Three Plant-Based Ways to Own Your Period

Photo by Isaiah & Taylor

Every month we get our periods. And every month it’s all we can do to hide our discomfort. We aren’t encouraged to talk about it. We aren’t given a hall pass to work from home. We aren’t even given access to safe and effective tools to manage it all.

Oh but you know all this.

If you’re like us, you take matters into your own hands. You certainly don't ask permission. And you've identified that the shame we’re made to feel about our periods is a whole lot like the shame we’re made to feel about how we use cannabis.

So, while we all work together to shift that narrative—to humanize the experience!—we thought we’d pull together some of our personal tricks and tips to make our periods a little less of a nuisance. Hey, maybe even pleasant?

And we’re not talking about Mydol or Aspirin or Advil. At the end of it all, nothing beats a hot water bottle and a little bit of cannabis.

  1. Wildflower CBD+ Healing Stick This is balm that comes as a stick. It’s cooling, packed full of highly concentrated CBD and powerful essential oils like arnica and wintergreen. And it absorbs deep into the skin to help with that pain.
  2. Foria Basics Suppositories If you want to get really hyper-located about your pain relief, and/or manage inflammation, you might just be won over by the tension-melting effects of Foria's suppositories. Each suppository delivers 100mg of full spectrum CBD directly to the area. Just plug 'em in and get ready to be soothed!
  3. Foria Awaken This one’s technically a lubricant. But because it comes packed with CBD, it’s a helpful go-to for any inflammation you might be feeling in your nether regions. It’s also made with all-natural ingredients including coconut oil, kava root, cardamom, and vanilla.