The Best CBD Products For Sex, Pleasure, and Intimacy

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By now, we all know how great CBD is for our overall wellness and for our sex life, but do you know what products are the most trustworthy? Ask anybody who uses CBD on, in, or around their private parts , and you’ll likely hear them rave about such-and-such lubricant and all the goodness it brings to the bedroom. But finding the right product for you is another thing.

There’s no shame in deep research when it comes to picking products to make your sex life better. CBD is often cited as an effective anti-inflammatory and a pain reliever–which is excellent news for women who struggle with menstrual or sexual pain. Plus, CBD is probably best known for helping people relax, which means more pleasure.

We’ve rounded up nine fan-favorite CBD products that can be used to increase pleasure and make for a better sex life. Enjoy!

The CBD Lube That Started It All

Awaken by Foria is one of the most praised CBD lubes, and for good reason. This natural arousal oil turns you on and promotes your own natural lubrication (while providing some itself by way of coconut oil). For those who are dealing with pain or physical tension, Awaken can help dismiss that. Users also say using Awaken makes it easier to achieve orgasms, too. Foria customer Taylor says, “Not only can I reach an orgasm for the first time ever, but we can also go for multiple rounds without me being in extreme pain afterwards! This product has saved both my sex life and my relationship.” Strong endorsement, there.

Eye Cream for Your Vagina, Basically

Treat your most sensitive bits to some everyday TLC. Quim’s site says the Happy Clam oil is “designed to keep your quim happy, healthy and moisturized. Think of it as eye cream for your vagina.” We pamper our bodies and faces, so why not vulvas, too? You can apply the Happy Clam oil anytime your vulva needs some extra love. Rub some on before bed, after bathing, after sex, you name it. And you’ll be happy as a clam.

Sexy Oil for Sexy Times

Time to really ramp up the pleasure? Try out this sexy vanilla-scented oil to enhance sensitivity and increase blood flow. Multiple plant ingredients work together to get you all turned on and lubed up. MCT oil provides lubrication, and of course, CBD can relax your vagina and help relieve pain for some great sex. As an added bonus, hemp seed oil will moisturize and soften your skin and condition your pubes, if you rock ‘em. Win-win!

For Major Pain Relief

In so much pain from your period that you can’t even *think* about having pleasurable sex? Foria’s suppositories go inside of you to work right at the source of pain. Each little suppository packs a punch: a full 100mg of CBD. They can be inserted into the vagina or into the rectum. People with periods love these suppositories for general period cramps or pain that comes along with conditions like endometriosis. Plus, there's a 50mg option if you prefer to start there.

For Head to Toe Use

This one’s not for your privates; it can be used head to toe! Queue you and/or your partner(s) massaging it onto each others’ problem spots for some soothing, sexy, and pain-relieving foreplay. On top of being infused with CBD, this lotion is jam packed with essential oils including mandarin, geranium, and cedar, all while being light and fast absorbing. You’ll love it.

Puff, Puff, Relax

Sometimes it can be hard to shut off our minds when we’re trying to get in the mood. Enter: Miss Grass' XXX hemp mini pre-roll joints for sex. Each mini has organic full-spectrum hemp flower and organic adaptogenic herbs, blended for high passion and a playful lift. Since there's less than the federally legal limit of 0.3% THC per box, you'll feel all the good vibes without the high. They're chic and fast acting—prob the best benefit of smokable hemp of all.

Moisturize & Pleasurize

This bad boy isn't just a lube, it's an all-natural, chemical-free lube. It's made with a base of aloe vera to moisturize your delicate skin, and lock that moisture in. Plant aphrodisiacs like kava root, maca root, and horny goat weed (shocker) help perk up the pleasure even more.

Soak Away Your Troubles

Taking a bath is one of our favorite ways to wind down before a bedroom session. The more relaxed you are before sex (whether solo or with a partner) the better it’s likely to be, and the easier it will be for you to have an orgasm. A bath with a CBD bath bomb is the ultimate way to wind down and get in the zone. Throw in a bath bomb at your strength of choice (50mg, 100mg, or 200mg) and feel all your troubles melt away, paving the way for pleasure.
Ashley Laderer is a writer from New York who specialises in mental health, lifestyle, and music, and is obsessed with dollar pizza slices and her two chihuahuas, Starr and Miley.