High Horoscopes: August Brings The Tenderness

Photo by Vanessa Lilak for Miss Grass

“It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” Ella Fitzgerald croons as she passes the joint to the left. She’s right. We’re smack dab in the middle of the season we’ve all been waiting for and although it’s a little more quarantine-ish than we expected, August reminds us that the lovely sun will always get her shine.

August kicks off with an Aquarian full moon on the 3rd, offering us the opportunity to dream the future in intelligent new ways. On Aug 12, mercury moves into Leo giving you permission to speak with conviction and authority, while Venus in Cancer on Aug 13 says “soften your heart and revel in tenderness.” The 18th’s new moon in Leo brings confidence medicine and by Aug 23, both the sun and Mercury will have entered Virgo—putting the spotlight on the small stuff in our lives and reminding us not to sweat them. So much good is in store for all signs.

Read your August Horoscope:

Aries woman illustrationARIES

It’s okay to wave the white flag this month, Aries. Events happening in both the cosmos and your personal life are suggesting that surrender, relaxation, peace, and prayer are your best friends right now. Instead of fighting the natural flow of things, feel free to take the path of least resistance to what you want: what you’re looking for is right under your nose. Keep it simple, hire help, and ask your community for support...it’ll show up for you.

Plant Ally: Girl Scout Cookies to help ease anxiety, insomnia, and general busy-bodiness.
Relaxation Helper:
Plant People Be Calm Capsules

Taurus woman illustrationTAURUS

What on earth is holding you back? That’s the million-dollar question this month for you, Taurus. With Uranus retrograde in your sign on Aug 14, any and ALL boxes you’ve forced yourself into are bursting open. It’s time to make room for your more authentic self. Your identity is growing, and this month you’ll want to integrate your findings. Are you Taurus the author? The athlete? The fighter? The mother? Accept a newly discovered part of yourself fully, and see what happens.

Plant Ally: OG Kush for self reflective, self-celebratory work!
Illumination Helper:
Bloom Farms Dream Tincture

Gemini woman illustrationGEMINI

It’s a good time to stand on your two feet this month, Gemini. Your curious, open mind, and way with words has always been one of your biggest assets. It’s time to cash in on that in one way or another. Let your brilliant ideas or keen perspectives bring you some stability and security. Be industrious, and this month you may end up with more financial gains than ever before.

Plant Ally: Money Tree. Get one and grow it!
Focus Helper:
Plant People Stay Sharp Capsules

Cancer woman illustrationCANCER

What's your personal mission statement, Cancer? Your birthday has passed, but that's no reason to stop thinking about who you are and what you want out of life. If you could choose three values that are most important to you, what would they be? Freedom? Love? Entheogenic plants? Write them down and seek them out with vigor.

Plant Ally: Bubblegum Kush to kickstart the introspection journey.
Me-Time Helper:
Lord Jones Bath Salts

Leo woman illustration - horoscopesLEO

You are on the cusp of something magnificent in your career life, Leo, and we’re going to need you to trust it. Your closest friends and allies on the journey are here to help you peel back resistant layers so that you can shine more brilliantly at work. Take extra care to apply yourself wholeheartedly to any career-related endeavor. Remember, joy is your biggest motivator, so follow its roadmap.

Plant Ally: Blue Dream to relax nerves and help you be your best.
Joy Helper:
Prismatic Plants Good Day

Virgo woman illustrationVIRGO

Happy Birthday, Virgo! Even if this month feels like someone has thrown a wrench in your gears, it’s for the greater good. Approach this month with sweet surrender to what is happening around you. Sometimes plans fail and doors close to offer new, refreshing opportunities. Don’t take that for granted! Look beyond the obvious.

Plant Ally: Chemdawg to inspire psychic vision.
Perception Helper:
Prima Go-To Elixir

Libra woman illustrationLIBRA

This month takes it back like a spicy #TBT with all kinds of people from your past popping up again. Although social distancing is in order, you may find that your social life is invigorated with deja vu moments. People (and even circumstances) that you’ve known before may show back up, and it’s going to be up to you to decide who’s worth a second chance and who’s not. Choose wisely.

Plant Ally: Sour Diesel, to share or not to share?
Clarity Helper:
Tonic Balancing Vape

Scorpio woman illustrationSCORPIO

If you’re the type to roll solo, you’re going to want to figure out how to enter back into the social environment (distanced, of course). Feelings of isolation may appear, so you need to remember the people who’ll be there when it matters the most. Make that special phone call that you’ve been staying on, or seek out some counseling with a professional to help you let off steam. Connection matters!

Plant Ally: Lemon Meringue. Let's nip depression in the bud.
Connection Helper:
Lord Jones Old Fashioned Gum Drops

Sagittarius woman illustrationSAGITTARIUS

Teacher! Teacher! While you’re already known for being one of the most studious of the zodiac, the cosmos have been suggesting for a while that you move deeper into your natural role as an educator and informer of the masses. What knowledge can you share? Figure it out and make the world your classroom.

Plant Ally: Ecto-Cooler: A heady high for a heady goddess.
Communication Helper:
2Rise Tincture with Turmeric

Capricorn woman illustrationCAPRICORN

It’s time for a new worldview, attitude, and spiritual framework, Capricorn. This month, your goal is to commit to a new ethical, just, and spiritually-infused lifestyle. Where have you been ignoring justice or dropping the ball on being in service to the people and communities that could use your support? Pour more into a worthy cause and you’ll see how fulfilling it is to be on the right side if humanity.

Plant Ally: Lambs Bread, a favorite for the followers of spiritual truth.
Motivation Helper:
Apothecanna Circulating Body Oil

Aquarius woman illustrationAQUARIUS

The full moon kicks off August in your sign, and what a joy it is to be loved by you. Prepare for an outpouring of love and attention from others, as your natural magnetism seems to keep the people around you enthralled. What will you do with this attention moving forward? Allow it to heal you emotionally. You’re worthy.

Plant Ally: Strawberry Cough to help you keep up the waving and smiling!
Love Helper:
Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

Pisces woman illustrationPISCES

Refresh, rejuvenate, and reorganize, Pisces. This month brings a lot of tinkering around to make sure everything is properly cared for. Change you curtains, let go of those wardrobe pieces you never wear, get your car tuned up, and give yourself a nice pedicure. Nothing around you can work this month unless you’re in tip top condition!

Plant Ally: Peppermint: Spicy and cool to keep you alert but chill.
Self-Care Helper:
Beboe High Potency Face Mask

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.