High Horoscopes: March Means Growth’s Ahead and Creativity Abounds

Photo by Vanessa Lilak for Miss Grass

Spring time is finally here, and is blooming with possibilities! So much has happened in the world since last spring, and this month we’ll finally get a chance to replant the seeds for how we want the next 365 days to bud and blossom for ourselves. Here’s a hint—let your life be a mirror to your deepest dreams. Truly let your waking life take a hint from your dreamworld.

With Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces, our creativity bubbles to the top, putting us collectively into what artists call “the flow”. With Mars moving into Gemini on March 3, we may have to figure out how to act with logic while exploring the depths of beauty in absurdity. Saturn square Uranus will keep us asking “is this the time to do the wild thing, or the responsible thing?”, and what it could look like to merge the two. Don’t worry, you were built for this!

Read on for your High Horoscopes March 2021.

Aries woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Aries! Your season always coincides with the beginning of spring, so prepare for life to feel extra warm and energetic near March 20. Until then, however, you may want to take some moments of reflection and relaxation to prepare for this rebirthing season. Let your creative juices flow via the art form of your choice: music, coloring, cannabis-fueled comedic improv poetry—anything’s game! The point is to soften down any tension in the heart and let what comes up, just come up. Surrender to the mystery!

Plant Ally: Bubblegum Kush—to put you in touch with your inner child.

Taurus woman illustrationTAURUS

Lean on me! This month is about leaning into your friends, associates, and whoever you consider “community” to help you get things done. There’s a loving heartfelt energy that happens when you connect with groups and people of like mind to share thoughts, ideas, and goals. Don’t be afraid to tap your networks, whether you’re asking for help or just need some good old motivation to keep yourself buoyed. You need it!

Plant Ally: Girl Scout Cookies—they’re always better when you share.

Gemini woman illustrationGEMINI

It’s time to lock in and get loaded career-wise, Gemini. You’ll have a lot of extra heat and energy to burn, and it may be beneficial to divert that toward planning your next soul-driven career move. Have you gotten off track lately? Do you need to get back with yourself and dream into your goals a little more? For example, “make $600 extra income a month” is a goal, but “create an online course to help female cannabis entrepreneurs thrive” is one with a little more soul—and it can contribute to the first goal! Add some soul back into your work.

Plant Ally: Space Queen—to help you tap in deeper.

Cancer woman illustration


Oh, the places love takes us! Your scope is global and your vibe is adventurous this month, Cancer. You’re overdue for some mind-expanding, earth-shattering, spirit-uplifting experiences, and this March will give you an opportunity to have at it! Some safe and responsible travel may do the trick, and if not, learning or trying something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t will light the wick in your candle. Get experimental and fall in love with the process.

Plant Ally: …ever tried Mushrooms? If that’s not on your menu, go for the yummy and slightly psychedelic Blue Dream strain.
Leo woman illustration


Cue the “inspector gadget” theme song, because this month you’ll be doing some deep diving into parts of yourself that need further investigation. Getting to know yourself deeper through sexual exploration, conversations with therapists, and hardcore emotional vulnerability. Just trust that there’s more power for you to claim in some way this month, and that It’s okay to do this just for yourself, outside of the eyes and judgments of others.

Plant Ally: Northern Lights—to help you see the lantern of light inside yourself.
Virgo woman illustration


It’s Pisces season; the season of your opposite sign, which speaks to acceptance, allowance, and surrendering to the “other”. This month may seem like it’s telling you repeatedly to “lean not on your own understanding”, and that may be the medicine you need. Take others’ advice, trust others’ wisdom, and don’t feel like you’ve got to go it alone. Themes of partnership, relationship, and love may pop up for you, and please, by all means, explore.

Plant Ally: Strawberry Cough—to help surrender yourself to the love others have to give you.
Libra woman illustration


Dust the cobwebs, drink your water, stretch that body into a releasing yoga pose. You’ve been working on getting more organized and purified in small little ways for a while now, and it’s time to bring it all together with a truly wholesome and healthy routine. Cut back on distractions, and focus on how your daily lifestyle supports your work goals. Do they? If not, clean the house and make a beautiful work/life schedule that you can stick to. Alexa, can you remind me to reward myself after I work hard?

Plant Ally: Mr. Clean—a lovely, perky varietal.
Scorpio woman illustration


Have you ever experienced the full, unabashed, unbridled joy of Sisqo’s 1999 smash hit “The Thong Song”? Like…really. Have you heard the pure bliss in this man’s voice as he croons about the joys of women’s undergarments? How Sisqo feels about thongs, you should feel about life this month, Scorp. You’ve got a cosmic green light to indulge in pleasure, play, and fun. I dare you to turn on the song and go HAM in the mirror 5 minutes a day, every day this month. You’ll be a happier person.

Plant Ally: Orangeade—for a citrusy burst of sunshine.
Sagittarius woman illustration


This month is an introverted one, Sag, with matters of home and family taking center stage. Your internal world is asking for a moment of focus and attention right now, and matters of the heart are of the utmost importance. Wrap yourself up like a little centaur burrito and love on your body, your mind, and your soul. Take it easy, and decide on doing 3 things each day that nourish you –truly nourish you. Start with deep breathing. The rest will flow up from you.

Plant Ally: OGKB—for rest, rest, rest.
Capricorn woman illustration


With all of this psychic stuff happening in the sky, you’re going to want to stay open and curious about life right now, Cap. Sometimes coincidences happen, but sometimes they are clearly messages from the cosmos that help us make our next steps in alignment. Let yourself be an antenna for those “synchronicities” as they’re called, and play some manifestation games to practice weaving a stitch of your own into the fabric of reality. Life really is magical; so give yourself the opportunity to see it with your own eyes.

Plant Ally: Damiana—a cleanser to the 3rd eye.
Aquarius woman illustration


Welcome back from the Wild Wild West, Aquarius! So many planets were piled up in your sign last month, we wonder how you made it out okay! Either way, this is not the month to integrate the lessons of February into your life forever. What were the 3 biggest themes, adjectives, or breakthroughs you had? Did any of your fundamental values change? If so, identify them and swear them into your life for the 2021 and beyond term (write. them. down!). Evolution and reflection are bestest friends.

Plant Ally: Watermelon Kush—for deep, sweet reflection.
Pisces woman illustration


Rise and shine, Mermaids! Congratulations on making it through last month with your soul intact. March is a great time to tap into yourself and the parts of you that make you unique. Being comfortable with stepping out on your own as a lone wolf for once really give you a dose of refreshed energy. Do you for a while, without putting too much pressure on yourself to deliver as people expect you to. Hold onto yourself FIRST and this month will be invigorating.

Plant Ally: What would you like to smoke, love?
The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.