High Horoscopes: February's Retrograde Requires Some Deep, Deep Work

Photo by Vanessa Lilak

Hey, do you remember that super classic, super obnoxious knock-knock joke? It goes like this.

“Knock knock!”
“Who’s there?”
“Interrupting cow”
“Interrupting cow wh—”

Yeah, that one. February 16’s Mercury retrograde in Pisces shows up like the “interrupting cow” of our lives. Random, unexpected, and harmless yet slightly jarring if you haven't been paying attention. But if you play your cards right, this may be the most character-building retrograde of year’s past.

The cosmos are asking you for radical self-awareness. Yes, it’s Valentine’s month, but can you hold your own, without leaning too hard on others? Venus shifts into independent Aries on Feb 7. And then on Feb 9’s full moon in Leo (and Juno retrograde) gladly show up to sweep away any crumbs of codependency within our characters.

Meanwhile, Mars charges over into self-reliant Capricorn on Feb 16, right before the sun hits Pisces season and makes it official. Take a serious approach to dealing with your issues, but also remember…“MOOOOO." Just roll with it. Aries woman illustration


Warrior or lover, or lover of war, Miss Aries? That is the question. This month’s work for you is figuring out exactly how to traverse the mushy arena of romance, with the finely-tuned skills of a war Goddess. Your ability to magnetize and attract is heightened this month, so do your best to focus your attention on accepting the beauty and passion that flings itself in your direction. Do not let all that good, sensual heat go to waste with petty arguments or re-hashing old relationship (hi, retrograde) drama. Let’s start fresh.

Plant Ally: OG Roses to keep it all peace, all soft, and all passionate.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
I am, therefore, I love. Taurus woman illustration


Well, look at you, Taurus! It’s only the second month of the year and you’re already shooting arrows through hearts at work. Your reputation within your work group is a big deal right now, and folks are taking notice of you, your ethics, and your integrity. It’s inspiring, honestly. Make sure you honor yourself by honoring your commitments. Keep valuing your truest work enough to give it your all. Stay hard on the course, and wait until Mercury retrograde to consider making any hard changes in your work life. You’re doing so well.

Plant Ally: Green Crack because you’re a production machine!
Mercury Rx Mantra:
Don’t stop, get it, get it. Gemini woman illustration


February gets a little mystical for usually brainy Gemini, so don’t be afraid to pull out those trusty-dusty tarot cards your friend gifted you on your birthday. If you can dare to have some faith in what you can’t see, and be willing to look at things from an unusual perspective, you’ll find that familiar “confused about my path” feeling dissipates rather quickly. Feed your spirit some nourishing food in the form of spiritual guidance, whether it’s from your local priestess, your sacred text, or your dream journal. Information about who you need to become and what you need to believe is clearer than ever.

Plant Ally: Gelato to help answer those deep internal questions.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
If I have the question, I also have the answer. Cancer woman illustration


Healing is not an unfamiliar word to the well-cultivated Cancer, and for good reason. This month comes around and reminds you of the incredible regenerative power you have. The concept of heart-based “woundings” may come up multiple times this month, possibly within yourself but definitely with your closest loved one(s). Feel free to share some of your wisdom and emotional intelligence with your person in need, but remember: you cannot “do the work” for them. A somewhat unrelated side note: Keep an eye out for your secret admirers. They exist.

Plant Ally: Super Silver Haze, to inhale the zen.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
Don’t roll another’s joint, lest yours first be rolled. Leo woman illustration


As much as you love to roll solo, collaborations and duos are the absolute key to winning this month. Use your gut, but notice which lovely people in your life, new or old, you can trust to go half on a project with. The opportunities will seem to show up like magic, so use your internal GPS to navigate to where your people are, and consider what kinds of things you can create with another amazing person. Mental connection is everything, Leo. Just try to make sure that contracts, business deals, and agreements are made *before* the retrograde, if you can help it anyway.

Plant Ally: Chocolate Diesel: the better “chocolate” Valentine’s Day gift.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
Just tell them that they “put the ‘bud’ in ‘best bud’” :) Virgo woman illustration


We don’t wanna hear it, Virgo. We really, really, just want the best for you. So when we suggest that you make sure you’re taking care of your health this month, we really, really say it with love. Get your daily schedule back on track, if it’s fallen off. If you’ve been off your game or slacking on drinking your daily hydration ritual (go for the gallon!), here’s the moment to hit the reset button in preparation to go full in, during Mercury retrograde. Get focused! We need you sharp.

Plant Ally: Black Jack a.k.a high energy for getting back in the swing of things.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
Picked up some bad habits? Time to “weed them out." Libra woman illustration


People often have you pegged as a charming, socially acceptable butterfly who wouldn’t dare disrupt the status quo...but we know that’s not the complete truth. Soon, they’ll find out too. February rolls in like thunder for Libra, reminding you to be radically, unabashedly authentic. And possibly a little weird. Recall all of the times you hid your true self out of the utter fear of being judged, and resolve to loosen up that shackle this month. Your work is to tell the truth, to live the truth, and throw caution to the wind. Get ‘em, Queen.

Plant Ally: Go wild and try a varietal that you’ve always wanted to try but never had the guts.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
“Well, to be blunt…” Scorpio woman illustration


The creative juices are flowing, Scorp, and no one can stop them. There’s been some innovative, imaginative ideas bubbling in your heart for a some time now, and it’s a good time to begin the process of channeling them into real-world, into physical manifestations that we can all see. If you’re crystal clear inside on what you are making, bring it forth this month. If you need more time, go ahead and write your plans out on a piece of paper. Enjoy the beginnings of making it “real," because, it’s going to burst through you sooner or later.

Plant Ally: Nirvana Haze. It’s definitely a vibe.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
My creativity materializes effortlessly. Sagittarius woman illustration


What is your “policy” on honesty, Sag? Really, think about this. Somehow, your sign has simultaneously been honored as the most blunt sign in the zodiac, while simultaneously being dubbed the most likely to exaggerate (how’s that even possible, lol?) Either way, whenever Mercury retrograde comes around, we have an opportunity to rework, redefine, or redo a part of our personality; and this lesson about the importance of truth-telling will come up again and again. Don’t get caught up in any fibs you wouldn’t want to catch someone else in, and give others the comfort of being able to trust what you say. Be a real stand-up chick.

Plant Ally: Ask your budtender for their honest opinion on what the best varietal is.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
I speak truthfully, and with crystalline clarity. Capricorn woman illustration


Mars moving into your sign sends a hit of independence, activation, energy, and power into your life over the next few months. Excellent! However, keep in mind that when Mercury retrograde rolls around, it’s usually about slowing down, reworking, and rethinking things we thought we knew before. With all of this lively energy you’ve got, you’re going to want to channel it into editing. Check in on your budgets and bank accounts, specifically. How’s that emergency savings looking? What can you do to set up your finances better for 2020?

Plant Ally: Cayenne, oddly enough. It’ll keep you good and energized! Trust.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
I’m taking a two steps backward, to take five steps forward. Aquarius woman illustration


No one knows the actual value of social capital like Air signs, but this Valentine’s month, you’re learning the true lesson of that, Aqua. No woman is an island, no one can survive without the resource that is other people. In certain ways, your job is to really be open to taking others’ advice this month. Use the retrograde period to allow yourself to see what part of the story *you* could be missing and what others are holding for you. Don’t be afraid to let your mirrors be your medicine.

Plant Ally: Take your best friend’s suggestion. Allow your mind to be blown.
Mercury Rx Mantra
: My village is my reflection, and I trust my reflection. Pisces woman illustration


Happy Birthday, Pisces! Your season comes around and gives a big hug to all of us who may be love-starved and in need of some emotional healing, so thank you. This month, you want to pay extra close attention to any unexpected psychic hits this month. Premonitions and feelings may pop up That’s So Raven style, and if you can stop yourself from getting in your own way, you can use them to your benefit. Stay meditated up, and reach out to your local Gemini for support. They’re taking spiritual medicine this month too.

Plant Ally: Golden S.A.G.E. because that’s what you are.
Mercury Rx Mantra:
I trust my visions to show me what I need to see.

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.