High Horoscopes: May's Flowering With All the Feels

Photo by Vanessa Lilak

Spring has sprung and although we’re still in Quarantine 2020, the bud seeds are still germinating. In this post-4/20 haze, many of us are adjusting to the pleasures of workday pajamas and longing to build deeper connections with others.

Something to keep in mind this month while you're at home: from May 15 to June 25, the patron Goddess of ganja, Venus, will be retrograde in the sign of Gemini, the eternal student and perceiver. With Venus ruling relationships and all things beautiful, we’ll have plenty of time to become more familiar with the nuances of our own love and pleasure needs.

Make sure to hold off on any drastic relationship moves, and do more observing than obsessing (warning: no high-texting your ex!). Find new and inventive ways of sharing love and beauty thoughout this self-quarantine mode and you’ll come out 20x more self-aware and clearer about this thing called love.

Aries woman illustrationARIES

How thin is the line between being intensely moved and being triggered, Aries? The cosmos are sending lots of fiery, communicative, and passionate energy this month, and your ego is ripe for a purging in exchange for a new perspective of your own psychology. This emotional movement and stimulation can bring up some deep “shadow shit” for you, Aries. Utilizing a high energy, high expression outlet like singing, dancing, or rage-writing will pull the old out of you and make space for the new.

Plant Ally: Mint, in tea or terpene form. It’s hot enough to match your energy, but simultaneously cooling and cleansing.

Taurus woman illustrationTAURUS

We’re in the second quarter of 2020, love. Now is the best time of the year to reevaluate the relationships in your life and make sure we know who is here for a reason, and who is here for the #hotgirl season. Take stock of your people resources—close or extended—and notice whether or not your people add true value to your life. Then, notice whose life *you* could be adding more value to, and how. It may be a great time to deepen the valuable relationships and prune the relationships that are wilting. They always take unnecessary energy from the root, anyway.

Plant Ally: Grease Monkey—a gentle relaxer that’ll help you get this sorted all out.

Gemini woman illustrationGEMINI

Happy Birthday, Gemini! The stars have it in for you this month, don’t they? With the sun in your sign, along with Venus retrograde, we’ll be looking to you for examples on how to operate with both our emotions and our intellects intact. In tandem. At the SAME TIME (who’da thunk?). You may have to shift gears quite a bit this month and remain incredibly flexible due to changes at work, in love, or in your living situation. Keep extremely open-minded about these transitions, and you’ll see that there are fresh ways to think about all this. If the question is either/or, the answer for you is both!

Plant Ally: Orange Cookies—for a clearheaded, mind-opening high.

Cancer woman illustrationCANCER

Whether you’re the type of Cancer who burrows in a good book or belly dances around the park in a jingly coin skirt, this month’s transit will draw the sensual free spirit out of you like magic. Take some tips from your Piscean sisters and reacquaint yourself with the beautiful connection between body and spirit. As the first mermaid of the zodiac, enjoy the fullness of luxury by taking self-care baths, wearing fabulous fabrics, and adorning your temple. Refresh your beauty routine and don’t pick up the phone for exes. Thank me later.

Plant Ally: Grapefruit—serve us full face and energy, Cancer!

Leo woman illustrationLEO

It gets real this month, Leo! With lots of energy pushing into some very emotionally sensitive spots for you, you may find that those unexpected tears and a good deep cry were exactly what you needed in order to feel refreshed. Get comfortable with being vulnerable enough to share your feelings with your spiritual “A-Team” or in a virtual group setting. Your willingness to be candid and intimate opens up the door for others to share more of themselves; and we all know that the world could always use a little bit more love and openness.

Plant Ally: OGKB—a silly varietal that will have you giggling and tearing up at the same time!

Virgo woman illustrationVIRGO

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it” may be a phrase that means something to you this month. Your communications are incredibly important, and the way you give information to others—as well as process information—will be of concern. Choose your words wisely as you talk and type to others, especially with work relationships and interactions with employers or employees. People are more apt to misread your cues, and we really don’t want to create the space for that to happen. Your messaging is everything, so do all you can to keep it short, to the point, but still sweet. “Per my last email…”

Plant Ally: Super Silver Haze—to keep your mind acute and your words crystal clear.

Libra woman illustrationLIBRA

Excuse me, professor Libra, are your office hours open? This month, you may feel like you’re a tenured professor or the conductor on the information highway. The cosmos have been affirming your expert knowledge of a certain valuable subject and are suggesting that you should be teaching more of what you know. It may take you out of your comfort zone, but feel free to just jump in. There’s no point in being such a smarty pants if you never have the opportunity to share what you’ve been learning.

Plant Ally: (Also) Orange Cookies—smoke what nerdy Gemini’s smoking this month!

Scorpio woman illustrationSCORPIO

These are the times you told everybody we’d be having, Scorpio, and they can feel rather heavy. Luckily, your super-sharp perception can be a light in the dark for helping yourself and others process their feelings in a way that is helpful and impactful. If you find that more people than usual are reaching out to you emotionally, or that you’re feeling less stable yourself, don’t be afraid to enjoy some quality venting time with someone you trust to hold the right kind of space for you. Your gift of being able to simultaneously hold the dark things and the light things in life will bring you and others balance.

Plant Ally: 9 Pound Hammer—a lovely softening indica to help break through emotional barriers.

Sagittarius woman illustrationSAGITTARIUS

When one door closes, another one bursts wide and dares you to enter it. This month is all about that beautiful, liminal transition space between endings and beginnings for you! With Venus retrograde moving through your opposite sign, you’ll notice that there’ll be some two-stepping between knowing when to let go of things for good and when to pick up something fresh and invigorating. Your intuition will be the biggest GPS about who or what to leave behind, and chances are you’ve already gotten plenty of hints this year. Can you dream up your next steps?

Plant Ally: Strawberry Banana—to boost your intuitive power and keep you calm in the decision-making process.

Capricorn woman illustrationCAPRICORN

You’re one of the best accountability partners in the game, Cap, due to your ability to see through excuses to the heart of a matter. Let’s take that accountability game global. More than ever, this month would be an amazing month for creating or tapping into a network of like-minded individuals that can help keep your eyes on the prize and vice versa. Think about what it’d look like to have a friendly system of people reaching their highest goals together, and then create that world. We need it and we need you.

Plant Ally: Cookies and Cream—organizing and collectivizing resources...but make it sexy.

Aquarius woman illustrationAQUARIUS

Aquarians, for some reason, tend to gain a bad rap in the arena of love. Fortunately for you, the heresy is just heresy, and at your best you can be the most committed sapiosexual of the zodiac. This month, consider your commitments. For the single Aquarians, consider if there’s something around that truly looks promising and inquire. If so, sit on it until Venus retrograde is over, then lock it down. For coupled Aquas, are there ways to knit a closer bond with your person? Find the moments that make your two (or more) hearts one and sink into the intimacy.

Plant Ally: Thin Mint GSC—for the euphoric connection of a lifetime.

Pisces woman illustrationPISCES

This is the time where global information rules, as do the systems of media that connect us from one side of the earth to the other. The stars are asking you to become more involved with the publication and information-sharing process. Whether you’re a writer, zine-creator, blogger, journalist, or none of the above, now is the time to find your niche and begin creating or sharing informational content with the world at large. What do you have to say? What’s your soap box? Stand on it respectfully and let us hear it for a while.

Plant Ally: Headband—creative and liberating...like you!

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.