Don’t Even Think About Traveling Without These 8 Key CBD Products

Photo by Unsplash

Bless this time of the season. The last of summer’s warmth is still hanging on here and there and it's almost time to dust off that favorite sweater scrunched down the back of your closet. But don’t get too comfortable. The crazed, crammed November-through-December blitz that is the holidays approacheth.

Plan you should. Peak travel season might seem a while away, but fall’s cozy clutches grasp fast. Before you know it, you'll be booking flights home, reserving AirBnBs for New Year's, city-hopping across the US, and whatever other schemes you hatch with your time off work, you evil genius. Before getting caught up in travel fever, take a moment to get acquainted with our top eight must-packables.

Whatever your itinerary, federally legal CBD is your ticket to a stress-free time while traveling. Get stuck in before holiday hysteria hits. You're welcome.

For a pleasant plane snooze

Sleeping soundly is hard for most of us. Sleeping soundly on a plane? Ha! We would’ve thought that was a joke, until Mineral's Sleep tincture came along. It's a blend of CBD and CBN—a cannabinoid that early research shows to be an effective sleep aid—and exactly what you need to encourage shut-eye, even in the most unlikely of places.

Mineral Sleep CBD TinctureMineral Sleep CBD Tincture, $160

For the *frisky* weekend getaway

Honestly, lubes don’t come much better than this. Its 100 percent natural ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD, are effective in all the ways you want them to be: increasing blood flow, heightening sensation, and easing tension. Once you experience Foria's Awaken, you’re gonna want to stash one in every travel bag you own—you won’t forgive yourself if you forget to pack this one.

Foria Awaken CBD Arousal OilForia Awaken CBD Arousal Oil, $48

For the non-cliché dinner party gift

Sweet, artisanal gummies make a special add-on to any dinner with friends. If you can hold out long enough to puff on an after-dinner joint first, even better; Lord Jones' gummies are the perfect fruity dessert bite. But in our experience, their best quality is their calming CBD—especially necessary before chatting with *insert difficult dinner guest here* (you know the one). Don’t be surprised if your giftee wants to save these for him/her/themself.

Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD GumdropsLord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops, $45


For the rare “me time” break

If you really know what you’re doing, you’ve scheduled some R&R while on the road. Even if few and far between, timeouts for yourself, especially during a busy vacation, are so important. An ideal way to do this has always been and always will be to take a bath, and while you’re at it, pop in this fizzy, fragrant bath bomb for a chill like no other. What we would do without bath bombs? Don't even want to think about it.

Life Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath BombLife Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath Bomb, from $14

For post-adventuring aches

Chances are, you’ll be active more than enough while traveling. Maybe your friend talked you into a hike. Maybe your cousin convinced you to try her new favorite workout class. Maybe you’re keen on a walking tour. Maybe you wore heels on that night out, even though you knew they would make you feel like you're walking across hot coals after a few hours. For any or all like the above, this powerful Healing Stick gives your bod some cannabis-infused TLC when it needs it most. P.S. It's also great for managing cramps on the road.

Wildflower CBD+ Healing StickWildflower CBD+ Healing Stick, $75

For keeping skin in-check through all kinds of elements

When you visit new places, you’re exposed to exciting new things—your skin is too, and it can be less excited by the unknowns it’s being exposed to. Battle the elements with this Everyday Creme from Apothecanna. It simultaneously relieves dryness and eases inflammation with a dreamily scented mix of mandarin, cedar, geranium, calendula, sweet orange, hemp seed oil, and yes, CBD.

Apothecanna Everyday CBD CremeApothecanna Everyday CBD Creme, from $14

For sneaky smoking on-the-go

This discreet, double-duty Pipe Keychain travels light and is super handy. Pack it up with the mini pouch it comes with to smoke some flower of your choice while out and about. It’s a more subtle, easily portable vessel than most others out there. And if your nosey aunt happens to go through your luggage? Nothing to see here. It's just a keychain, Susan!

For the rough morning after

We’ve all been there. We're not proud and neither are you. But hangovers happen. And unfortunately, they can you follow you ~anywhere. Next time your fun night brings you nothing but misery the following morning, slap on this patch’s combo of CBD and cooling menthol—and let them go to work. You can leave it on for up to 24 hours. It's much less obvious than oversized sunnies, Gatorade, and a pack of Advil rattling around in your bag. But hey, whatever works.

The Good Patch Be Calm CBD PatchThe Good Patch Be Calm CBD Patch, $12