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Summer’s here, the sun is blazing, and the ganja is too. As we bask in the light and warmth of August’s glow, let’s take a minute to reflect on the many amazing cosmic occurrences happening this month.

Mercury finally moves out of retrograde on August 2nd, relaxing our collective nerve. Luck-bringing Jupiter leaves retrograde on the 11th—rejoice!—but on that same day, freedom-giving Uranus retrogrades in Taurus, changing our focus to explore what liberates our bodies and finances. On August 15th, we get a lovely full moon in Aquarius, mirroring our collective search for independence and authenticity. Towards the end of the month, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the New Moon enters Virgo, so prepare to do the work that brings you forward.

Keep reading for tips on how to fly high and stay there this month.

Aries woman illustration


If Cancer season was rough for you Aries, be prepared to take a nice breather this month as the cosmos rushes to your aid. The emotional flotsam and jetsam of the last month has cleared, and you have an opportunity to truly make large strides ahead, particularly in the arena of accomplishing your personal long-term goals. Keep your eyes open for omens and reminders that you’re on the right path. Allow yourself to be affirmed and celebrated for the truly good work that you do. Now is an amazing time for a creative collaboration with a group, company, like-minded friend, new lover, or organization you’ve been considering working with. Keep your head high and raise your stakes.

Flower Ally: Tangie for a yummy, uplifted groove to keep your esteem high.

Taurus woman illustration


When you look at the lives and stories of highly successful people, you often find a wild card moment—something that changed the trajectory of that person’s life forever. Oprah dropped out of college, and the rest was history. J.K. Rowling was a jobless single mother before birthing Harry Potter. This month, consider what your wild card moments have been thus far: What was the random moment that changed your path for the better? Where could you be opening up more space for unexpected miracles to show up? This full moon, take time to consider what has grown old and no longer supports your overall growth. You could be surprised with what you’re willing to let go in order to birth something fresh.

Flower Ally: LSD, the cannabis strain. Open the doors of perception, girl!

Gemini woman illustration


Your words have always been your superpower, Gemini, and now is the time to use them like you’ve never used them before. Remain clear, succinct, and transparent is your homework this month. In all of your interpersonal interactions, make sure that your truth is being told with as much accuracy as you can muster. The Gemini lifeblood is in observing blurred lines and grey areas, but Gemini is also about options. Explore the realm of black and white clarity; the hard Yes and the hard No will be your best friends this month, if you let them be.

Flower Ally: Platinum CSG, to help you say what you feel and feel what you say.

Cancer woman illustration


June was a charged up month for our Cancer family everywhere. Whether the whirlwind of events brought you to your feet or to your knees, August brings you the opportunity to stand on solid ground and define your values. What has the last month taught you about what you really want out of life? There is a certain person, event, or circumstance that happened in July that taught you about what’s really important in your personal life. What can nobody stop you from accomplishing and making real for yourself? Think about it. Journal about it. How will you take that truth into August and impart it into your new worldview? You’ve been born again, Cancer. Act like it.

Flower Ally: Blue Cheese, for a grounding indica that will help you anchor yourself down to your own true feelings.

Leo woman illustration


Happy birthday, Leo! We know you’d never let us live it down if we didn’t acknowledge it. It’s your season to shine and celebrate who you are and who you’ve become. All of the things you’ve let go of in the last few months have prepared you to start fresh by the time your solar return (read: birthday) comes around. I know we call you the self-celebrators of the Zodiac all the time, but please make sure to spend some time celebrating yourself with others this month. Spend time being glamorous and getting shiny, in one way or another. Regardless of how they feel, no one can resist the joy and utter exuberance that drips from you, Leo, when you’re in your best state of being; it rubs off. Share your light.

Flower Ally: Golden G.O.A.T. because, well, that’s you!

Virgo woman illustration


Do you feel like you’re on the brink of something grand? The cosmos are currently priming you to reinvent everything about yourself, at least for the purpose of raising you to the next level of your experience. The real master key for Virgo this month is to spiritually set yourself up for excellence, especially toward the end of the month. Regardless of how immense and intimidating, remind yourself that your soul did not choose this destiny for no reason. If things are hard, look for the silver lining that reaffirms your larger purpose on this Earth. If you don’t know what that is, commit to being shown its full glory this month.

Flower Ally: Lavender, for relaxation and inner peace.

Libra woman illustration


Libra, it’s August and your DMs are not dry. Your hotline is blinging. It seems like folks from every space and place in your life are contacting you to build connections—romantic and otherwise. What should you do about this? Be honest about what you can handle from others right now. The energy of this full moon brings a lot of people and demands your undivided attention in their presence. Can you communicate your needs and boundaries without flinching or ducking away? If so, you’ve won the month, Libra.

Flower Ally: Gelato, for its heart-opening and grounding capabilities.

Scorpio woman illustration


You show up this month, Scorpio. Whether you like it or not, more folks are paying attention to you, acknowledging your work, and your impact on them. Figure out how to make this mean something in the long-term. You’re used to ruling from the background, but think about which ways you can come out in front and be more visible for the folks who want to know more about you. What are the qualities of your natural personality that you’d like to share with the world? You have an opportunity to become an important figure in the minds of those who admire you. Who do you want that figure to be? What larger impact can you leave?

Flower Ally: Dr. Who, an indica to help you show up in the world just as who you are.

Sagittarius woman illustration


Congrats, Sag! Your ruling planet Jupiter is finally moving out of retrograde, bringing with it the blessings of a changed new perspective. If you’ve been traveling, hold tight to the inspired ideas you’ve been cultivating while on your trips; they mean something important and should be used in the upcoming year. If you’ve been thinking about traveling, or thinking about starting a new educational endeavor—like going back to school, or venturing into teaching—this full moon is an excellent time to make a decision. Your mind is calling out to be activated for the greater good this month. Give it some fodder by putting yourself in the position to learn new things or share information with others.

Flower Ally: California Orange, for a burst of inspirational mental energy.

Capricorn woman illustration


Trauma and information as you navigate those soft spots in relationships show up over and over again as themes this month, Capricorn. August comes with the experience of what we call “other people’s stuff”—that hard-to-manage, psychologically intense stuff that’s sure to bump up against your own. Pay some extra attention to the folks who you find coming to you in need of support; they are your mirrors. In one way or another they’re teaching you about yourself, the traumas you’ve left unresolved, and what’s required to build a better you. Don’t blow them off; pay really close attention and gain perspective on how you could be more strong, more compassionate, more intimate. This is not a drill.

Flower Ally: OG Kush, to lay back and observe.

Aquarius woman illustration


There’s a full moon in your sign, and if you’re lucky you’ll be somewhere with a lover or crush on the 15th, howling at the night sky. Relationships are the theme of the month for you, as the Leo sun illuminates your house of marriage, partnership, and contractual-based commitments. If you’ve been operating with that old tinge of Aquarian loneliness, open up to the possibility that there are folks who are willing to hold space for and with you. Openly love up on your roommates, lovers, compadres, and counterparts and watch how they are willing to do the same for you in return. A little intimacy really does go a long way.

Flower Ally: Shishkaberry, for its arousing qualities.

Pisces woman illustration


We know you’re a dreamer, Pisces, but how much time do you spend visualizing the goals that you want to actualize? August is the perfect month to begin a manifestation practice that requires you to hold an image of success in your mind. Take a cannabis break and imagine yourself thriving, particularly in the practical arenas of health, work, and business. What does it look like when your body is healthy, your wallet is comfortably full, and you can take on the world? How would you feel if that was the case, right now? Feel it. If you don’t know or can’t even, use mental imaging to imprint the possibilities into your subconscious and auric field. Don’t let the month pass before trying it.

Flower Ally: Purple Dragon, to help cultivate a vision beyond the immediate..

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.