HIGH HOROSCOPES: November Needs You to Get Deeper Than Deep

Photo by Vanessa Lilak

With Venus moving into both Sagittarius, then Capricorn this month, we’ll get a healthy dose of lessons on love, and how to build relationships that are super multifaceted. The full moon on November 12 helps us to connect the physical world to our inner-underworld through sex, deep play, and radical vulnerability. Neptune goes direct on Nov 27 too, bringing back out mojo and ability to dream the future.

Also, Mercury went Spookygrade on Halloween last month, cueing us into the theme and energy we’ll be dealing with for the month ahead. Remember, Mercury retrograde is not always the disaster-cultivating event that the astrology meme social media account you follow portrays it as. Mercury RX can come with some hiccups in communication, but the purpose is in its medicine: It gives the upside-down, inside-out, backwards perspective that we need when we need it most. If you ride the tidal wave, you’ll always land on the shore.

Gear up babes, we’re jumping back into the water this November and it’s going to be quite a ride. Aries woman illustration


Can you handle a bit of zen this month, Aries? You’ve got a few energy beams from Saturn and Pluto applying pressure to your zone of family and emotions, so staying grounded in what’s most important is required of you. How do you do that? Become like a monk. Monitor your reactions to external aggravations and stimulus, and remember that only the only thing you can control is your body, and your response to things you can’t control. Keep it cool as a fan and you’ll glide right over any bumps on the path.

Plant Ally: Sherbet. It’s a “staying inside tonight” kinda strain.
Mercury RX tip:
Take a social media break for one week, and watch unnecessary anxiety dissipate. Taurus woman illustration


So, almost half the planets in the solar system are sitting opposite your sign this month, Taurus. That can feel like a lot of tension directed your way from people outside of you, as well as a sense of longing, desire, or desperation for something that seems external and distant. Having these deep desires are fine, but the best way to navigate this situation is to integrate and balance. Seek out common-ground and win-win situations like a detective this month. Don’t be afraid to open up and let your partner, friends, and potential lovers know exactly what kind of help you need from them. You can handle a lot, but you can’t handle it all.

Plant Ally: Animal cookies—to inspire a cooperative, shareful mood.
Mercury RX tip:
Explore the darker corners of your mind by telling the Goddess honest heart-truth to everyone you care about. Gemini woman illustration


You’re an air sign, and it’s a water season. For you, the message is about switching gears and stepping into complete self-development mode (luckily you’re always up for a good change of pace). Pick a good audiobook on therapeutic techniques, and cozy up for a month of self-help and chill. Life admin tasks like cleaning house, making your therapy appointments, and getting a weekly to-do list started can make a world of beneficial difference for your mental health. Do everything that is required of you to ease the mental clutter.

Plant Ally: Train Wreck, to keep you comfortably in the house this season (lol).
Mercury RX tip:
Don’t overthink it. Interesting guided meditations and binaural beats that incite clearheadedness will be your best bet. Cancer woman illustration


Water is your natural element, so with the pileup of planets moving through Scorpio and Neptune direct this month, you may feel like your senses are heightened in the best way possible. Your capacity for sexual bonding is intensified, so stick closely to the people you can love openly and with wild abandon. If you can, make enough love for the world to drown in; we need that healing Cancerian energy right about now. Be careful though, if you’re not trying to conceive. It’s definitely baby-making season for you.

Plant Ally: Cherry Pie. I’ve heard it’s an amazing aphrodisiac!
Mercury RX tip:
See how many earth-shattering, mind-blowing orgasms you can have...even if just with yourself. Leo woman illustration


Do you have friends you can depend on to fortify your emotional sanity when you’re crawling up the walls? Loved ones who can be truthful to you, call you out on your shit, and then stroke your cat fur after you calm down are the ones you need to keep around you this month. You may also need to do this for others, so be willing. We all suppress our emotions every now and then, and we also all need our coattails pulled when that harms other people. Luckily, November is here to assist you with learning what in your character could use a bit of buffing and shining. Take it in stride, and have an open heart. Constructive criticism only makes you a better person. Let’s be better, together!

Plant Ally: Bruce Banner; it softens the edge, and relaxes.
Mercury RX tip:
Seek first to listen, then be understood. Virgo woman illustration


You’ve always had a way with words, whether expressed through literally speaking your thoughts, or sharing concepts through the writing arts. This Scorpio season and Mercury retrograde mashup wants you to use your words wisely, intently, and with deep purpose. Mind your tongue; what you say to yourself and other people has a particularly substantial impact, more than you may think. Speak to folks like you’re presenting the best, most honest, most inspiring TED Talk about your life, or theirs. Honor with your words. Devour wisdom from advisors like a wildfire. What you say and how you say this month it can make a huge difference between moving in circles, or moving forward with power and notoriety.

Plant Ally: Dutch Hawaiian will relax you enough to think before you speak (and it’s great for social anxiety too).
Mercury RX tip:
Journal for 30 days straight. Boldly crush any fears you have about speaking. Go on a date or flirt just to practice your communication skills. Libra woman illustration


So, exactly how much money is in your bank account, right now? Kudos to you if you knew the number without checking. If you didn’t, herein lies you challenge for Scorpio season. You’re undergoing transformations to your self-esteem that could potentially raise your earning potential—but there are plenty of people who make more than you, and are still “broke” by the end of the month. While you’re developing this new part of your self-confidence, make sure that when the money flows in, you already have a designated budget for it to go into. Seek some resources and financial tips to get you started; you may even have a friend that could help. Either way, it’s time for an upgrade.

Plant Ally: IDK Libra, can you afford it right now? Does a new varietal fit your budget?
Mercury RX tip:
Read or listen to The Richest Man in Babylon, or another well-applauded book on financial success. Apply yourself by hiring a financial advisor or friend who is excellent with money. Scorpio woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Scorpionic one. The smoldering energy of your season is upon us, and it’s a time of sharpness, clarity, and precision for you. All of the inner-planets pass through your sign this month, so you’ll be blessed with the opportunity to experience the power of having multiple different facets of your personality shine through. Take extra note to allow the warmth of passion to move through you in all its forms. Sometimes it is sexual heat. Sometimes it’s rage. Sometimes it’s the energy to get things done. Don’t suppress those feelings; as long as you have your priorities set at the beginning of the month, that warlike Martian energy will help you through it.

Plant Ally: Kali Mist to get into your feelings.
Mercury RX tip:
Mercury goes rx conjunct the planet Venus, in Scorpio, so it may be an amazing time to make some changes in your personal style. New hair, new wardrobe, new makeup, who dis? Sagittarius woman illustration


Take. Your. Time. This month is a little interesting for you, Sag. Jupiter is still moving through its favorite place in the cosmos (your sign), and opportunities are available to you, left and right. However, with the planets moving through Scorpio (including Mercury retrograde), you’re definitely going to want to take a few steps back and approach all serious decision making with deep breaths and caution. Being more attentive to details and the stirrings of your intuition will help to sidestep any potential decision-making blunders or wrong turns this month. Ask your guides for some extra help to see the road clearer. Look—closer—before leaping.

Plant Ally: Strawberry Cough, to find the zen within.
Mercury RX tip:
Spend less time “hustling,” and give yourself the freedom to experience the nurturing practice of “hermiting.” Capricorn woman illustration


We should really be calling your sign Clap-ricorn this month, as November is a month of celebration for your accomplishments. Whether or not you’re the type that likes to relish in your successes, you’ll notice that you’ll be getting more attention from your communities for your work ethic and skillfulness. If you’ve been putting in the work, you may be celebrated with some kind of award or a recognition that actually lends itself to more than bragging rights, but power (a raise, more clients, etc.). If you’re slacking on your work, there’s no better time than now to pick up the pace and do your part. It will not go unnoticed.

Plant Ally: Cheese Quake, to keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on award day.
Mercury RX tip:
Let people dote on you, while still making sure that it propels you forward into greater, grander work. Aquarius woman illustration


This is a critical month for building long-term goals, so make sure to use it effectively. You’ve either taken on a large, career-related project or are just recently waiting in the wings to accept a larger opportunity to thrust you in the direction of your calling. Whichever it is, your soul is ready to make the shift and push yourself past the vocation-related limitations that have been weighing you down. It won’t be easy, but getting organized and having your game plan set before making the first step is the best way to get going. Hunker down on your schedules and routines this month and prioritize the endgame strategy.

Plant Ally: Liberty Haze, because your focus needs to be razor sharp.
Mercury RX tip:
It’s five-year plan time, for you. Vision big. Pisces woman illustration


A trip would be refreshing these days, Pisces. Not just down memory lane, or through the psychedelic corridors of your mind; but an actual trip somewhere. There is a spiritual refreshment in getting out of the local scene for a while and seeking asylum somewhere that allows you the freedom and space to connect deeper with yourself and others. Remember that “cacao” ceremony your friend invited you to in Mexico that time? Yeah, that one. Now may be your time. Just make sure that spiritual expansion is at the top of your to-do list this November and you’ll be right in the flow.

Plant Ally: Shishkaberry. It gives you *wings!*
Mercury RX tip:
Try visiting a place this month that you’ve considered traveling to in the past. The fruit may be more ripe now, than before!

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.