Five Ways to Kick Stress and Stay Elevated

Photo by Sarah Gray

Hey, we get it. The world sort of feels like it’s burning to the ground around us too.

From jobs, to relationships, to the ever-worrisome political climate, it can feel like everything is out to get you all the time. But luckily for you, you have a weapon at your disposal that’s ready to fend off the stress and anxiety at a moment’s notice—especially when you’re busy contemplating the fact that nuclear war could happen with a single tweet.

We’re of course talking about cannabis. And not just any cannabis, we’re talking about micro-doses of cannabis.

According to recent research by the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Chicago, low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC, can help reduce the stress of speaking in public, having dinner with your in-laws or just barely surviving the last year. Cannabidiol, or CBD, which is the non-intoxicating compound in cannabis has also been shown to have a marked effect on overall stress levels.

As the study importantly caveats, imbibing too much THC could trigger an anxiety attack. It’s important to do your homework and really understand micro-dosing (or taking small, measured doses) or THC. Or if feeling the intoxicating effects is not your vibe, then choose the CBD route, which can help take the edge off without giving you the high.

While this study certainly points out the importance of trying a little before trying a lot, what constitutes an appropriate dose is highly subjective and something you’re just going to have to learn for yourself.

For more guidance, here are five ways to micro-dose THC and CBD like a queen and bury your anxiety and stress for good.

Ease into things with a topical

Sometimes you just need is a light touch. Cannabis-infused topicals like lotions, balms and salves, could do the trick to lessen your stress. Though they won’t get you high, they will help your muscles relax and the soft scents will undoubtedly help put your mind at ease. To up the ante on stress relief, ask your partner to use the topicals for a quick five-minute massage, or draw a bath, add a few drops of cannabis-infused oil to your water and soak away the day.

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Make your own edibles

Cooking is already a proven stress-reducer, and adding in just a sprinkling of cannabis to your baked goods will only increase these effects. By making your own edible treats you not only get to control the flavors, but you also get to control the dosage. Not sure how to make an infused edible? Try our recipe for Coconut Cannabis Energy Balls for a quick and tasty low-dose treat. Or go the non-intoxicating route with some yummy CBD-infused gummies.

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Be a one-hit wonder

Cannabis stress relief is all about getting just enough of what you need. Forget rolling up a big blunt, try packing a little one-hitter for, er—one hit. It will allow you to spark just enough to take the edge off without fear of overindulging.


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Vape that CBD

Not much for smoking, but appreciate the oral fixation of the ritual? A CBD vape might be just what the doctor ordered. Refreshing, calming and otherwise odorless, this is a discrete option that’ll have your feet up in no time. And no, you won’t get high.


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Have great, infused sex

Like cooking, sex is a time-tested stress reliever. So why not get down in the sheets (after an infused massage) and kick things up a notch with a CBD-infused lubricant? The natural blend of aphrodisiacs works with your body to promote relaxation and increase blood flow, you know, everywhere.


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