Love Letter to a Joint

Photo by Unsplash

My Dearest Love,

We’ve been through so much together. Good times and bad times and all the in-betweens.

I’ll never forget all the moments we’ve shared. Crying on bathroom floors. Huddled together in darkened corners. Stolen seconds in the backseat of the car. Giggling until our chests hurt at jokes I can’t remember now.

So many wonderful times. Mornings in bed; sunny afternoon hikes in the woods. Baths in the evenings—candlelight and bubbles—and all the mind-blowing orgasms afterwards. Those pink sunsets on the beach. We stared at the waves, reflecting on the past and making future plans.

You’ve always been there for me, my love. On those mornings when I was so stressed out I couldn’t focus; on those weary afternoons. And all the nights when sleep seemed impossible. My love, you always know just how to help me relax.

And, also in my darkest moments—when I thought I’d never smile again—you were there to show me the brighter, more magical side of life. You never stop making me laugh.

Of course, you haven’t always been perfect. Sometimes I’ve had to keep you a secret. Not everyone always approved of us. (My mother, for instance; she took some convincing.) And occasionally, you’ve been a bit too intense or—please forgive me, my love—a little too harsh. And, at your very worst—back when we first met—you could even be kind of difficult to track down. (I’ll never forget that long weekend in New York when I looked for you everywhere. I called and texted everyone I knew; I even asked some strangers outside of a bar.)

But those times are nothing compared to the joys we have shared—and nothing compared to the pleasures you’ve given me. The way you helped me love my body and myself. The compassion you’ve taught me. The connections you’ve fostered; the dreams you’ve helped birth. The mirror you’ve held up so I could grow and learn.

My love, you’ve been—and will be forever—my healthiest and most important relationship. I still smile whenever my lips touch you, breathing in your scent. Our times together have been unforgettable, transformative. And I can’t wait for more.

Thank you, my love, for everything you do and are. I’ll treasure you always. And fight to have you in my life forever, my beautiful darling little joint.

Miss Grass