High Horoscopes: October Wants You to Get Social + Share the Love (+ Bud)

Photo by Vanessa Lilak

Spooky season has arrived, and glorious mixtures of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice are finding their way into every single thing we eat (that’s pumpkin spice, for the haters). We can all appreciate this mashup of creepiness and sweetness that inevitably happens each year. Did somebody say “trick or treat?"

A pile up of planets in Libra in the beginning of the month redirects our focus toward our social lives. A strong Venus in Libra brings opportunities to meet new pleasant people, collaborate on projects, reconnect with loved ones and comrades. Later in the month, the energy intensifies as the planets cross over and we deepen our sense of self-awareness in the Scorpionic zone (just like The Twilight Zone, but with Scorpios).

Whether you’re more of a social smoker or a hardcore psychonaut, look to the full moon in Aries on October 13 to reveal how to merge being social and poised, with an innate need for independence and candidness. Aries woman illustration


The spotlight of this full moon is on you, lovely ram, and it’s asking you to bask in it with someone you love. Really take time and pay attention to special lovers and close friends this October, as there are some serious blessings and loads of wisdom that come your way when you prioritize partners and other people. Experience something close and hands-on with another, like giving and then receiving a massage or some other physical, loving act of service (roll them a joint, yes?) Make pleasing someone else your goal this month and watch that support and appreciation return back to you 1000 fold.

Plant Ally: Ask your partner or friend what they’re in the mood for, and go from there.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Something two-fold, like a couple of matching Tetris blocks, or Pinky & The Brain (because life’s too short not to go for it). Taurus woman illustration


Can you handle a little teasing, Taurus? Taboo is in the air this season, and you best inhale it deeply. Your dark side is being persuaded out of you, and it may feel like external forces are bringing you to your knees in a 50 Shades of Gray type way. Roll with it. Surrender to the strange and odd. There is power in the liminal space between sexuality and spirituality for you, so don’t be afraid to explore your deeper, soul-needs as it pertains to erotic satisfaction. Be up front with how you’re feeling, what you want, and what you need in the bedroom and the boardroom, and you’ll see that the way to gain more control over your life is learning how to let a bit of it go sometimes.

Plant Ally: Kryptonite, to bring you to your knees. Consensually of course.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Something traditionally taboo. Vampire? Gemini woman illustration


It’s party season, Gemini, and you know it. Please let the fun-shamers stay in their sad caves if they can’t handle rolling with the patron saints of good times. The winds have brought a gust of fun and celebration your way, with multiple events, parties, meetings, and social link-ups to attend. Truly your task is to allow yourself the freedom to experience all that your social scene has to offer this month. If you’re a shy Gemini gal, it’s time to get to work through that baggage by simply going out, and showing up prepared to have a great time. Consider October your spiritual “get out of jail free” card. Just, like, don’t go to jail for real. Keep it safe, wild one ;)

Plant Ally: Charlotte’s Web. You plan to catch some eyes, don’t you?
Halloween Costume Idea:
Something nerdy and dirty always works for Gemini. Cancer woman illustration


Is there something “off” about your home environment that you just can’t put a finger on? Whether it’s your actual physical living space, or the people that live there with you (or the lack thereof), or the environment that your home is in, there may be something curiously in disrepair happening that needs some tending to. This is a great time to do any practical repairs to the home as we prepare to nest for the winter (fix those leaky sinks, deep clean the carpet, clean the resin from your bong that’s been there since college). Once the home is in array, spend time with a group of your closest buds and check in with them. Hang a little, have an edible, and pass out candy to the Halloween babes.

Plant Ally: Cookies Kush for a stress-free fix-it session.
Halloween Costume Idea:
How about a “Sexy Carpenter”? Yep. I think we...nailed it. Leo woman illustration


You may find yourself zipping around a lot this month, Leo (say hello to Gemini while you’re out there!) so remember to stay balanced and focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself. There are lots of beautiful people and fun opportunities available to get into, but don’t let any of those things become such distractions that you lose sight of the year-end milestones you want to hit. Because speaking and writing is in the cosmic game plan for you this month, make sure that the time you do spend out in the social world is fruitful and leads to interesting insight that propels you toward your own mission. Do not cast your mental pearls to swine this month.

Plant Ally: Let’s switch gears and suggest keeping some rosemary essential oil near. Stimulate yo' mind, sis.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Who’s your favorite writer, poet, or philosopher? Try that, but make it sexy (if appropriate). Virgo woman illustration


Nice to see you, Virgo. After that pileup in your sign last month, we’re all glad you made it to the other side with your ego intact! Whether September was a cakewalk or a hard lap, October comes with an opportunity to seriously upgrade your sense of self-esteem and value. If there are any side-gigs available for you to pick up, the cosmos are encouraging it. Add a practice, skill, or actual job to your roster that allows you to see that you can receive the biggest returns when you invest in yourself. Hey, it’s harvest season. Someone out there could use your expert plant-trimming skills!

Plant Ally: Sweet Cheese to help with gaining clarity.
Halloween Costume Idea:
A circus ring-leader; there will be plenty to juggle for you this month. Libra woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Libra (finally, right?) This month comes right out of the gate bubbling with Venusian energy, making it a truly Libran experience for not just you, but the collective. As the poster children for diplomacy, beauty, the arts, and love, it will be your job to be an excellent exemplar of that energy this month. Immerse yourself in the experience of social butterfly-ism and make sure you are open to networking and building relationships. Find yourself wherever the beautiful people are, discussing creative things, looking gorgeous, and only smoking the finest of girl blunts.

Plant Ally: Pink Kush—sugary and sweet and appropriate for this season.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Dress as the subject of your favorite famous painting or piece of artwork. Spark conversation by letting people guess which. Scorpio woman illustration


October brings a spiritual rest for you in ways that you could have never expected before. It’s cuffing season, watery Scorpio. Act like it. Take good care to spend sufficient time in bed, cuddled up and cozy, not taking yourself so seriously. When was the last time you meditated to dump the day’s stresses before retiring? Do that more. Emptying yourself and getting comfortable with the feeling of “nothingness” is going to be the highest level of medicine.

Plant Ally: Nordie. The equal parts THC and CBD will relax mind and body.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Be the free-flowing “Dancing Bag” from American Beauty. If you can pull that off, it’d be hilarious! Sagittarius woman illustration


There’s a disturbance in the force, Luke, and you Sagittarians have always been the one brave enough to find out what’s going on. The conditions you’ve been witnessing on a grander social and political level are sparking something within you and propelling you to be more involved with making a change. Make sure that you keep your good reputation as the most socially aware and progressive of the zodiac by committing to impacting positive change for those who need it most. Speak up for those who can’t for themselves, on both a personal and social level. Keep your meter about what’s just and unjust very sharp so that you can be at the service of those who need you.

Plant Ally: Any plant, but make sure you’re shopping with dispensaries that support the rebalancing of equity to POC in the cannabis industry.
Halloween Costume Idea:
A Jedi. The superheroes of the cosmos. Capricorn woman illustration


Collaborations help you to balance the seemingly endless workload you may have this month. Really, Capricorn, let someone come to aid you and handle things that you really have no business trying to handle yourself. The last few years may have consisted of a firm hunkering down on getting your proverbial shit together, and if you heard and followed the call, you’re doing great. Now, give someone you love the access to sit at your side and support you as well. Spliffs get rolled way faster when there’s one person to break it down, and the other queueing up the papers. In other words, four hands are better than two.

Plant Ally: 303-OG, for a dreamy, smooth, softening high.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Find the inevitable “hot nurse” or “hot doctor “...and be their patient. Aquarius woman illustration


Halloween time is really the best time to be alive and Aquarian, isn’t it? People charging themselves with the task of dressing up as their true inner selves, daring to be as authentic as you are every day? Take a deep breath, exhale, and enjoy some radical self-expression of your own this month. Link up with Libra and Gemini for the full roster of what’s happening this spooky season, and allow yourself to shake off any leftover rigidity from last month’s work-a-thon. Free your mind, and your ass will surely follow.

Plant Ally: Sunshine—for a general blissful experience.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Why not be an intergalactic alien? It’s so relevant. Pisces woman illustration


Pisces, it’s time to be “in your bag," as the kids say. The idea of money and finances take precedence this month, and you’re being challenged with the capacity to attract more financial wellness in your life. Abundance exists, surplus exists. How can you orient yourself spiritually to be on the receiving end of more of that? Whether it’s actual pay, or bringing more opportunities for major upgrades and level-ups, you need to spiritually be prepared to receive. Staying grounded and settling into your body reminds you that you have inherent value (being alive is valuable). It is from that feeling that you magnetize more and more resources your direction.

Plant Ally: Patchouli. It keeps you grounded and attracts money.
Halloween Costume Idea:
Be a seductive bank robber, and hit 'em up for all they’ve got.

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.