The 7 Key Skincare Products This Industry Insider Swears by 

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I’ve fancied myself something of a beauty and skincare pro from the time I purchased my very first Lip Smackers. Helping friends and coworkers (occasionally even my boss) improve their skin through product recommendations, tips, and new techniques is my favorite thing. So unsurprisingly, when I entered my role as head of growth at Miss Grass, CBD (cannabidiol) beauty products quickly piqued my interest.

Though brand growth is my main job, I also help select the CBD products we carry in the Miss Grass Shop, often testing them out prior to release. I get introduced to formulators and chat with founders—and even so, finding the right products can be confusing. The world of CBD is complex as hell.

To simplify the process of finding the perfect CBD skincare products for you, I’ve focused in on seven favorites below.

The be-all, end-all serum

Completely clean, organic, and all-natural, Saint Jane's beauty serum is a queen amongst skincare products—the only serum you’ll ever want, or need: a truly *luxurious* omega-rich elixir of 20 potent ingredients including rosehip, grape seed, avocado, pomegranate, sea buckthorn, shea, sandalwood, and CBD. It feels like silk and smells like luxury. A few drops post-cleansing and toning, and my nightly skincare regimen has leveled up.

Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum

Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum, $125


The best quencher for thirsty skin

Female-founded and formulated with CBD, Cordial Organics is clean beauty to get behind. I first tried using the label’s rose hydrosol as a toner, typically meant to eliminate post-wash residue for a more thorough cleanse, balance skin’s pH levels, and give hydration where skin needs it before you moisturize. I haven’t looked back. Now, I use it as my toner and to set makeup in the AM. And to refresh mid-day, mid-flight, etc.


Cordial Organics Rose CBD HydrosolCordial Organics Rose CBD Hydrosol, $22


The nighttime neck-down treatment

A cannabis skincare OG, Apothecanna stands the test of time for a reason. Its natural and nutrient-rich product formulations aren’t just good for the body, they’re a sensory delight with scents that are beyond. More than a body creme, this is a treatment. With lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and yes, CBD, it’s my after-shower addiction—and it absorbs pretty well so you don’t have to worry about sticking to your sheets. Get yourself an Apothecanna product and you’ll basically be transformed into a brand ambassador overnight. They’re that good.


Apothecanna Calming CBD CremeApothecanna Calming CBD Creme, $40


The pre-bedtime tincture to rule them all

If your skincare team has an MVP, it’s sleep. The best thing to promote natural regeneration and restoration is catching uninterrupted z’s. Of course skincare has always played an important role in my nighttime routine, but adding Mineral's Sleep Tincture changed the game. Formulated with CBD, it also includes CBN, one of the many other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant that research has linked to helping people fall asleep faster. Brush your teeth, add a few drops of it under your tongue, and drift into slumber sooner—it does the trick for me!

Mineral Sleep CBD TinctureMineral Sleep CBD Tincture, $160


The skin-condition rescue

Dr. Kerklaan’s topicals are therapeutic and intended to target skin concerns ranging pain, PMS, and even sleep. The Natural CBD Skin Cream is a go-to at Miss Grass HQ. It’s effective because it is hypoallergenic, unscented, and concentrated. Personally, anything from stress, diet, sleep deprivation, and season-to-season transitions can trigger a flare-up, so it’s one of my must-haves.


Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin CremeDr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin Creme, $39


The pain stick that’s my secret weapon

Menthol healing creams. If you’ve tried them, you know they can be strong enough to make eyes water, and feel more like burning than a soothing tingling on your body. Not the Wildflower Healing Stick. While it has menthol and peppermint, its formulation is something special and doesn’t bother me. It goes on effortlessly, and has coconut oil to smooth, soften, and melt into skin. Its real standout, though, is the CBD that provides effective relief post-gym, and for soreness, back aches, joint pain, and more. (P.S. It’s a hit with my parents, too).


Wildflower CBD+ Healing StickWildflower CBD+ Healing Stick, $75


The at-home spa indulgence

Baths equal luxury, and one of the best ways for me to wind down whether I’m home or on vacation. With a blend of oatmeal, honey, grape seed, arnica, CBD, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang, these bath bombs are skin-loving in every sense—each ingredient was picked to soften, moisturize, and soothe, all with a delicious, healing scent. Bonus: They come in three strengths to ease sore muscles. As a one-stop shop for a spa-like experience, they make a pretty perfect gift.


Life Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath BombLife Elements Bliss Ball CBD Bath Bomb, from $14

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