High Horoscopes: March Is Here to Point You Straight

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Hello there, March. Finally, Earth has decided to tilt the northern hemisphere back in the direction of the ever-loving sun. You know what that means, right? For those of us who enjoy the pleasures of a sun-filled life, it means it’s time to get up, and get active. And while Mercury is still spinning in retroshade (it ends on the 9th), all of us are beginning to feel the collective lightening of our loads. It’s like 2020 is finally emptying that old bong water and starting fresh (or retiring the bong altogether. Are people doing this? Am I old yet?).

The purified full moon in Virgo on March 9 happens opposite an alignment between the sun and Neptune, allowing us to be spiritually tapped-in and still maintain the clarity required to pull those insights into the real world (perfect for a smoke-and-brainstorm planning sesh). The new moon in Aries on the 24th sends us the green light to push forward on any and all inspiring projects, whether for work, or play.

In this in-between seasons phase we’re in, the universe has one simple request: March forward, and then stay the course. Aries woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Aries! The goals you’ve been charging forward with for the last six months are amazing, and we wholeheartedly expect you to crush them. However, adding an extra dose of organization, cleanliness, and routine is the medicine you need to seriously stay on the ball. This month, do the hard thing by keeping to that annoyingly helpful schedule, closing up all dangling loose ends, and sweeping out those corners that have accumulated dust. When Mercury retrograde is over, you’ll be able to look up and see nothing but a wide open road, ready to receive you.

Plant Ally: Green Crack—let’s go Aries, let’s go! (*clap clap clap*!) Taurus woman illustration


When you think about life, do you think about how incredibly delicious and delectable it is? If not, you may want to use this month as an impetus to stop and smell the roses. A surge of sensual, glamorous, luxurious energy hits your chart this month, so feel free to feel free. Expressing your raw life force energy with dance, music, smoke, art, and sex is definitely in order, so don’t be afraid to let things get a little steamy and hot. Get out of your shell; the energy needed to manifest your desires is at an all time high!

Plant Ally: Bubblegum Kush—sweet, and way too yummy to pass up. Gemini woman illustration


This is the month to double down on the things that solidify you and keep you emotionally grounded. Ancestral, past-life, or childhood memories may be moving into the foreground of your mind this month, so it’s a great time to focus inward on what insight these experiences may be here to bring you. Keep your boundaries firm by limiting or completely eliminating your access to people or environments that unnerve your spirit, and stay grounded and centered with the help of a therapist or the people you trust with your heart.

Plant Ally: Gorilla Glue—to help get grounded and sit that ass down. Cancer woman illustration


Your dreams are more than little internal inklings, cutesy concepts to giggle about, or faraway possibilities. If your life has been sitting stagnant and could use some movement, this month is the excellent time to bring your dreams down a little bit deeper into reality. Where could you really be in 5 years, if you put the pedal to the metal? What blessings could be received by changing direction in life and shooting straight for the gold medal (instead of the bronze or silver)? Sit with what seems impossible today and affirm that through determination, all things are possible.

Plant Ally: Slimer OG—a feel-good strain to help you dream a bigger dream. Leo woman illustration


Time to put your money where your mouth is, Leo! This month, the universe is urging you to take really good stock of your financial habits and situation. Why? Well, basically because you’re moving head-first into a financially prosperous summer, and we really, really need you to have a good grasp on what’s important to invest in. Take some risks and spend some of your hard-earned on tools that will level up your work and career game. Whether you’re buying some new tech, hiring a lawyer or coach, or spending on a much needed vacation, now more than ever is a great time to invest in your best self: the gift that keeps on giving.

Plant Ally: Let’s skip the ganja for a little bit and put some aside to invest in the cannabis industry, perhaps? Virgo woman illustration


If March had a trailer for you Virgo, the announcer would say emphatically, “She’s back. She’s hotter, bolder, and wilder than ever!”. This month, the light of the full moon shines on you, and pushes you in the direction of being seen and heard. Now is the perfect time to hit the final strides on any project you’re working on, and bring your work into to the public eye. If you do, you’ll notice that the whole time, there’s been a shadow government of faithful supporters, cheerleaders and patrons waiting for you this whole time! Don’t let them down!

Plant Ally: Mimosa—to keep you clear and focused on the goal! Libra woman illustration


If the end of March comes around and you’re not a mushball of cannabinized goo on the floor, then congratulations! Otherwise, for us normal human Libras, this is a month of release, letting go, and setting up your sails for new unchartered lands—and tears are perfectly fine. Opening yourself up to the vastness of your future can be scary, as it requires some leaving behind and cutting the fat. But once you move through that final threshold, you’ll have access to the fresh perspective that changes your life. Just do it.

Plant Ally: Purple Punch—a softening varietal to help soothe your spirit as you take flight. Scorpio woman illustration


There may be a lot of time this month for gatherings with people, as your house of communication and social interaction heats up. Make space and time to reach out to the folks who get your gears going, and have some fun merging and clashing minds—there’s nothing more refreshing than a healthy change in perspective. Speak, share, listen, and exchange. Use this energy to fuel your career goals too; a piece of wisdom from a friend may be exactly what you needed to hear to inspire some boss energy at work.

Plant Ally: Motorbreath—a chatty vibe to help keep up with the conversation! Sagittarius woman illustration


Adding some creative energy to your career is the key to getting March correct. Your job is your job, but your career is your own personal history through a specific institution or profession. What’s your career looking like? Are you always taking back-end jobs when you really want to be in the spotlight? Do you get stuck in the tech world, with your mind-blowing songwriting skills going to waste all the while? Find some time to figure out how to integrate your pleasures with your profession and build *that* career.

Plant Ally: FPOG—a fruity, tangy varietal sure to put you in the creative flow. Capricorn woman illustration


Cap, there’s a fire, starting in your heart. It’s reaching a fever pitch, and if you’re tapped in, it’ll be bringing you out of the dark (hey, Adele!). The subtle (or not so subtle) rumblings in your soul for freedom have finally reached a peak, and they’re seeking an outlet. You need a new environment; somewhere with new people, personalities, and where no one knows your name. Whether you’re there for vacay, for study, or there for life, there’s definitely a lot to learn about yourself through the exploration of things not previously known.

Plant Ally: Gelato #33—a varietal to keep your mood light and your third eye open. Aquarius woman illustration


Go hard or go home is your mantra, this month! There’s a lot of energy supporting the deeper bonding between you and the other humans in your life. Doing the work of getting closer and intensifying the intimacy between your partner or close loved ones brings about some auspicious, love-building results. Whether you’re single or partnered, your love language and expression style should be honest, intimate, and intensely personal. Let the walls crumble and keep your heart open.

Plant Ally: Original Glue—as authentic, potent, and original as you are. Pisces woman illustration


Your dinners and smoke sessions this month will likely be plus one, as the universe grants you some extra love in the form of one (or many) attentive admirers, partners, and friends. Whether you’re moving into new commitments with others or resolidifying old ones, enjoying the attention of the person (or people) in your life really grants you some beneficial medicine this month. Just make sure that before committing to someone on a relationship or a project, you are ready to go all in. Be clear about what you truly want, Pisces, and let it be known.

Plant Ally: Blue Moon Rocks—an out of this world smoke, so be sure to share it with the person of your choice.

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.