What's The Single Most Important Thing Weed Has Helped You With?

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While it seems like there are a million and one ways cannabis can fix whatever ails you, it's not a magical snake oil that instantly improves everything in your life. Or is it? Maybe. But it's probably best to think of cannabis just as you would any of the tools in your wellbeing toolkit—you know, like exercise. Or meditating. Or screaming into your pillow. 

And because everybody and every body is different, the way cannabis may benefit one person could be very different from how it serves another. And vice versa.  

But in our recent Choose Weed survey, there were quite a few issues that respondents agreed on. A majority (87%) said that cannabis has helped ease their stress. A lot also said it's helped with various health issues, from migraines to PMS. Many said it helped them be more compassionate (49%). Others agreed it made them more self-aware (66%). But that's all just the tip of the iceberg; We wanted to get more specific. So, we asked: What is the single most important thing weed has helped you with? 

Because hearing each other's stories helps us all feel less alone—or, at the very least, consume with more intention. After all, knowing how it's helped others helps us know what may be possible for ourselves. Here's what you said:

“I’ve realized it isn’t just a thing for ‘stoners’ but a beneficial tool for sleep, mood elevation, exercise, mindfulness, sex, and intimacy. It helps me be more in tune with my body and my feelings.”

Self-love and acceptance:

“As a queer person, cannabis has helped me so much in terms of acceptance and understanding when it comes to my identity—something I was closed off to before I developed a spiritual relationship with the plant.”

“It's helped me love and appreciate my body and stop shaming myself for my size.”

“Confidence. I tried cannabis later in life compared to most, so that's pretty significant for me.”

Being comfortable in my own space and company.”

“It’s helped me love myself more and have compassion for myself... which trickles down to truly feeling this way about others—loved ones and strangers alike.”

“It's helped me understand my self-care needs as a woman and connect deeper to my feminine energy."

Connection and spirituality:

Finding my true self and staying true to that.”

“It allows my mind to truly quiet, while also helping it expand.”

“It helps me feel grounded. It helps me relax. It helps me connect. It helps me feel like me.”

Feeling connected with myself. As a mom, wife, and business owner, I feel like I'm constantly doing things for others. Cannabis is the one thing I do solely for my own enjoyment. It helps keep me inspired.”

It helped me get to know what my personality is like without chronic pain.”

Health and pain:

“It helped me be able to conceive and have a baby.”

“Period cramps.”

“It takes away the stress and anxiety of dealing with breast cancer at age 31.”

“My anxiety and going through menopause.”


 “It helped me stop taking prescription sleep meds. I never thought I would be able to sleep without them. I had chronic, severe insomnia for 20 years.” 

“Drinking less.”

“I’m longer on opiates or mood stabilizers because of it.”

“It got me off prescription migraine meds and ibuprofen.”

Motherhood and family:

“Navigating postpartum depression and rage. I had a lot of guilt about using cannabis to help me get through such a tough time, but I feel really secure in myself as a mother. Using cannabis doesn’t change that.” 

“Chilling out enough to get on my kid’s level and laugh more with him.”

“Being a woman is demanding—cannabis helps me not give AF about the patriarchy and how people view me.”


“It gave me the control and ability to choose how to manage my life. It has helped me to empower myself after decades of running from one point to the next and being told my needs don't matter.”

“It’s helped preserve my sanity. I say this light-heartedly, but it truly has allowed me to step back and evaluate situations before my emotional response could affect the moment negatively.”

“Reducing my anxiety at a male-dominated workplace.”

“Getting to know my sexuality and spirituality in deeper, more lasting ways. It led me home to myself.”

Sexuality and relationships:

 “Connecting to my partner in a different way.”


“Relaxing my pelvic floor muscles during sex.” 

Healing trauma:

“Processing emotional trauma."

“My anxiety around sex. I have a history with sexual trauma and cannabis has helped me get more comfortable.”

“Finding the beauty in life again.” 

Positivity and presence:

“Being excited about the present moment.”

“Enjoying my life.”

“To be in touch with the natural rhythms of nature around me.”



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