HIGH CITY GUIDE: San Francisco

Gazing out amongst the rolling fog of a typical morning, those from warmer climes would be forgiven for wondering what magic San Francisco—with its weather that changes every hour—holds over the souls who live there. But the smartly layered residents always seem to look good, albeit slightly warm, as that old reliable California sunshine burns through the mist and sets the colored Victorian row houses and verdant pockets of plant life aglow.

San Francisco is intimately tied to the rise of legal cannabis—and the demise of prohibition. It’s why you can park on a picnic blanket with a two-foot bong and crack open prerolls inside lounges down the street from City Hall. People have been puffing in the streets here for half a century.

With the advent of legal cannabis, SF has become one of the most vibrant places to live and work if you enjoy the herb, no secrecy needed. There is a public fine for smoking, but its minimally enforced and that’s apparent when you walk down almost any street. While smokers in Los Angeles tend to cozy up in alleyways, SF locals are not shy. Let’s take a virtual tour, shall we?

Shops to Buy Your Bud

Barbary Coast  
Where: 952 Mission Street, San Francisco
What: A full service upscale dispensary and lounge.
Why it's Great: This is a cannabis destination of its own, with a dab bar and full combustion smoking lounge, tourists and locals can relish in a climate controlled and safe space to consume the cannabis they just bought. Barbary Coast was among the first dispensaries to receive a consumption license from the city of San Francisco—total landmark status. Celebrate by twisting up their premium cannabis offerings with some classic Raw papers.

Magnolia Wellness 
Where: 161 Adeline Street, Oakland 
What: A dispensary, vape lounge, and mini cannabis museum.
Why it's Great: Sharing a Volcano bag of the best Oakland has to offer over a cup of tea is a charming reason to pop by Magnolia, but people looking for speed can order online and pick up in person one of their dozens of strains.

Where: Most of the San Francisco peninsula
What: An app-based cannabis delivery service.
Why it's Great: The cradle of tech business innovation may as well have one of the quickest and easiest services imaginable. Simply select and pay, after which the cannabis sometimes arrives in less than 15 minutes. This is invaluable when you’re elbows deep into a dinner with friends and want to re-up with low effort.

Spots to Enjoy It

Mission Dolores Park 
Where: Dolores Street and 19th Street San Francisco 
What: A medium sized park in the middle of the city. 
Why it's Great: Dolores Park is one of the premier spots in San Francisco. Between the iconic people and pet-watching and the smoke cloud that seems to perpetually hover, this is where you go to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. Bring along a Host Set if you’re feeling extra classy, lots of cross-fading happens at this spot. Co-Founder of Kikoko Teas, Amanda Jones, says “Dolores Park practically screams San Francisco!” Baker Beach
Where: 1504 Pershing Drive, San Francisco
What: A beach downwind from the Golden Gate Bridge.
Why it's Great: Baker Beach is a two-in-one tourist spot, but plenty of locals use this dope little strip for their own gatherings too. It’s got a beautiful sunset paired with the striking visuals of the bright red Golden Gate Bridge at the far end. Touching the Pacific is a must-do, and its within city limits.

Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park
Where: 100 John F Kennedy Drive, San Francisco
What: An indoor botanical garden located inside a large park.
Why it's Great: Golden Gate Park is absolutely massive, so aim for this corner, where the Summer of Love 50th anniversary was held, and where the city of San Francisco allowed its first public park cannabis use permit to the team at Kikoko. They held an infused tea party that sold out in just two hours if that’s any indication of cannabis’ popularity in this city. Here you can find a botanic paradise, perfect after indulging in the cannabis type with your Le Pipe.

Canna-Food to try

Cannaisseur series 
Where: Invite Only, location changes
What: Curated cannabis and food events.
Why it’s great: Instead of a crazy strong infused meal, infused hors d'oeuvres start the night while non-infused food and flower are dispersed and paired accordingly.

Cafe Flore 
Where: 1032 Clement Street, San Francisco
What: A San Francisco institution with evolved edible offerings.
Why It’s great: Step into the house that love built, where Brownie Mary herself hung out and queer people flocked for a safe place to call home. This spot was the first to offer CBD cocktails as an ode to their past hosting famous queer and cannabis activists.

Munchies Spots

Burma Love
Where: 211 Valencia Street, San Francisco
What: A sit down Burmese restaurant.
Why it's Great: Tea leaf salad is a life changing dish. Fermented tea is salty, oily, and savory in a flavor combo that you can’t find at any old restaurant. This dish has a devoted following, and its crunchy peanuts and crisp lettuce sprinkled with sesame seeds, fried garlic, and jalapeno slivers create a whole new world in your mouth. Make sure to bring along Plant People Drops if you think you may go overboard— the chili string beans are hard not to finish.

Firenze By Night
Where: 1429 Stockton Street, San Francisco
What: A family owned Italian restaurant.
Why it’s great: North Beach’s Giusti family makes Italian food that is not as easy to come by outside the Northeast US—consistent excellence in texture, taste, and service. Their gnocchi alone is better than two thirds of Manhattan’s Little Italy restaurants. Come for those precious potato pillows and stay for the surprising specials involving fresh California-sourced delicacies.

Yank Sing 2 Go
Where: 101 Spear Street, San Francisco
What: Traditional Dim Sum without the wait.
Why it’s Great: Budtender at Barbary Coast Nicole Dasig is a SF native. She lives for the dumplings after a smoke at the Wharf, which is great to check out if you are a visitor. Known for its long lines at the sit-down side, Yank Sing 2 Go gives you the experience without the wait, which could cut into your precious sight-seeing time.

Elevated Offerings

Cloud Sesh
Where: Location changes
What: A roving Bay Area patients party for medical card holders.
Why it’s Great: Share the joy of cannabis in a party format in multiple Bay Area neighborhoods. Bring your stash in an Asche Leather Pouchette.

Weed + Wine Tour presented by California Cannabis Tours
Where: Tours run on Saturdays out of Oakland
What: A fun-filled private tour of a Bay Area dispensary, a winery, and a tasting room.
Why it’s Great: This is a bit of the future of cannabis— party freedom and an integration between cannabis and other things. Tasting CBD-infused rose from Cannavines and having the freedom to smoke on a luxury bus is priceless. Take along your Licancabur Pipe from Miwak Junior to use at Richmond Point where you get a view of the whole shining city.

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Danielle is an New York City-based writer. Off-duty, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, a clean house, cooking gourmet meals, and studying botany, cosmetic chemistry, and natural healing.