Is High Sex the Only Sex?

So you want to get high and get down in the bedroom? Cannabis can be a great aphrodisiac, but you've gotta know how to use it as one. Whether you smoke a joint before sex or use an infused lube to heighten your experience, weed acts as a versatile tool to boost your sensitivity, enhance sensuality, and help you get out of your head and into your body.

But if you've never consumed cannabis specifically to have better sex, there are a few things to know.

What's the deal with edibles?

Edibles are perhaps the trickiest form of cannabis to work with because, unless you're an experienced consumer, you can't be sure how the product will affect you. The age old adage is to start low and go slow — eat just a little and wait up to two hours before consuming more. Depending on your body, you may not feel the entire effect of the edible until a few hours into it, which is why if you keep eating before it's taken its full effect, you may get too high and freak out. Another thing to remember with edibles is that when THC goes through your liver, it gets processed into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is a little more psychedelic and lasts a bit longer than the THC you smoke or vape.

If you smoke pot before sex…

Often times women are more keen to smoke — or continue to smoke — around sex. That's because, if a man gets too high, he may risk his ability to maintain an erection, while for women, cannabis may simply help enhance sensitivity. (From personal experience, I sometimes find that if I want to use cannabis as an aphrodisiac, I'll smoke a bit more than what I would if I were hanging out socially. When I'm a little higher, my mind gets a little quieter and I can channel that into sex.)

What's the deal with cannabis lube?

Simply put, cannabis lube is incredible. A product like Foria may take some time to set it, so no need to rush into sex after you lather up. (Pro-tip: Foria makes a CBD lube and a THC lube—the former will not make you high.) Use that extra time in the beginning for some foreplay to heat things up. Also remember that since Foria is coconut oil-based, do not use it with a latex condom, since the coconut oil can degrade the latex.

What are the best strains for sex?

Assuming you're going for a relaxing body high, you may want to veer toward a hybrid or an indica. Strains like Ultimate Trainwreck, a euphoric sativa, Sour Dream, a giggly hybrid, and Hindu Skunk, a mellow indica may be good places to start.


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Madison Margolin is an LA/NY-based journalist on the cannabis beat. Her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, Merry Jane, Herb, Playboy, and other places too.