High Horoscopes: December's Dosing Us With Joy Medicine

Photo by Vanessa Lilak for Miss Grass

Kisses under the mistletoke, anybody? Your high horoscopes for December 2020 say yes.

Collectively, we can all agree that this Holiday season (or cuffing season, if that’s more appropriate for you) is one unlike any other in recent history!

Thankfully the cosmos are bringing a healing dose of joy medicine that will help us to feel more explorative, spontaneous, and uplifted through it all! Zippy mercury enters fiery Sagittarius on December 1, along with Venus on the 15th and a total new moon eclipse the day before (!!!). Shortly after on the 17th, Grandma Saturn enters airy Aquarius and ushers our optimistic friend Jupiter into the fold on the 18th.

There aren’t enough exclamation marks to describe the vibrancy! With so much moving and shaking, be prepared to let spirit take the wheel, and be open to any and all messages that push you toward an energized, more humanitarian way of living and thinking.

Read on for your High Horoscopes December 2020.

Aries woman illustrationARIES

Go! Go! Power Ranger! You are a master mover, Aries, and this month is about letting the muses move you. If you can manage to be socially responsible while doing it, you’ve got the green light to push forward on projects and ideas you’ve got to share. Release the need for control, don’t micromanage, and let spirit’s lightning bolt open your path.

Plant Ally: Island Sweet Skunk—to make you feel as carefree and open as a vacation!

Taurus woman illustrationTAURUS

You are the money, Taurus! This month is about digging deep and planting some seeds for delicious returns in the future. Do a year’s evaluation and see how you did financially this year, and make firm, long-term financial goals for 2021. What you say, plan, and do now will bear fruit bigger than you can imagine by this time next year—go big!

Plant Ally: Power Plant—put down seeds today, grow fruits of power tomorrow!

Gemini woman illustrationGEMINI

Your dream love is right around the corner of your consciousness, Gemini. Whether you’re single and looking, or booed up and growing, now is the time to sincerely and with an open heart decide what a fully enchanted love looks like for you. It’s healthy to have sincere, attainable relationship goals. Speak them aloud and hold them firmly to your heart.

Plant Ally: Rose—keep this scent and plant around to remind you of the love you deserve.

Cancer woman illustrationCANCER

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the work you’ve done and the small steps you’ve taken toward greatness this year has been incredibly impactful and beneficial for the world. Settle into that feeling and know that your value isn’t going unnoticed. Gear up to take that to the next level in 2021! What does an ideal work life look like for you?

Plant Ally: Green Ribbon—because you’re the winner of our hearts (cue '90s sitcom “awww” track!)

Leo woman illustration - horoscopesLEO

Well blow my dice, and roll it twice! The Lion goddess is back in her natural groove! Something about this month gives you a reminder that you haven’t “lost it” (whatever that means), and there’s still so much opportunity available for you in life. All you have to do is be willing to live in your creative energy, try new fun things, and take a gamble on your greatness. You’re supported.

Plant Ally: Candyland—‘cause life really is sweet, when you think about it.

Virgo woman illustrationVIRGO

There’s something that could offer you more emotional security in your life, and this is the month to recognize and secure it. Whether it’s investing in a new living space, taking it to the next level with your lover, or getting a pet, December teaches you the medicine and power of being grounded in family. Trust that domestic urge and reach out for love! It’ll provide you with healing that nothing else can.

Plant Ally: Northern Lights—perfect for a nice and cuddly night with what you love.

Libra woman illustrationLIBRA

There’s diamonds in your mouth this month, Libra! You have an incredible capacity to woo people with your words, thoughts, ideas, and persuasion. Don’t let it go to waste! Speak up and show up for yourself through conversations and communications with people you need to impress. You’d be surprised by how far you can get by using your word power.

Plant Ally: Dream Queen—aka you, when you open your mouth to speak!

Scorpio woman illustrationSCORPIO

Money’s on the mind, and it’s perfectly fine, Scorp. It’s such an amazing feeling to match your value to your income! Take a look at 2021 and figure out how you can make what you get paid match the work that you produce. Bridge that gap like you deserve it, because you do.

Plant Ally: Golden Goat—to help you see yourself as you are.

Sagittarius woman illustrationSAGITTARIUS

This new moon eclipse happens boldly in your sign, Sagittarius, giving you the more than usual ability to see yourself in your wholeness. You’re being blasted with inspiration, and if you bottle it right, you’ll be able to ride that wave into 2021 and beyond. Plan some things out, and configure where you’d like to see all aspects of your life next year!

Plant Ally: Jack Herer—an uplifter to get you excited about the you you’re becoming.

Capricorn woman illustrationCAPRICORN

Happy Birthday, Cap! Your solar return always coincides with the holiday season, and the cosmos have a gift for you indeed. This month, we’re working on letting go, in order to gain something new. If you’ve been feeling the need to release a person, experience, some hair, or some kind of weight keeping you down, you have the gift of release. Work it and watch it work for you.

Plant Ally: Skywalker—to help you release dead weight and float into a new stratosphere.

Aquarius woman illustrationAQUARIUS

Naturally, you’re a hub for the folks who want to stay connected to the daring, different, and elevated. This is a great time to lean into the other hubs around you and find yourself connecting with those hubs to create a super hub! We know that distancing is the responsible way to go, but you can still be physically distanced and stay socially connected. What can you do to make that more of a reality for your community?

Plant Ally: Mr. Nice—to keep you uplifted, friendly, and tapped in.

Pisces woman illustrationPISCES

The great thing about being a woman in this time is that you have the power to define yourself amongst your community, on your own terms. So, who are you, Pisces? What is your natural, healthy role? Where do you shine the most, and how can that be used in benefit to all? Ask those questions, find those answers, and resolve to be in the public eye for your greatness. If you’re authentic, the world responds.

Plant Ally: Kosher Kush—to help shake the stage fright from being uplifted by the masses!

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.