Shop The Most Giftable CBD Stocking Stuffers—From Under $50

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Okay, so it’s holiday gift-giving time and you’re either strapped for cash (because who isn’t!) or you’ve successfully turned your nose up at the suggestion that we all splash out for everyone on our list (bless you). Either way, just because you don’t have Rihanna dollars to throw at your special people this holiday season, doesn’t mean you can’t still give them a super special gift.

And so, we’ve taken a deep dive into the Miss Grass shop to surface some of our absolute primo presents—all for under $50 and under $100 respectively. Make no mistake: These gifts are divine.


Edie Parker CBD Nectar Vape Pen

Edie Parker CBD Nectar Vape PenEdie Parker CBD Nectar Vape Pen, $40

This is the luxury CBD vape that every glam person in your life needs this holiday season. Not only is this Edie Parker vape taste delicious, but it really does bring the oft missing elegance to your CBD ritual. We also love it because it makes getting your daily dose of CBD so easy. As in, for the high functioning, high-strung type, it’s a perfect accessory for your next bathroom break. Just to take the edge off.

Lord Jones Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops

Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD GumdropsLord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops, $45

For that fancy someone, these are like the cannabis equivalent of a fancy bottle of bubbly. In fact, they make a great addition to a glass a bubbly. So for that decadent life-of-the-party person on your list, look no further than these absolutely divine, artisanal gummies. The texture will leave you longing for more and more and more. But don’t overdo it; they’re 20mg of CBD each.

2Rise Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric

2Rise Full-Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric2Rise Full-Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric, $50

This CBD tincture with turmeric is a must in every wellness toolkit. The anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD paired with turmeric make it great for managing any ongoing inflammation issues—which, if we’re honest, we all have. Make this part of your morning routine, like a vitamin.

Quim Happy Clam Oil

Quim Happy Clam CBD Everyday OilQuim Happy Clam CBD Everyday Oil, $48

This is truly the missing cog in every vagina-owning person’s self-care kit. We like to think of it as eye cream for your vagina. It works wonders to calm your fancy bits after a good romp. And otherwise, keeps things moisturized and fresh all the day long.

Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb

Life Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath BombLife Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath Bomb, from $14

This bath bomb is that little stocking stuffer that will properly improve every person’s quality of life. But what makes it a great gift is that so few people actually buy these kinds of treats for themselves. So, for the person who works out a lot, has a hard time winding down, or has any sort of body pain, this is the must-get gift.


Bloom Farms Dream CBD Tincture

Bloom Farms Dream CBD TinctureBloom Farms Dream CBD Tincture, $95

The gift of sleep is truly the best gift of all. But you knew that. The reason this Bloom Farms tincture is such a hit around Miss Grass HQ is because it blends the all-powerful calming benefits of CBD with the knock-you-TF out properties of CBN. Packed with beneficial terps from its whole-plant hemp sources, it really does make a huge difference when it comes to catching that REM we all so desperately need.

Tonic Balancing CBD Vape Pen

Tonic Balancing CBD Vape PenTonic Balancing CBD Vape Pen, $80

We love this vape because it tastes delicious, helps calm our nerves in a pinch, and is made from pure hemp-derived cannabis oil that won’t get you high. Which means, whether you’re shopping for an expert consumer or a total noob, this little number will be a hit. 

INDA Creations Pipe Keychain

INDA Creations Pipe KeychainINDA Creations Pipe Keychain, $69

Because the smoking ritual should never be underestimated. This beautiful little pipe is an absolute staple for the chic smoker in your life. What makes it so special is that it works so hard to destigmatize cannabis—just as hard as you do. It’s sleek enough to carry in plain sight and not even your most conservative family members will bat an eyelash. The perk is that it’s very easy to clean, which isn’t always true of pipes.

Bloom Farms Relieve CBD Tincture

Bloom Farms Relieve CBD TinctureBloom Farms Relieve CBD Tincture, $55

Made with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, this tincture is as pure as they come. Think of it as your daily dose of CBD that fits perfectly alongside your daily vitamin routine. Unlike a lot of tinctures on the market, this one tastes natural while still being tasty. Which is really what you want when you’re getting all hippy dippy with your supplements, right?

Wildflower CBD+ Healing Stick

Wildflower CBD+ Healing StickWildflower CBD+ Healing Stick, $75

For the athlete or pain-sufferer on your list, look no further than this tiger balm-esque stick. It’s irresistible because it rolls on mess-free, unlike most balms, and it’s packed full of CBD and cooling terpenes. Let’s just say, it’s a godsend for sore muscles and achey joints.