis for Calm.

Free Writing

So you want a chill night in? In the mood to get snuggled up in bed, and then zone out in a playful way? Don’t we all. To get into the spirit, try a little free-writing. That’s where you grab a pen and paper and just write whatever the hell that comes to your mind, whether funny and absurd, introspective and slightly dark, or totally mundane.

Either way, it’s deeply cathartic and therapeutic. Kinda like morning pages and gratitude journaling, but without the productivity-bent. Instead, this is just a fun mini ritual for calm. It’s stimulating for your high, relaxed mind, but it also takes very little effort. Just let the words flow without judgement.

Imagination Meditation

Looking for a calming ritual that’s low-commitment? Light a candle in your bathroom along with your favorite incense. Draw a bath, add some flower petals that call to mind joy and abundance, add a luscious CBD soak to the water, and step in. (Light your Miss Grass Quiet Times Mini and draw in the sweet smells of lavender, chamomile, and heavenly citrus.)

Then, you close your eyes and start to imagine. What do you imagine? That’s up to you. You might use this visualization ritual to picture waking up tomorrow morning, refreshed, and unburdened by the garbage fire that is 2020. You might visualize peace for humanity.

You might visualize the most relaxing oasis—your special inner sanctum—and let yourself simply *be* in this healing imaginary space. This is your time—take it wherever you want. Just don’t fall asleep, okay? Or do. Up to you. 

Mini Rituals For Creativity

Try with: Miss Grass Fast Times, an uplifting flower blend. Or XXX – Hemp + Herb Minis for Sex.


Picture This

If you think vision-boarding is for little kids and suburban housewives, think again. It’s actually the best way to unleash some creative energy in a witchy yet low-stakes way, no prep needed. Just grab some glue, scissors, and those old magazines you’ve been saving for whatever reason. Then, express yourself.

No need to be strategic about what your vision is; just go with the feeling you want to embody this year. Think of it like an energetic reset.

Wired for Sound

Always consider set and setting. Which leads to the eternal question: what are you going to listen to? Channel a creative energy burst into making the ultimate mind-blowing Spotify playlist.

Set yourself a mindful goal for your music curation: what intention are you weaving into this mix? How will you Pavlov’s Dog yourself into feeling more inspired, connected, and creatively turned on? You’re a magician, honey. And music is your spell. Craft it with love and care and it’ll serve you for way longer than your high lasts.  

Mini Rituals For Balance

Try with: Miss Grass All Times, a balanced 1:1 THC:CBD blend. Or 000 – Hemp + Herb Minis for Balance.


You’re an Animal

It is rare to regret going for a beach picnic or a hike through the woods, right? And yet, so many of us deprive ourselves of the most inspiring, energizing, and life-giving thing we have access to—nature. It’s like we say; weed is a plant and you’re an animal. So act like it: Get out there and Wim Hof yourself into a cold lake. Go for a walk through your local national park. Hell, just take your shoes off in the grass for five minutes.

Nature brings us back into balance, just like CBD’s effect on our homeostasis. Contemplation in the natural world will do wonders for your state of mind. Promise.

Words with Friends

You consider yourself a conscious person. (Maybe even a weed witch, like me.) But how often do you let your intention-setting breathe? Meaning, are you speaking your dreams into reality or just thinking about them? Because like weed, our magic is more powerful and rewarding when shared. Especially manifestation—however you define it.

miss grass hemp minis pre-rolls for balance

 Best-selling author Gala Darling has a “magical morning manifestation” practice that looks like this: you wake up everyday and you send a voice note to a trusted friend, sharing everything you’re going to manifest that day. But you word it as if it’s already happened. Then, they share one back!

You’re speaking your intentions into the universe, and being held accountable by a loved one. Sounds like an ideal start to the day. (Least of all because All Time’s yummy wood, clove, and delicate floral flavor pairs excellently with coffee.) 

Jerico Mandybur is Miss Grass’ resident Weed Witch. The best-selling author, modern spiritual guide, and former editorial director of Miss Grass, is our go-to source for all things tarot, magic, and witch-related.