Miss Grass Staffers’ Most Wanted Holiday Gifts

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It’s officially holiday season, and the gift guides are a'flowing. So too is the stress, in many cases. Between trying to maintain your merriest mood amongst family, to the dread that sets in when you're OOO for longer than two days; the holidays aren't all jingles and merriment.

Then there's the pressure of present-hunting (that's *actually* within your budget) on a deadline that’s coming fast. We get it. So, in an effort to save you (and ourselves) from the avoidable gift-related grief, we’re looking at what's topping our very own team’s wish lists for guidance.

Here's what all of us at Miss Grass HQ want most, on a platter (aside from weed).

Anna Duckworth, Chief Creative Officer

A roundup of gift picks including pajamas, body oil, and a vibrator. L to R: Lunya Set $198, Quim Oil $48, Dame Vibe $95
I'm a lady of leisure, an introvert posing as an extrovert. And having clothing that works for sleep, lounge, and out-of-house is my idea of efficiency. I just love Lunya for their washable silk technology. But also can't get enough of how chic their styles are. This set belongs with moi.
And because I’ve always thought it was weird that every other part of my body gets VIP treatment, and no one GAF about my fancy bits, my next picks: Quim’s Happy Clam is like eye cream for my vagina, and I feel like we deserve it. Even though I haven’t purchased anything from Dame yet, I fan out about them a lot—and am especially impressed by their MTA billboard campaign snafu (they got shut down for trying to run a camp on women's sexual health and liberation). I’ve heard their vibes are best-in-class and love that the company was started by two women, one of whom is an MIT engineer.

Jenn Han, Head of Partnerships

A roundup of gift picks including a small handbag, CBD tincture, and sheer bra. L to R: Mansur Gavriel Bag $595, Mineral Sleep Tincture $160, Cuup Balconette Bra $68

As a very light sleeper, I’ve struggled to get that REM, wake-up-fresh-as-a-flower sleep for most of my adult life. Mineral’s Sleep tincture works like black magic—or science—and I’m so thankful for it. Especially in the winter, when I just want to hibernate. When said hibernating hits at home, pants are the enemy. CUUP briefs and bras are perfect for my undie-and-comfy-tee time: sexy AF fits, gorgeous colors, and ultra-soft fabrics. It’s like being hugged by a bunch of fluffy clouds, which I’m pretty sure is heaven. I’ll take one in every color—same goes for this bag. I need it in my life immediately, if not sooner. The leather, the color, the pleats...everything about it is STUN-ning.

Helen Jang, Art Director

A roundup of gift picks including a fleece with leopard-print trim, a CBD topical, and Crocs sandals. L to R: Sandy Liang Fleece $495, Wildflower Stick $75, Crocs Clogs $44.99

Growing up on the East Coast, having some sort of puffer or fleece jacket was the norm, and I wore the shit out of an old Nautica fleece hand-me-down from my brother. When I saw this one by Sandy Liang, it immediately made me feel nostalgic and cozy. It’s a must-have for me, just like Wildflower’s CBD+ Healing Stick. I rub this on to soothe my neck, upper back, and shoulder pain (screen life, amirite?), and love that it leaves a little tingly sensation. You could call me practical, and you should because Crocs. Hated by just about everyone, mostly worn by either dads or chefs—but for me, I see functional footwear. They’re easy to clean, waterproof, comfortable, provide low-level protection, and they’re extremely durable. I’m sold, and I want all the colors.

Miranda Larraz, E-Commerce Manager

A roundup of gift picks including a puffer jacket, CBD topical, and chunky sneakers. L to R: Zara Puffer $69.90, Wildflower Stick $75, Nike M2K Tekno Sneakers (price ranges)

Even in LA where it doesn’t get that cold, I want to wear this puffer jacket—oversized for extra room to layer all my favorite frumpy sweaters underneath—every single day this winter. I already wear sneakers every day, but I would live in these Nikes, especially in this color. And that leaves the Healing Stick by Wildflower, one of my favorite products ever made. I rub it on to ease sore muscles the day after a tough workout, and I use it so much that I’m always *this* close to running out.

Jerico Mandybur, Editorial Director

A roundup of gift picks including a pipe keychain, a charitable graphic tee, and hot pink bejeweled stilettos. L to R: Amina Muaddi Pumps $895, Inda Creations Pipe Keychain $69, WASH WEAR Top $55

The perfect mini gift for your bestie, your sister, or you know, me, the name of this pipe's game is self-healing, but make it discreet...and fashion. Even aside from the fact that it's the perfect pint-sized one-hitter, it comes with a match book, a cute pouch, and it's chic as hell. On that note, if you love shoes, you'll already know Amina Muaddi is everyone's dream shoe designer. Naturally, these unique block-heeled and crystal-embellished puppies are not cheap. But this is a wish list, not a reality list! And in my fantasy, I'd steer away from my natural instinct to buy a practical black pair, and opt for hot pink. Because, why the fuck not?

Last but def not least, created in collaboration with self-taught artist, Mr Wash, anything from this whole collection of shirts and accessories from Everybody.World that gives 100 percent of profits to Mr Wash's legal defense fund. By buying this, you're helping Mr Wash clear his name following 21 years of wrongful incarceration for drug-related crimes he didn't commit. You're also helping him to create more art and share his message of prison reform with the world.

Kate Miller, CEO

A roundup of gift picks including a sheet set, a ceramic ash tray, and a Sooth Massage gift card. L to R: Parachute Sheet Set $129-$169, Jonathan Adler Tray $38, Soothe Massage $96-$225

As a true homebody, I’m always looking for ways to dress up my digs. This beautiful tray—and any of Jonathan Adler's weed-y home goods honestly—screams, "Smoke great weed and ash on me!" And I'd love to do just that. Since maximizing time at home is my MO (my Postmates bill can back me up on this), I was hooked as soon as I got introduced to Soothe’s massages that come to you. If I could indulge in a nightly bone-crushing massage, I would, and this gets me closer to that—it’s a great gift for loved ones, too. You know that feeling of slipping into a silk robe, of being pampered head-to-toe, when all stresses from the day just melt away? That’s how it feels getting into these sheets.

Kayla Noriega, Customer Love + Operations

A roundup of gift picks including a beach towel, a natural pearl necklace, and a CBD-infused face serum. L to R: Pendleton Towel $49.50, DONNI. Necklace $238, Saint Jane Face Serum $125

I'm low-maintenance when it comes to beauty and skincare. Because I go minimal with what I put on my face, I like the few products I use to be packed with good stuff my skin will love. This Saint Jane serum is it. It smells as gorgeous as it looks, and makes my forever-dry visage actually feel supple. It's an indulgent treat. This au naturel taste carries through to how I accessorize. Organic-feeling jewelry is my favorite (I'm never not wearing my three cherished turquoise rings), and this imperfectly hewn necklace is right out of my dreams—being from a beach town, suffice it to say I’m smitten by any ocean-y or shell materials.

Even during chillier months, I'm a believer in never packing a weekender without a bikini, or a quality towel. Pendleton's are plush with patterns that are just plain cool. One of my favorite home decor hacks is hanging a couple of these on wall hooks for texture and color that’s a little different.

Varuni Palacios, Head of Growth

A roundup of gift picks including a robe, a CBD-infused hand, nail, and foot treatment, and a signet ring. L to R: KHUS + KHUS Treatment $50, Brooklinen Robe $98, Zoë Chicco Ring $995

I would never spend $50 on Premo by Khus + Khus for myself, which seems crazy because it's such an important addition to my beauty and skincare routine—probably because it feels like SUCH a luxury spa treatment. I'd use this morning, noon, and night to keep my cuticles and heels moisturized as I wash my hands throughout the day and to prolong my mani-pedi. I can never find the right hand lotion, but I think this is it. Hope it ends up in my stocking!

As another add-on to my mani situation, I've been dying for a signet ring. But rather than wear my initials (which I'm currently doing on my neck), I think this sunburst is so beautiful and a reminder to always try and be the light, or live in the sunshine, or just enjoy the beautiful things in life. Fewer, better things. My robe for example. I've been wearing the same one for years. Literally years. I don't even think it's the same color as when I got it. It's probably time for a new one, but mine's like a security blanket for me, so any replacement is going to have to be a 10x improvement. I think this Brooklinen one would be it—for sure.

Janay Smith, Social Media Manager

A roundup of gift picks including cannabis-print smoking jacket and pant set, a CBD tincture, and a cannabis leaf "Grow Your Own Way" tapestry. L to R: Lily CBD Oil $179, Urban Outfitters Tapestry $39, Fleur Du Mal Jacket $495

I mean...can we take a sec to admire this set! Fleur du Mal has always been a fantasy brand of mine, but when they dropped this beauty, I had to add it to my wishlist immediately. Functional fashion is everything to me. So the fact that I can fall asleep in this, and crush a meeting or two in it is a bonus that needs no explanation.

I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my humble LA studio. And because I can't paint the walls, tapestries are my go-to for adding my own personal touch. I can see where I'd put this one now: Right above my headboard. But if we're talking gifts, Lily CBD would honestly be the only thing I'd want/need. I fell in love with it when a coworker realized I was having a stress attack. One dose of this, and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the work day.