I Used Beboe Therapies for 2 Weeks (+ I’m Changed)

Photo by @Beboe

You guys, my favourite cannabis brand Beboe just launched a skincare line called Beboe Therapies and I’m about ready to get divorced and remarried to it. I mean, for a cult weed brand to launch skincare might not seem like a natural progression, but when you understand that the plant actually makes for one of the best all-natural skincare ingredients out there, it all starts to make sense. What heals us from the inside out, can also heal us from the outside in, apparently.

Of course, adding CBD to a product doesn’t make it an immediate winner. It more than likely just makes it an immediate up-charge without necessarily any extra benefit—unless the brand is going about formulation properly. And that’s the hook that Beboe Therapies is all over.

As a consumer, I’m very wary of the we-just-added-CBD trick as a cheap one that too many brands are grabbing onto. But what’s special about Beboe Therapies is that these guys did their homework and worked with true visionary formulators to create really special skincare products that actually work.

The products are special enough, in fact, to be the latest amongst our bestsellers in the Miss Grass shop. And special enough to have gained a loyal following of grown-ass celeb women like Cameron Diaz, Minka Kelly, and Rachel Zoe—all of whom are well beyond their nubile early 20s chapter. (And if I’m honest, as a rule, that’s an important distinction because I’m really only open to skin advice from women of a certain age.)

What’s the deal with Beboe Therapies and why am I so obsessed?

Well, whenever I try new products, I try to be very focused and systematic. And that’s important because everyone knows that trying a product once is useless. I like to try them over time, in isolation, so I understand how and if they work. And naturally, that means booking my calendar for a new skincare regime. So, for the past two weeks, I’ve been using Beboe Therapies and here’s how everything’s changed.

The new line consists of a High Potency CBD serum and a High Potency CBD sheet mask. They don’t test on animals, are free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and are also vegan and gluten free. And I’m celiac (the ultimate gluten free idiot), so that Beboe Therapies even bothered to test for gluten down to the parts per billion and call it out on packaging, is truly a Godsend and saves me a lot of work. Too few brands go that extra mile.

The serum contains 300mg of CBD—which for a topical skin product is a meaningful dose—and acts as both a serum, a hydrator, a makeup primer, and a highlighter for dull skin days.

Beboe High Potency CBD Face SerumBeboe High Potency CBD Face Serum, $148

And then there’s the High Potency CBD sheet mask—which they call “a therapy session for stressed skin”—and comes in a pack of five. By face mask standards, these don’t come cheap at $78 for the pack. But when I tried them, I understood. Unlike other sheet masks, these ones pack 50mg of CBD per mask and are seriously pillow-y, leaving my skin noticeably improved—especially when I use it at night. By morning, I can actually pass as rested...maybe even hot!
Beboe High Potency CBD Mask

Beboe High Potency CBD Mask, $10.80 to $46.80

When I talked to Beboe Therapies about their formulations, they explained to me that they were focusing on combating puffiness, fine lines, redness and acne by formulating products that encourage collagen production and elasticity. And as a 35-year-old woman with late on-set adult acne, a pretty intense work schedule, and too few hours to repair each night, I am here for all of that.

How do I use it, you ask?

The serum has become a fixture in my morning and night routine. After I take off my makeup and give my face a good wash, I take about seven drops of the Beboe Therapies serum and pat it into my face, neck, and décolletage. Then I follow it with a deep moisturizer. In the morning, I splash my face with water and pat the serum in again. But this time, I follow up with a sunscreen moisturizer and my makeup.

Once a week, I do a proper cleanse and exfoliation at night and follow it with the sheet mask. This typically falls on a Sunday because I’m a creature of habit. And now that Big Little Lies season 2 is out, I just let the mask soak while I indulge in a junky TV-watching time. They say 30 minutes is a good soak time, but if the TV stuff grips me enough, I wait even longer to take the mask off and I figure that can’t be a bad thing.

Once it’s off, I take my paws and scoop up the remaining product from the envelope and rub everything into my face and neck (and nipples sometimes!). The next morning is when I notice the real magic—just the kind of fresher, dewier, and more even complexion that I always look for.

I try a lot of products at Miss Grass HQ: It’s my job. And while every product that makes it into the Miss Grass Shop has a big thumbs up from me, I have to say, I have always had a very special place in my heart for Beboe. We were the very first place on earth to stock their CBD Calming Blend vape (which remained an all-time bestseller while it was still available).

And even before they ventured into CBD, this brand has led the charge to make weed chic with their THC line of vapes that are still my go-to gift for everyone. The New York Times called Beboe "the Hermés of marijuana” and while I’m not one for the word marijuana—there’s a whole lot of baggage in that word which you should educate yourself about—I’d have to agree with the Hermés bit. This brand is the definition of luxe and their new foray into skincare is just further confirmation—if it was even needed.