2020 HIGH HOROSCOPES: Your Zodiac Sign’s Year Ahead

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Remember the ’90s, kids? In the days of inflatable neon furniture and jet-black lip liner, we could always look forward to the promised magnificence of the year 2020. Cars would be flying by then, robots would be washing our dishes, and weed would finally be legal in all 50 states.

Oh, how time flies, right? Here we are, at the precipice of our childhood dreams; living, thriving, and adulting as we should be. Cars aren’t quite flying yet, but we’ve successfully made it to “the future” with our bodies and minds intact (those glittery butterfly hair clips, notwithstanding). What does 2020 hold for *your* zodiac sign? Let’s find out! Graphic of the Aries constellation.


Sun in Aries: March 19 - April 19
New moon in Aries: March 24

Full moon in Aries: October 1
Mars in Aries: June 27 2020 - January 6, 2021
Mars retrograde: September 9 - November 13

Love and Sex:
This year, your relationship life can heat up in ways you may have never expected. If you’re single, you may want to look around the office to see who catches your eye, or make a little extra effort to show up for yourself at work-related events—especially around the time of the full or new moon in your sign. If you’re in a relationship, see how you could turn your coupling into a business partnership—just make sure to spend more time working at the boardroom table than working out on top of it. Just make sure to really evaluate what you really want out of your love life during the Mars retrograde period.

Work and Career:
Someone’s on their way to a brighter future, and it’s you. 2020 is a year of stepping deeper into your life purpose with no holds barred, and no regrets. This year’s multi-planet Capricorn mashup and a series of intense eclipses make contact with your house of career, reputation, and life purpose. Nothing you do for work stays on the surface, or goes unnoticed. You can make some amazing financial strides ahead if you challenge yourself to rise to the occasion.

You’ll never go it alone, as this year’s spirituality theme for you involves being tapped into your community and social circles that promote wellness. Try a meditation class with others, a group yoga retreat, or a weekly smoke sesh with your chosen family. Feeding off of the unconditional love of others keeps you chill.

New Year’s resolution: To make the money, but don’t let it make you. Graphic of the Taurus constellation.


Sun in Taurus: April 19 - May 20
New moon in Taurus: April 22

Full moon in Taurus: October 31

Love and Sex:
Time to try something new, Taurus. For the single bulls, take your Venusian self to a new land and see what love awaits you when you travel. Branch out, love. Your “away” game may be stronger than your “home” game (so book your tickets now). If you’re in a relationship, don’t be afraid to traverse unknown territory with your boo. Traveling together is an option that may present itself (if so, go for it). Also, considering a new relationship model or enjoying some mind-expanding kinky time that takes your love to unthought-of dimensions.

Work and Career:
Your work and finance life could be hit with a strike of lucky energy all this year, so be prepared. Don’t be afraid to take an educated career gamble or two. If you’re in between careers, apply for that position that seems out of your league, or start the business that’s been on your mind for years. Invest in what truly interests you and you’ll see a return. The cannabis industry perhaps?

A wave of healing energy approaches, especially in the midpoint of the year. Traumas that have once been your undoing will make themselves known to you on a conscious or subconscious level. Make sure to prioritize your spiritual life and release pent up energy through physical sacred movement, tantra, or some good ol’ ganja.

New Year’s resolution: Start crossing items off of your “bucket list.” Graphic of the Gemini constellation.


Sun in Gemini: May 20 - June 20
New moon in Gemini: May 22

Full moon in Gemini: November 30

Venus retrograde in Gemini: May 13 - June 25

Love and Sex:
Sex goes deeper than surface level for you in 2020; there’s more depth, passion, and psychological connection to your partner(s) than you know what to do with. Deep closeness with your lover takes off any veils and masks and leaves you with nothing but the naked truth. Sit in that feeling and keep both your eyes and heart open. Venus retrograde in your sign in May might bring back desires for or from old lovers. Just say no!

Work and Career:
In 2020, money shows up from unexpected places; inheritances, passive income projects, and other non-active avenues. Take care of these resources and they can end up becoming generational wealth for your next generation. With all this going on, it doesn’t hurt to add an active stream to match the passive one. Let the eclipses in January and July show you exactly what your best way of making money looks like.

While usually you’re a social dragonfly, this year looks a lot more like enjoying the simple things of life; family, close friends, and a healthy sense of peace. Find your spiritual paradise by staying close to your roots. You don’t have to do too much to maintain your sense of closeness with the divine. Roll up, and kick back.

New Year’s resolution: Keep close to what’s close to the heart. Graphic of the Cancer constellation.


Sun in Cancer: June 20 - July 22
New moon in Cancer: June 21 (eclipse); July 20

Full moon in Cancer: December 29

Love and Sex:
Don’t be afraid to venture into committed territory this year. You have the strong heart of a lover that can make long-lasting bonds that stand the test of time; why not try in 2020? Put your heart on your sleeve. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to proverbially “shit or get off the pot”. If this is the one, make it secure. If not, time to make the decision to let go of what no longer moves you. Decisions, decisions.

Work and Career:
Team work makes the dream work, and you don’t have to go it alone. Look to reliable others to help you scale goals at work and share responsibilities that you can’t and shouldn’t need to take on alone. You’re also extra attractive to higher-ups and head-honcho’s this year, so remember to impress the hell out of everyone you need to, to move up. You’re on the radar.

It is not until your cup is full, that you can fill other’s cups. When you become an expert as self-care, you can become an expert at taking care of others. Consider what spiritual self-care practices you have mastered, that can be turned into a service you offer for others. It’ll work wonders for you and your world.

New Year’s resolution: Fill your cup, so that others can benefit. Drink from others' full cups. Prioritize reciprocity. Graphic of the Leo constellation.

LEO IN 2020

Sun in Leo: July 22 - August 22
New moon in Leo: August 18

Full moon in Leo: February 9

Love and Sex:
You thought the casual dates and late night romping were cute, right? Yep, that is until you fell head-over-heels in love. 2020 is the year to begin thinking about settling down and getting more serious about the potential “one” in your life. If you’re single, consider taking any casual situations to the next level of commitment. For couples, time to get more serious and adult about the relationship. Get closer, together.

Work and Career:
You need to be seen, Leo. You’re at a peak point in your craft, and there’s no reason for you to hide behind in the shadows. When the second quarter of the year hits, you’ll become more aware of how valuable you are to your work, and can be recognized for it. Practice makes perfect, and now it’s time to show off a little bit. You have permission.

The brain and the body are not separate, disconnected things. Spiritual awareness means knowing the connection of mind, body, and soul—and how they all create feedback loops with each other. Make sure you keep a positive, calm mind to support your body. Make sure your body supports your mind. Cleanses, workouts, and tolerance breaks may be in order. CBD is the perfect medicine for you.

New Year’s resolution: Get serious about your love, your craft, and your wellness. Don’t sleep on yourself. Graphic of the Virgo constellation.


Sun in Virgo: August 22 - September 22
New moon in Virgo: September 17

Full moon in Virgo: March 9

Love and Sex:
Hedonism hasn’t necessarily been the term associated with Virgo energy, but 2020 shows up with multiple planets in places that encourage a little bit of wild-child behavior. Single Virgos, get fearless and enjoy the fullness of the love being offered to you, whether it’s from one or many sources (just be safe). If you’re coupled, make the relationship new again by dating like new lovers—try sharing your “first joint” all over again.

Work and Career:
Huge advances show up for you this year, as folks are finally starting to notice the work you do. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to become acknowledged as an expert in your field...if you do your due diligence. Multiple opportunities show up for you to share your skills; just make sure to be prepared for excellence.

Your mental health takes precedence in the second quarter of the year, so make sure you’re on a first name basis with your therapist and spiritual advisor. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so keep on the up-and-up and stay the course.

New Year’s resolution: Enjoy the fleshly pleasures of life while still keeping a rational mind. Graphic of the Libra constellation.


Sun in Libra: September 22 - October 22
New moon in Libra: October 16

Full moon in Libra: April 7

Love and Sex:
Didn’t think you had it in you, did you Libra? You chart’s sector of love affairs and sensual pleasure is highlighted in the beginning of the year, and crushes are aplenty and abound. If you’re single, you’ll find that you build upon connections you’ve made that can grow into seeds later in the year. Boo’d up Libras should expect an increase in passion within your intimate relationship. Just make sure that Venus retrograde doesn’t come around and undo all your hard work.

Work and Career:
Money is tied to “home” for you, in one way or another. Moving into a work from home position may be the key to leveling up for 2020. If that’s not possible, make sure that your home care routine is as strong as your work routine, and you’ll have the energy to execute your job well. Financially, investing in real estate, renting out your house, or moving to a better location may prove beneficial.

Rest is best! A full, wholesome sleep cycle will work wonders for your sense of peace and balance with the world around you. Make sure your cannabis rituals are worked around healthy practices, like yoga or therapy. Feed yourself food from all colors of the rainbow, and take it easy on yourself.

New Year’s resolution: Stay home more. Home is where the heart is. Graphic of the Scorpio constellation.


Sun in Scorpio: October 22 - November 21
New moon in Scorpio: November 15

Full moon in Scorpio: May 7

Love and Sex:
Join your Taurus friends for some travel time, as there is lovely medicine in seeking partnership in unknown places. This is an enlivened year for dating for you, so make sure to be open to new experiences. Partnered Scorpios should go out; hit up a local event with your significant other. It brings a refreshing and rejuvenating tone to the relationship.

Work and Career:
The scope of your work takes on a more media-centered role, as you step into the function of master communicator. Learning and sharing ideas, opinions, and information goes a long way, and takes your career to higher heights. Consider taking a few classes or getting some extra instruction that could level up your area of expertise. Spend time learning, because you’ll be teaching quite a bit.

When was the last time you pulled out your “white noise” machine, or played the sounds of a thunderstorm on your way to sleep? There’s almost a telepathic-like stream of information that zooms through your head this year, and your work is settling it into quietness. Soothing sounds and frequent quiet time can help.

New Year’s resolution: Take a class on what you want to know, and teach a class on what you love. Graphic of the Sagittarius constellation.


Sun in Sagittarius: November 21 - December 21
New moon in Sagittarius: December 14

Full moon in Sagittarius: June 5

Love and Sex:
Lots of shift going on in the cosmos for the endless Sagittarius love story. This year, the themes of polarity and opposites come up quite a bit as major lessons. Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, ask yourself: what do you consider “compatible”? What is “incompatible”? What are your hard no’s and negotiables? Apply that truth to your partnerships and watch what happens.

Work and Career:
Foundation, foundation, foundation, Sagittarius. You are in the process of building a new financial structure for yourself, so everything you do in 2020, make sure to do it with total and complete intentionality. Every dollar should have a place before it’s even received, and that place should support you in your long-term financial goals. Hunker down and make your hard earned, count.

Holistic medicine is your friend. Do your research on what alternative therapies get your spiritual energies moving. A reiki session, acupuncture, and of course your cannabis meds may be just what you need to keep your internal system in order this year. When the soul is in tune, the body is a happy, light place.

New Year’s resolution: Hunker down on money goals and put a certain amount in savings before your birthday. Graphic of the Capricorn constellation.


Sun in Capricorn: December 21 - January 20
New moon in Capricorn: None in 2020

Full moon in Capricorn: July 5

Love and Sex:
Things get a little freaky for Capricorns in 2020. The unconventional relationships you may have formed in 2019 spill over into the new year, with opportunities to continue loving in ways that you’ve never loved before. Although work takes precedence, your love life pops and crackles with unexpected twists and turns. Whether single or taken, choose “health” as your criteria for how to interact...and with whom.

Work and Career:
It’s OK to be a little self-centered this year as it pertains to career. You carry enough personal workpower to create your own empire from scratch, with self-reliance as your main internal resource. You don’t need to wait on others to get things done (not to say don’t invite help though), so challenge yourself to create with your unique perspective as a priority. It pays off in 2020.

Inspired lately? Good. Jupiter, the planet of spiritual inspiration lights up your zodiac sign and helps you to cultivate your intuition about the bigger picture of life. Don’t be afraid to take risks and open up your psychic channels and tap into your inner wisdom more often, and with more depth.

New Year’s resolution: Cross your top five “level up” goals off of your list, before the 3rd quarter of the year. Graphic of the Aquarius constellation.


Sun in Aquarius: January 20 - February 18
New moon in Aquarius: January 24

Full moon in Aquarius: August 3

Love and Sex:
For once, your love life may be the smoothest part of your entire life, with the many astrological “alley-oops” in 2020. Natural matchups happen without much effort, as the universe conspires to put you in the right spaces at the right times to receive love. For couples, enjoy this fruitful time by talking about the potentials. Ready for a family? Get it going.

Work and Career: 
We’re done being broke, Aquarius. If you do what you need to do this year, by December of 2020, you’ll be prepared to step into a financial increase that you may have never expected. Make sure to set foundations for your inevitable level up in 2021 year by hunkering down on your discipline and getting started now. If entrepreneurial ideas are on your mind, planning is your best friend.

Finding your place in the world is important at this time. If you feel like a rolling stone with nowhere to go, working on “settling in” into your body and remaining grounded is going to be your biggest spiritual challenge this year. Remember that you are a citizen on this earth, and trust a good indica varietal to remind you to keep your feet (and maybe your butt) on the ground.

New Year’s resolution: Create a body-wisdom routine and get all into it. Graphic of the Pisces constellation.


Sun in Pisces: February 18 - March 20
New moon in Pisces: February 23

Full moon in Pisces: September 2

Love and Sex:
Let your friends be your lovers this year! There’s so much energy being directed into your chart’s location of friends and network, so love and sensuality pop up when you’re willing to make connections with people from your extended circle. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot online, or give Bumble a (shrewd) second try. Couples, feel free to expand by making your private smoke sessions a group affair, or collaborate on a cyber project (in whichever way that means to you, kind freaksters).

Work and Career:
Work is calling you to expand into the digital arena, and become more involved with images and storytelling through digital means. Humanitarian endeavors are also a hit for 2020, so putting your best foot forward and offering a hand up is both internally and externally rewarding for you. Just make sure to to pad your savings a bit—no harm in saving for rainy days, right?

As the quintessential sign of spiritual connectedness, feeling spiritually connected is nothing new for you. Make sure to keep your body as cultivated as your spiritual energy. The more you focus on physical health this year, you notice that your spiritual life also picks up in amazing ways. Don’t sleep on exercise (but definitely get enough sleep).

New Year’s resolution: Put yourself out there—vulnerability leads to real connection and growth, no matter how uncomfortable at first.

The AfroMystic is an Astrologer, Diviner, Hoodoo Worker, and Black Witch based in Los Angeles, CA. She’s the founder of TheAfroMystic.com, where she helps femme folx deepen their spiritual ties to their ancestral line, one thread at a time.