5 Reasons CBD Is Your Summer Beauty Weapon

Photo by Unsplash

CBD may be the biggest buzzword in cannabis right now, but it’s been having a moment in the beauty world for some time. The cannabinoid, which is chock full of inflammation fighting, tissue repairing, and super hydrating ingredients, has a litany of benefits when applied to the skin. And now that the summer season is around the corner, a whole new crop of skin concerns arise—bug bites, oiliness, and sunburns. The good news is that a little CBD can help soothe all of them. Here’s exactly what to stock in your getaway kit before heading to the beach or pool this summer.

It repels insects.

If you’re the type of person who has more bug bites than not by the time July 4 (or 1, if you’re in Canada!) rolls around, trying out a cannabis-laced bug repellent may change your life. Although citronella is way more common, cannabis too has long been used as a repellent (like 100 years long), so combining the two for a body spray is extra efficacious. Try Apothecanna's Bug + Bite Insect Spray.

It helps clear up broken-out skin.

As temperatures and humidity rise during the summer, so does your skin’s natural oil production. The result: a lot more potential breakouts. Cannabis helps to repair damaged skin, and in the case of my favorite serum, can work alongside skin-biome-saving probiotics that also have gently hydrating hyaluronic acid. Try Ildi Pekar's Tissue Repair CBD Serum.

It calms angry inflammation.

Those who suffer from eczema, dermatitis and rosacea can attest to worsening conditions come summertime. Although you should 100 per cent see a doctor if you think you may have a medical condition, you can temper ruddy patches with CBD-laced body oils that have additional relaxing properties, like lavender or frankincense extract. Try Apothecanna's Calming Creme.

It hydrates and protects dry patches.

CBD oil is also packed with occlusive, moisturizing fatty acids, that not only soothe dry, flaky areas, but also help retain moisture and a work as a barrier between your skin and the environment. Try a formula with beeswax on particularly sensitive areas after a dip in the pool, like under the eyes or on your elbows. Try Wildflower's CBD+ Healing Stick.

It keeps lips from chapping.

Your lips are skin, too, FYI. And they're pretty much the thinnest and most sensitive skin you’ve got. Which means they require that much more moisture. Try a balm with those same occlusive properties mentioned above, but also one with ingredients that deliver hydration straight to those pillow lips. Try Vertly's CBD Lip Butter.
Rachel is a freelance writer and editor based in New York City. She writes about beauty + wellness for The Wall Street Journal, The Business of Fashion, Racked, Well+Good, SELF, Allure, Shape, Glamour, and Teen Vogue. And swears by a good sativa to plow through her assignments.