All About the Mango Bliss Strain

Photo by Tony Bawk for Miss Grass

Those looking for a year-round taste of summer can treat their taste buds to Mango Bliss. Though this fruity strain isn't as juicy as the fruit for which it’s named, the Mango Bliss strain definitely elicits the free-spirited, sunny vibe of summer as soon as you break apart its delectable nugs.

There aren’t many Sativas that make you feel this good without overwhelming your senses.

Mango Bliss lineage

The Mango Bliss strain comes from two potent buds, giving it an irresistible terpene profile and intense THC levels. The fruity sativa with its conical buds are is derived from Colombian Mango Biche and an Afghani strain, combining each ones potent effects for a head-hitting high with enticing flavors that transport you to a tropical paradise.

The Colombian Mango Biche strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a bright cerebral high that will send you soaring through the clouds. It's what gives Mango Bliss its lovely sweet fruit and tropical flavors. When combined with an Afghani strain—which are known for their sedative effects and spicy flavors—the result is a cruise-y, positive high with sweet-smelling aromas. 

Mango Bliss THC content

Mango Bliss has a THC content that can go up to 29% and little to no CBD, so just a couple of tokes could be enough for anyone who wants a stimulated mind and a spark of euphoria. Veterans will likely enjoy the smooth ride of this vibrant bud, stimulating their senses like no other, while newbies will love its clear and perky high.

Mango Bliss effects

Imagine a ripe mango that's slightly soft and radiating a sweet, melon-meets-pineapple scent. Its flesh feels delicate and juicy, and when you take that first bite, a burst of tangy flavor caresses your tongue making you feel inspired, energetic, and motivated. The Mango Bliss strain gives you this experience in the form of a beautiful green, aromatic bud. 

Unlock your creativity and manifest your visions.

The Mango Bliss high is a pleasant ride on a wave of vivid creativity that washes over you for a productive high full of positive spirits and good vibes. No storms could ever diminish the bright, euphoric power of the Mango Bliss strain. After a couple of tokes, you will find yourself floating in an ocean of inspiration, bringing new ideas to the world and helping you achieve your goals with energy and enthusiasm. We simply cannot think of a better way to unlock your creativity and manifest your visions.

Mango Bliss flavors

The Mango Bliss flavors are exactly what summer tastes like: citrusy, tropical, tart, and sweet. Hints of orange, lemon, pine, and spice come together to give you a smooth, flow-y high. If that’s not enough to make your mouth water, wait until you see its terpene profile.

Mango Bliss aroma and terpenes

Hints of mango, citrus fruit, and spicy earth harmoniously blend into a terpene profile that will leave you begging for more. The Mango Bliss aroma is the result of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene, and Pinene, which synergistically contribute to the uplifting, energetic effects of this bud.

Limonene is the terpene that gives citrus fruits that effervescent, vibrant kick, while Pinene is the herbaceous terpene in pine and rosemary. Limonene can help enhance our mood, while Pinene brings a calm, refreshed alertness. Humulene, which is also present in clove, basil, and hops, can help you suppress hunger and reduce inflammation, while Caryophyllene can help reduce anxiety and soothe pains. These terpenes are what give the Mango Bliss strain a distinct spicy-earth smell.

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Mango Bliss growing information

Mango Bliss was brought into the world by Dutch cannabis breeder KC Brains. Though he didn’t share much about Mango Bliss growing techniques with the world, we know that this strain grows beautifully outdoors and has a strong resistance to mold and fungus thanks to its Afghani lineage. 

Energizing, uplifting, inspiring, and free-spirited.

Mango Bliss benefits

To be honest, there aren’t many sativas out there that make you feel this good without overwhelming your senses. Once you inhale the smoke of this blissful bud, your ability to procrastinate will subside, as Mango Bliss will help you focus.

Moreover, if you need a little help to let go of your shyness and open up in social situations, the Mango Bliss strain will have you talking about fantastic adventures and laughing until you run out of air. Enjoy the energizing Mango Bliss benefits anytime you want the sun to shine for you—day or night. 

When is Mango Bliss best to enjoy

As a vibrant sativa, the Mango Bliss strain is gorgeous to enjoy during the daytime, while its rich trichomes glisten in the bright sun—but plenty of people love using it to enhance a fun night out. This bud will get you talkative, creative, and energetic, making it perfect for dancing and frolicking or for a day spent outdoors hiking, working out, or hanging on the beach with friends. It's also a fun solo high, always stimulating your imaginative, adventurous side.

Where to buy Mango Bliss

Not to be biased, but our Mango Bliss strain, which is found in our Fast Times Flower and pre-rolls, is pretty delightful. Grown at Ladybug Farms in Northern California, it's raised using sustainable practices to bring you a high that is just right.