What is a Doob Tube?

Photo by Miss Grass

One of life's great pleasures may just be going home to finish the joint you started a few hours ago. What's not so pleasurable, however, is taking it out of your bag or pocket and realizing that it's become crushed and bruised. Quelle horreur! Your promising little J is now nothing more than a pile of wasted weed.

While there are plenty of seemingly effective joint storage options out there, the ideal one should keep your J's shape while preserving the quality of your ground cannabis. In other words, you need a doob tube. “What is a doob tube?” Sounds like a stoner-bro thing for sure. Maybe. But if you want to keep your weed's optimal flavor and effects, it’s time you get acquainted.

What is a Doob Tube?

Every once in a while, someone invents something that changes the game forever. That's the case with doob tubes: those small, compact containers that help you store your joints discreetly. When these containers—which often look like test tubes or maybe even tampon cases—were created, one of the most important factors was to create an odor-proof tube. After all, even though we love the aroma terpenes lend our buds, it's still a little extra to walk around with a smell of weed billowing from your bag. And anyway, trapping those aromas keeps your terps from oxidizing and losing their feel-good effects.

A great airtight doob tube is often made of glass, metal, or polycarbonate plastic and has a secure cap, ensuring a durable container that will keep your J’s fresh. They're extremely convenient for any type of joint, from mini pre-rolls to dank blunts.

Sure, you could use a Zip-loc bag to keep your joints fresh. But you're a grown up now, my love.

What is a Doob Tube used for?

Sure, you could use a Zip-loc bag to keep your joints fresh. But you're a grown up now, my love. While a baggy can be very handy, it won’t prevent your spliff from getting crushed or damaged. A quality doob tube will last for years, and is perfect for storing pre-rolls, partially smoked joints or blunts, and even small amounts of ground flower.

There are several types of doob tubes, from simple plastic screw tops to child-proof containers with a push-down-and-turn lid. All are odor-proof, protect your spliff from breaking apart, and keep moisture away. As a result, your joints don’t go stale, delivering fresh smoke every time.

If you want to put out a joint to finish later, some doob tubes even offer a solution. Saverette doob tubes will extinguish your joint within five seconds of placing it inside and popping up the airtight lid. A fool-proof system for avoiding sad, damaged joint syndrome.

Are Doob Tubes smell-proof?

There is nothing like the pungent smell of your favorite strain filling your space. Yet, not all of us want our pockets and bags to smell like weed, especially if we want—or need—to be discreet. 

In fact, that's one of the reasons doob tubes became popular among cannabis- lovers: they shield us from being too obvious about what we've got. Doob tubes have a particular cap that’s designed to keep any odors within while preserving the purity of the pre-rolled herb.

Do Doob Tubes work?

Doob tubes are perfect for bringing your pre-rolls everywhere without being too obvious about it, but how do you know they do the job? 

Thanks to their air-tight lid, these containers manage to keep moisture away from your joint and retain the terpenes that give it an amazing flavor and smell. However, even well-kept cannabis loses its potency over time. The longer you keep it, the weaker the hit will become. 

For that reason, it’s important to remember that doob tubes are only meant for short-term storage. Still, even the cheapest doob tube will work for years, keeping your flower fresh on the go.