How I Microdose at Work—And Why You Should Too

Photo by @Rose_LosAngeles

I’ve been microdosing cannabis at work for nearly three years. Anyone who knows me, knows this. But anytime the subject comes up with people I don’t know—say, at a dinner party—I’m met with looks of disbelief.

The fact is, I’m “California sober”, which is to say I more or less abstain from alcohol in favor or weed and psychedelics (usually plant-based). And part of my transition to that “California sober” lifestyle has been about finding ways to use cannabis throughout the day to manage a whole host of issues—ones for which I once self-prescribed over-the-counter painkillers, coffee, and crying room timeouts.

What I’ve discovered is that cannabis, in its many forms—dosed properly and ingested in the right ways—can actually replace just about all those things. (Well, I’d be lying to say I don’t still cry regularly at work. But for the most part, the impulse to cry has noticeably lessened.)

Here’s what it looks like

By the middle of some work days, I find myself hunched over my computer, taking shallow breaths, fearing the setting sun because I’ve failed (as ever) to even begin to knock things off the to-do list. That, or I’ve had a particularly stressful meeting or received a triggering email, and the angst is even more acute.

Historically, I would push through, cry, and go home for an unsettled sleep. But since my cannabis safari’s begun—and to be fair, because I live in an office with every kind of cannabis you could ever dream of trying—I find myself reaching for either the Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape or, when tension is running especially high, a pre-roll joint. (I know, sound the alarm!) But if you take a very small hit of a joint, you’ll see there’s a way to smoke that won’t get you noticeably high but will take the edge off and soothe a looming headache, in my case.

Bloom Farms Stone Fruit Mini VapeBloom Farms CBD Mini Vape - Stone Fruit, $39

If smoking or vaping doesn’t feel like my vibe on any given day, I also love a tincture. It’s a bit more discreet—not that there’s any judgement at Miss Grass HQ. The thing about a tincture, is that it’s a sublingual, which means the cannabis is absorbed through the sub-mucosal lining of the mouth and therefore takes longer to take effect than smoking or vaping. I especially like the 2Rise tincture because it’s a solid-dose formula that works wonders to remind me to breathe.

2Rise Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture with Turmeric2Rise Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric, $50

If I go the way of THC, I also often will opt for an edible, usually cut up to a more manageable at-work dose. These days, most edibles come in five or 10 milligram doses, with the occasional one coming in at 2.5 milligrams. For work, anything over 2.5 milligrams is too much for me. So, I will usually cut up a five milligram one into halves and eat one.

Edibles take the longest to take effect, of all the modes of ingestion, so if you don’t feel anything at first, wait two hours. You’ll probably start to feel more relaxed within an hour, but when you’re first experimenting, give yourself a full two hours before sounding the I-don’t-feel-anything alarm.

On the CBD front, sometimes I’ll also reach for a more decadent treat. Lord Jones makes a beautiful old-fashioned gumdrop. And when I say make, I mean they’re handmade, and that means they taste really fancy. Like, you definitely feel like you’re eating a jewel with this one—which is somehow both a good and bad feeling depending on any unresolved guilt you carry (as is my case). These are 20mg of CBD, so the dose is low and I never have to worry about the danger of nodding off on the job.

 Lord Jones Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops, $45

I’m especially loving the all-natural THC edible that’s inspired by a Turkish Delight from Rose Los Angeles, a brand that is as beautiful as it is delicious. Unfortunately, these are only available in California—for now.

Here’s how to start microdosing during daylight hours

If you’re new to this microdosing-at-work thing, I have a few pieces of advice. The first is to evaluate your working situation and to practice discretion until you have a good handle on how others might receive this behaviour. But realize, at least for your own sanity, that what you’re doing is perfectly OK and not any different than drinking coffee or taking a painkiller at the office. The second is to avoid trying this at work for the first time. Try it at home, on the weekend, where you are safe and cozy should you not like the way it turns out.

The idea, when I microdose at work, is to soften things, and ultimately, to make myself more productive because I’m not spending valuable energy managing my anxiety. It’s amazing how much energy is required to mitigate those feelings, especially when they’re compounded by the pressures of having to actually get things done.

As ever, this stuff always works better when you’re doing the work elsewhere in your life. If you are throwing back the weed at work and chugging a Coke or eating fried foods, odds are you’re not going to feel much benefit. And equally, if you’re not sleeping and exercising, taking CBD or THC at work isn’t going to fix you.

Microdosing is a powerful tool, if you dare. But recognize that it will take time to find your perfect dose, product, mode of ingestion, and perhaps, even job. Good luck.

This story should not be interpreted to be in any way supportive of cannabis as an alternative to professional medical advice, which should be sought before making any changes to your health and wellness regimen.