Why Everyone's Talking About CBD Suppositories For Pain, Periods, and Pleasure

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If you’re hearing things like *life-changing* and *total game-changer* about CBD suppositories, you’re not alone. Devotees claim that CBD suppositories can help with everything from pain relief to enhancing sexual pleasure—and some even say they think using them has helped reduce general feelings of stress. There’s even anecdotal evidence that they may help provide relief from other issues as well.

Of course, as with so many things cannabis-related, the research is disappointingly limited. But, a little deductive reasoning and logic tells us it’s not so far-fetched to think that putting CBD directly where you want it might have benefits. According to Project CBD, “the pelvic region houses a matrix of nerves that travel to the legs and up the spine, and the colon contains cannabinoid receptors.”

cbd suppositories for sex

And anyway, we’ve long known that the vaginal walls and rectal area are super sensitive and notoriously absorbent: suppositories have been historically used in both regions as a clinical drug delivery method for systemic or local treatment when oral methods weren’t a viable option. (Incidentally, these are some of the same reasons we suspect CBD lube is so beloved by so many peeps as well.)

But while CBD lube (and all lubes) can be a bit messy (which, let's face it, has its charms), CBD suppositories are definitely not. Their small, compact size makes them discreet and super handy—just slip one in and forget about it—making them a secret weapon for everybody and every body, no ifs, ands, or *butts* about it.

Below, a few tips for how to use CBD suppositories for pain, periods, and pleasure:

+ For periods and menopause 

You know when you can just *feel* your period coming? That icky, slightly cramp-y, crabby feeling? Let that be your guide. Using suppositories can help ease discomfort and promote muscular relaxation for your fancy bits—no matter where you are in your cycle. ⁣ ⁣

+ For pre-penetration and sex 

⁣Oh hey foreplay! Inserting a suppository before the deed can be both sensual *and* soothing—and can help induce wetness. Sex is about pleasure, right? So get the most out of it. ⁣ ⁣

+ For erotic play 

Bottom line: Suppositories are excellent for enhancing erotic play—not to mention relieving pain and tightness during penetration of *all* kinds, including anal. They can really help loosen things up down there. PSA: CBD suppositories contain all-natural oils, so if you’re using a condom—non-latex is a must.⁣

+ For hemorrhoids and IBS  ⁣

Okay so this one is not so sexy to talk about, but it's also not so sexy to experience any kind of butt-related discomfort. But the good news is that many people report excellent results from experimenting with CBD suppositories for hemorrhoids and IBS.



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