High Horoscopes: September Is All About Receiving

Photo by Vanessa Lilak for Miss Grass

Fam, it’s already September! Like, where did the time go? As we begin our exit out of summer into the introspective season that is autumn, now is the time to pull back and reevaluate your year. Thankfully, the cosmic bodies we call the planets have more than enough juice to help us transition beautifully from “growing season” to “harvest season”.

September pops off with a full moon in Pisces on September 2nd, supplying us with rest, reprieve, and the unavoidable need to contemplate our psychic needs. September 9th brings a Mars retrograde period, followed closely by Jupiter going direct on the 12th, the new moon in Virgo on the 17th and Saturn direct on the 29th. This reminds us that there’s no need to force the flow; there’s not much else to do except be organized and ready to receive the blessings that are yours when they come.

All in all, being relaxed and focused this month trumps being forceful and imposing. Make your big plan, hit a mini joint, and watch life’s blessings unfold naturally.

Read your September 2020 Horoscopes:

Aries woman illustrationARIES

Dun! Dun Dun Dun! Dun Dun Dunnn! Rocky’s “Eye of the Tiger” theme song may be playing in your head this month, and how relevant is that? The most important and rewarding part of success is not the experience of it, but the preparation to receive it. For you, Aries, September is about retracting from outward action and getting down to the nitty gritty of internal action. Take a note from the good book of OutKast and remember: “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!” Plan your steps before taking action.

Plant Ally: Rosemary—her terpenes stimulate deep focus, ease anxiety, and keep the head crystal clear.
Preparation Helper:
Bloom Farms Balance Tincture

Taurus woman illustrationTAURUS

What must be, shall be, Taurus. This month, we’re practicing the art and style of enjoying life as it comes and goes. You’ll want to avoid gripping onto the things, people, and experiences that your spiritual integrity doesn’t see happening for you. Go ahead take a deep breath into your heart space, unclench your jaw, lower your shoulders, and let it happen. Your intuitive and psychic discernment powers will get a much-needed boost from doing this.

Plant Ally: God’s Gift—a high-THC indica that will help make the “small stuff” even smaller.
Release Helper:
Plant People Be Calm Capsules

Gemini woman illustrationGEMINI

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, Gemini, and if you open your eyes wide enough you can see it approaching. September is the month that will present to you exactly what is required to finally get out of any revolving doors of stagnancy for you. The first key, however, is to work on that cosmic trust factor; what you can’t see for yourself, no one else can see. Lean on that powerful pillar of faith in the divine you have inside you; and if it’s not there, do your due diligence in cultivating it. The vision requires open-mindedness.

Plant Ally: White Lightning—known to be one of the most psychedelic strains around...
Expansion Helper:
Prismatic Plants Good Day Tincture

Cancer woman illustrationCANCER

Cancer, you taught us best; there’s only so much you can do for others before you must inevitably renew your own storehouse. This September is about respecting that truth. Just as a river receives its replenishment from the rain, you should do what is required to replenish yourself. Put out the bat-signal if needed, and be prepared to receive help abundantly. If spending time alone is nourishing for you, do that.

Plant Ally: This is “you time”. Choose your favorite varietal and enjoy it fully!
Restoration Helper:
Nature of Things Fortifying Bath Soak

Leo woman illustration - horoscopesLEO

This month, the great cosmic chiropractor is offering you quite a bit of spinal alignment, so be prepared to feel better! You’ll probably have more than a few experiences that ask you to take a step back, look at the bigger picture, and align yourself spiritually with what the world is showing you. Pay close attention to any dreams, revelations, realizations, and spiritual revolutions that happen this month. They mean everything for your life’s purpose and should be integrated.

Plant Ally: Trainwreck—to sensitize you to cosmic messages.
Enlightenment Helper:
Barbari Smokeable Herbal Blends

Virgo woman illustrationVIRGO

This month’s lesson is about the healthy interplay between what’s going on in the heart, and what’s happening in the mind. When your heart wants something other than what your brain demands, what usually happens in your body? Take many moments this month to find out where your mental self may be stifling your desire for more growth, wealth, and pleasure...because you deserve it. Remember, we plant seeds not for the action itself, but to enjoy the fullness of the harvest to come. The harvest is here.

Plant Ally: Blue Dream—it makes the heart talk, and the doubt walk.
Clarity Helper:
2Rise CBD + Turmeric Oil

Libra woman illustrationLIBRA

Happy Birthday, Libra! Everyone else in the zodiac has been waiting for this beautiful season of sweet relief—and sweet it is. This month is all about alleviating suffering for yourself, and settling deeply into the pleasures of the heart and the body. Since your birthday season is always empowering, use this self-focused time to unlock parts of your sensuous power. What scents, music, or cannabis strains really helps you to drop comfortably into your heart and private parts? Go with that, and let it heal you.

Plant Ally: Strawberry Cough—smells like a berry, makes you feel like a fairy.
Indulgence Helper:
Apothecanna Sexy Time Intimacy Oil

Scorpio woman illustrationSCORPIO

Your fantasies of a more beautiful, more healed world are not just in your head—they are wholly possible. This month is about using your imagination in order to expand your vision and scope, not just for yourself, but for the world around you. The power of activating your inner child is immense; people who share a like-minded, joy-filled vision will naturally magnetize to you. Give yourself space to sing, dance, and smile freely and see the power you possess to change things.

Plant Ally: Green crack—it’s light, airy, and can release nervous tension.
Euphoria Helper:
Lord Jones Gumdrops

Sagittarius woman illustrationSAGITTARIUS

You’re a fire sign, Sagittarius, and one particularly known for your growth-oriented behavior and your ability to move around limitlessly. This month may offer you the challenge of figuring out how to engage personal development, while remaining still and calm. Remember, as much magic can happen on your yoga mat or in a reflective writing session as it can out there in the great beyond. Settle in and get cozy.

Plant Ally: OG Kush—helps you to slow down and go within.
Serenity Helper:
Bloom Farms Dream Tincture

Capricorn woman illustrationCAPRICORN

Hey Cap, do you have the experience of constantly feeling like you need to defend yourself? To protect your positive interests? To keep yourself safe from physical, emotional, or mental harm? If so, this month comes with a reminder that while defining boundaries and speaking up for yourself are healthy tools, one of the most powerful is to give naysayers no interest. Use your attention as currency this month and only pay it to what’s constructive and beneficial.

Plant Ally: Rose—it keeps you acutely attuned to high vibrations.
Protection Helper:
Bloom Farms Mini Vape in Mint

Aquarius woman illustrationAQUARIUS

Whether you’re younger or older, this month is about seeking the well-lived, expert advice from your elders, Aquarius. You’re highly intellectual, but sometimes you can get lost in the idea that you have to know it all—and you don’t! Connect with the wisdom of the Grandmothers this September and soak up a wealth of knowledge.

Plant Ally: Grandma’s Sugar Cookies—they’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy and loved inside 😌.
Inspiration Helper:
Tonic Balancing Vape

Pisces woman illustrationPISCES

Hey, Pisces! Just asking: Are your relationships bearing fruit the way they should? This month asks you that question quite a bit. Take a look around your inner and outer circles and take stock of where you may be under or over giving in relationships. If partnered, take a look at your relationship and decide whether the union is too hot, too cold, or just right, and move accordingly. If single, extend this out to your potentials and friendships. A regular and routine relationship check has never hurt anyone!

Plant Ally: Sour Diesel—to keep you clear headed and unbiased to the truth.
Connection Helper:
Quim Happy Clam Everyday Oil

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.