5 Products Every New Cannabis User Should Try

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The last thing we want to do here at Miss Grass, is perpetuate the sometimes-exclusive language of the cannabis industry and subculture. We’ve all had a conversation online or IRL with cannabis bros that felt way too “inside baseball” and thus kind of demoralizing.

So just for the record, this is a safe space. If you’ve never used CBD products before—let alone cannabis products with THC (the ones that will actually get you high)—you might feel a little trepidation, but don’t stress. There are a few things to know before you take any of the below CBD for the first time.

1) The first time you try it, start low, go slow. Just take a little while you’re at home and increase over time.

2) You won’t get high, but may feel everything from slightly more relaxed, calmer, and in less pain. You're welcome.

3) There’s something here for everyone (and more where that came from) so take your time. Explore. Enjoy the experience.

Cannabis is a very special plant and it deserves everyone’s attention. After all, it’s for everyone. Not just the experts.

The Life Saver

Specially formulated for bigger bliss, Bloom Farms' mini vapes come in four delish flavors, and contain a calming cannabinoid party including CBC, CBG, CBN, and, of course, CBD. Their chill aesthetic is super welcoming to newbs and if you’re wondering how vaping even works, it couldn’t be easier with this one. Just inhale to your comfort level, and blow out the refreshing vapor. Soooothing.

Treat Yourself

Even if no one told you there was CBD in these luxe Lord Jones gummies, you’d still be in heaven. The texture is delicate, the flavors are legit delicious, and the packaging is regal. Of course, the plus side is there’s also 20mg of CBD per gumdrop, so you can receive your daily dose of wellness at the same time as you treat yourself to a daily sugar hit. Candy with benefits. You deserve it!

Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD GumdropsLord Jones Old Fashioned CBD Gumdrops, $45

Like a Log

If you’ve never taken a tincture before, you might be thinking: What is that and how do I do it? And trust us, it’s more simple that it sounds. Just take the dropper and drop some of Mineral’s CBD tincture especially formulated for sleep, under the tongue. Their calming blend of cannabinoids (including the sleep-focused CBN) and terpenes is designed to induce deep rest in three, two, one...

Soaked Up

Topical CBD is one of the easiest and fastest ways to incorporate cannabis into your life, and specifically, your beauty routine. Cult favorite Apothecanna makes it easy too. Let their CBD and hemp seed oil infused creme soak into your skin all day long to alleviate dryness, decrease tension, and hydrate. Plus, it smells like a dream. Think: mandarin, cedar, calendula, sweet orange, and geranium.

Cap It Off

Just like your vitamins, Papa & Barkley's Hemp Capsules are designed for daily wellness, especially helping to keeping your stress levels down, releasing tension, and helping to enhance cognition. Feel that? It’s adrenal rejuvenation, bb.

Jerico Mandybur is Miss Grass’ resident Weed Witch. The best-selling author, modern spiritual guide, and former editorial director of Miss Grass, is our go-to source for all things tarot, magic, and witch-related.