2021 High Horoscopes: Your Zodiac Sign's Year Ahead

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"Welp, we’ve made it. More than any other time in recent history are we, as a collective, ready to jump headfirst into the new year. As the smoke clears and 2020’s explosion fades into the background, greener pastures will soon appear. It’s helpful to remember that 2021 will be a fresh opportunity for growth, healing, peace, power, and the dopest of vibes...if we let it be. On the other side of loss is a LOT to gain! Whether you’re ambivalent about what 2021 holds, or ready to run tits-out into your new chapter, let’s see what green, potent medicine 2021 has in store for your zodiac sign in love, work, and spirituality. Breathe in, check out your “New Year’s revolutions” and trust that it can literally only go up from here.

2021 High Horoscopes: Your Zodiac Sign's Year Ahead

Aries woman illustration


March 20 - April 19 (Sun in Aries)
April 11 (New Moon in Aries)

October 20 (Full Moon in Aries)

Love and Sex:
There’s a lot of love to be had in finding yourself around folks of the same mind and same vision as you, Aries. Don’t be afraid of the word “we” in 2021, because contrary to popular belief, no one can go it alone, and multiple best buds can be better than one. If you’re single and looking, join an organization that gets your heart pumping. In a relationship? Try linking with another cool couple in whatever way that seems appropriate 😅. Whether you’re single or in (a) romantic relationship(s), your keywords will be “mission”, “purpose”, and “togetherness”.

Work and Career:
2021 is here and you won’t be left behind, Aries! Expect to be thrust into the career environment that requires you to be dedicated to complete and total innovation. Whether you’re at the same gig or looking for something new, you’ll have many opportunities to try new technology, techniques, collaborations, formats, and audiences. Don’t be afraid to get “weird” regarding your long-term work aspirations. Weird is often liberating.

People and community supports you going deep this year. While spirituality is a deeply personal endeavor, there’s nothing like having real people to communicate with regarding your experiences of the third-eye. Use your discernment, but make connections with one or more spiritual societies and get more tools for taking it deep.

New Year’s revolution: I am here to be with, around, and for the people!

Taurus woman illustration


April 19 - May 20 (Sun in Taurus)
May 11 (New Moon in Taurus)

November 19 (Full Moon in Taurus)

Love and Sex:
Although you’re known to be a hard worker and a grounded lover, there’s nothing wrong with a little free-range fun. Setting your love life up in a way that allows for some space, fluidity, and flexibility may be just what you need. If you’re in a relationship, consider what feels good, and what could use more openness and variety...and openly communicate that with your partner. If single, make sure to be open to all kinds of lovely humans that you just may have never considered before. You’ll thank yourself in 2022.

Work and Career:
Plant a seed, and watch it grow, Taurus. We’re in it for the long haul. Now’s the time to make some investments in things you’ve never considered (WOC cannabis startups, perhaps?). Whether you’re investing time or money, just know to stay par for the course—short-term gratification is the antithesis of a healthy financial portfolio or bank account for you in 2021.

Your schedule may look wilder than ever before, but having a body-centered spiritual practice can help you ground into comfort, spiritual health, and balance. Mondays are for therapy. Tuesdays are for yoga. Wednesdays are for the sticky sticky. Keep your spiritual health on a to-do chart and mark off the days so you can see your healing happen in progress.

New Year’s revolution: Your body is an antenna that links you to peace, prosperity, and healing! Use it!

Gemini woman illustration


May 20 - June 20 (Sun in Gemini)
June 10 (New Moon in Gemini + Solar Eclipse)

December 18 (Full Moon in Gemini)

Love and Sex:
Sometimes “soul mates” and “twin flames” manifest as only projections of our imaginations, traumas, and unmet, uninvestigated needs. You need to know that it’s completely possible to be in relationship with someone who is truly right for you, without the blinders, obsessions, and buzzwords. 2021 brings you opportunities to experience real, deep, honest love—as long as you’re mature about it. Single folks, remember that you fail when you force it. Couples, remember that the stars brought you together, but self-work is what keeps you there.

Work and Career:
Your money is where your mouth is, Gemini, so get it. There are opportunities to put your words, thoughts, and ideas out on the grand stage. No one benefits from you not sharing helpful information, so please try and find the stage that will allow you to do that and monetize it. Don’t sleep on the words = wealth concept.

Nature and the great outdoors is our greatest spiritual teacher, so don’t let 2021 pass you by without getting some wisdom from the green Mama herself. Your biggest moments of spiritual growth are moments that happen in the rain, in the sunshine, and by the river. Take your bud and go (safely) commune with the essence of life.

New Year’s revolution: You are grounded in truth, open to hard truths, and here in the moment.

Cancer woman illustration


June 20 - July 22 (Sun in Cancer)
July 9 (New Moon in Cancer)

No Full Moon in Cancer (there were two in 2020!)

Love and Sex:
The themes for your 2021 love life may feel like a cross between “Erotic City” and “good kid, m.A.A.d city”. The landscape of love looks more...different...than ever before. You’ll notice your desire for depth in all your relationships gets more intense, and that may mean extreme emotional and sexual vulnerability, or cutting away from surface-level lovers. Whatever you do, do with radical, uninhibited, unbridled, honest passion.

Work and Career:
Opportunities to boost your income are in the stars, and you may have been watching them come in since last year. Now’s the time to take a calculated risk and step out of your comfort zone. Consider long-term career changes or entrepreneurial endeavors that have been a long time coming. Don’t wait anymore—invest your time today to reap rewards tomorrow.

Your spiritual health, psychological health, and sexual health are all connected this year, Cancer. Weave your therapeutic sexual interactions and therapy itself into your life and watch your spirituality kick off. Movement-based therapeutic processes are your key to opening the doors of perception.

New Year’s revolution: There are deep transformations abound, and they bring my body and soul lasting joy.

Leo woman illustration - horoscopes


July 22 - August 22 (Sun in Leo)
August 8 (New Moon in Leo)

January 28 (Full Moon in Leo)

Love and Sex:
Candlelight, commitments...and taxes. Here we are in 2021 and you’re watching yourself mature into the proper distinguished adult you always wanted to be. Your relationship life is no different; you’re calling in maturity and only folks who you can truly go the distance with. Whether single or coupled, it’s time to get sophisticated and make plans for the long haul. Lock it down.

Work and Career:
You have a lot of success with collaborations this year, so use them wisely. Put some co-working energy in your life and lean into folks you trust to be the other halves of some good ideas. Be discerning (you don’t want anyone sullying your glowing reputation), and operate with equality and balance, and see how far good teamwork carries you. Y’all got this.

You may find that this year, more people expect more things from you, and you’re responsible for other people in more ways than expected. Remember to take a step back and bring harmony into yourself with a healthy self-based wellness practice. Have a spiritual practice that’s yours and yours alone, and that you can do with just yourself.

New Year’s revolution: As I grow, I attract growth-oriented others, and life gets golden!

Virgo woman illustration


August 22 - September 22 (Sun in Virgo)
September 6 (New Moon in Virgo)

February 22 (Full Moon in Virgo)

Love and Sex:
Luck be a lady, tonight! You’re lady-luck incarnate this year, especially in the arena of love and relationships. Expect a lot of yummy unexpected surprises (or answered prayers) when it comes to your love life, whether that may look like finally getting that family started or the perfect person crash-landing into your heart. Take the risk, roll the dice, and expect a win.

Work and Career:
Streamline, redesign, systematize. 2020 might have knocked some of us off of our squares, and 2021 is the year to rebuild your foundations to be more efficient than ever. Get organized and stick to a plan. A healthy dose of discipline and focus will help make this year one of the most profitable you’ve seen thus far, so make the effort.

Long-term spiritual growth is the objective, so don’t get frustrated if you can only meditate for 30 seconds at a time. No one knows more than Virgo, the value of keeping at a practice over time. You can start off spending five minutes each day doing something that heals you. Next month, expand to ten minutes. By 2022 you’ll have grown!

New Year’s revolution: Success beyond measure is in close reach; let me get prepared!

Libra woman illustration


September 22 - October 23 (Sun in Libra)
October 6 (New Moon in Libra)

March 28 (Full Moon in Libra)

Love and Sex:
Prepare to learn the value of play and exploration in 2021 matters of love! For almost the entire year, you’re being given a green light to make joy and mischievousness a part of your love life practice. Sharing your full creativity and sensuality in relationships or dating helps you liberate your childlike self...but watch out—if you’re not planning a pregnancy, be careful! Fertility is everywhere around you.

Work and Career:
Prepare to step into the forefront of your career, because leadership is calling! The stars have put a call out for you to be seen, heard, and receive the respect you deserve from your colleagues, administrators, or audiences. Respect is earned, so make sure your work speaks for itself, and that even then, you’re willing to speak for it too.

Simple is always better this year, Libra, as you deepen your spiritual walk. Contrary to capitalist belief, you don’t need every new age bell and whistle to get connected. Refine your spiritual practice to something pure, easy, and fun—you’ll go deeper than ever before.

New Year’s revolution: My inner child is also my inner adult, and I freely liberate them both!

Scorpio woman illustration


October 22 - November 21 (Sun in Scorpio)
November 4 (New Moon in Scorpio)

April 26 (Full Moon in Scorpio)

Love and Sex:
Do you, Scorpio, take yourself to be your lawfully wedded self? To have and to hold yourself until death do you further into yourself? The answer should be yes, along with any potential or current partner’s. We’re leaving silly games in 2020 and stepping into 2021 ready for real, authentic, committed connection. That doesn’t quite have to mean monotony or even monogamy, but it does mean being committed to what you really need—realness.

Work and Career:
Keep your money close and near you, Scorpio! Now’s the time to stash away like a squirrel in the winter, keep that “rainy day” fund intact, and consider long-term investments. Start a savings plan, even if it’s just a few dollars a day, you’ll grow to learn the value of having something set aside for when you need or want it most.

Your feelings will show up in your body, so get centered and aware of what’s going on in those chakras. Breathwork will always be a Scorpio’s best friend, letting you transform feelings, thoughts, and fears with each inhale and exhale. Don’t forget that as the strongest tool you have for enlightening the heart, mood, and mind.

New Year’s revolution: With each breath, an old me dies and a new me emerges. I have that power and autonomy!

Sagittarius woman illustration


November 21 - December 21 (Sun in Sagittarius)
December 4 (New Moon in Sagittarius)

May 26 (Full Moon in Sagittarius)

Love and Sex:
Running away from love is easier to do than we think, Sagittarius. The cosmos want you to take this year to examine where exactly that could be happening for you. Whether single or coupled, there may be parts of yourself that internally rebel against being loved, and 2021 brings a lot of that issue up to be healed. Surrender to love, and be loved. Love on your own terms is expected, but clearly define those terms (and make sure they aren’t just defense mechanisms)!

Work and Career:
Take the work you do and figure out how to better share it with the world at large. Making the world a better place is your cosmic job, Sag, and here’s the part where use of media and messaging take center stage. Utilize broadcasting, social media, tech-y apps, and networking to your advantage. Not only your job, but your soul will thank you for it.

Past life wounds, early childhood traumas, or issues dealing with insecurity, guilt, and shame may have made themselves apparent over the past few months, and believe it or not, that’s a good thing. Shadow work is your best friend, and facing your fears head on clears space for courage to seat itself in your spirit. Seek counsel with a wise person to help you sort through the “shit.” It gets soooo much better.

New Year’s revolution: I am love, I love others, and as long as I’m open to it, I will be loved!

Capricorn woman illustration


December 2, 2020 - January 19, 2021 (Sun in Capricorn)
December 21, 2021 - January 19, 2020 (Sun also in Capricorn)

January 13 (New Moon in Capricorn)
June 24 (Full Moon in Capricorn)

Love and Sex:
We’re just getting started, Capricorn. Lots of intense movements have been happening in your sign for the past few years, and we’ve finally got our footing in the love department. Don’t rush things, take your time, and make sure you’re moving with integrity every step of the way. Whether dating or coupled, keep at exactly what you’re doing right now for a while to see what fruits may just come.

Work and Career:
Things may start to finally feel like they’re balancing out for you financially this year. Clearing out is always necessary before a new foundation of consistency is built. Lean in to some of your more “unique” ideas when it comes to work, and you’ll find that taking that risk could end up more profitable than you expected.

Break out the lavender and purple kush, Cap. 2021 is here to offer you the anti-anxiety healing that you so desperately desire. Releasing tension and zen-ing out is such a necessity after the wildness of 2020. Step down from stress and let your jaw muscles relax. You deserve a break.

New Year’s revolution: I surrender to my authentically peaceful self from here on out.

Aquarius woman illustration


January 19 - February 18 (Sun in Aquarius)
February 11 (New Moon in Aquarius)

August 22 (Full Moon in Aquarius)

Love and Sex:
2021 is a year for personal development, so don’t be confused if your love life seems to take a back-burner to all of the growth you’ll be doing. You’re being called to break through old, outdated, and possibly immature perspectives on relationships and you’ll be stepping into something new once you know yourself. Don’t force it, and prioritize *you*. Your relationships will be better for it.

Work and Career:
New endeavors abound, Aquarius, whether it be a new job, new avenues of education, or a new start for your entrepreneurial spirit. It requires a lot of time and dedication from you, and if you’re willing to put in, you’ll get back double. Leave any flightiness and unwillingness in 2020; it won’t serve you this year in crystallizing your dreams into reality.

Now is truly the best time to rewire your nervous system for peace and coolness. There’s going to be a lot of zippy energy that may have your brain feeling electric, so make sure you're ground deep into the earth like a copper grounding rod. Hypnotherapy would be a perfect option for taking your mind power to the next level.

New Year’s revolution: I keep my heart light as a feather, as I remain solidly grounded to the Earth.

Pisces woman illustration


February 18 - March 20 (Sun in Pisces)
March 11 (New Moon in Pisces)

September 20 (Full Moon in Pisces)

Love and Sex:
Have you ever heard the song “Caught Up In the Rapture” by Anita Baker? If not, go stream that right now. If you’re open to love, you’ll find that your love life looks like one of those misty dream sequences in the romantic flicks—just too damn perfect to be true. While you always want to have crystal clarity, this time it just feels really damn good, and it’s okay to enjoy it fully and wholesomely. Enjoy this elevated love, in all its forms this year.

Work and Career:
You’re moving into bigger territory here, Pisces, so it’s going to be a great time to get with a teacher, trainer, coach, or mentor who can help you reach higher heights. Make sure to move into the middle of the year with a sure game plan for what you want “work” to look and feel like from here on out. Stick to the plan!

Let’s let go of what could be considered the “mistakes” you’ve made in your life. They’re in the past, and the most proactive thing to do is to make amends with yourself and everyone involved, and do better in the future. Self-forgiveness and self-trust is your lesson, so dust yourself off and fly again, cosmic mermaid. You’re untethered.

New Year’s revolution: No need to be “longing”...I am finally open to the wholeness of love around me and it’ll never stop flowing!"

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.