9 Best Tinctures According to Miss Grass Staffers

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As you may or may not know, dropping CBD tincture into your gob is one of the most effective ways to consume the cannabinoid known as CBD. They call that a sublingual application—dropping the CBD oil under your tongue.

It’s not the only way to take a tincture of CBD (you can also add it to your smoothies or meals—you name it) but it’s potentially the most fun. Because who doesn’t love using a glass dropper? Find them! You can’t.

But why would you want to drop some oil under your tongue? Because it works so fast, thanks to all the thin tissues in your mouth. These tissues absorb the CBD in liquids a lot more easily than say, the CBD in a cookie that needs to be digested by your stomach first. Win!

This efficacy is also the reason why so many CBD users prefer ingestion via tinctures versus other methods. And because it’s in a dropper—remember, one drop is the equivalent of about 0.5ml which means you’d need 20 drops to get 1ml—there’s more control over how much you’re taking, which is always good to know, even if it’s non-psychoactive.

Look, we could go on and on about the benefits of tinctures, but really, what we want to do is show you some of our top pick—all heavily vetted and hand-picked by Miss Grass. All you need to do is find the one you like the best, and go for it. Happy tincture-ing.

2Rise Naturals CBD Oil Tincture with Bioavailable Turmeric

Did you know that turmeric is bioavailable as hell? That means most of the nutrients are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Mix with full-spectrum CBD, which is also at its most bioavailable when applied sublingually, and you’ve got a (great tasting) recipe for brain and central nervous system support. 2Rise Naturals' tincture is also made from ethically grown hemp in Colorado.

2Rise Full-Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric

2Rise Full-Spectrum CBD Oil with Turmeric, $50


Bloom Farms CBD Tincture in Balance

And we’d be remiss in our Miss Grass duties if we didn’t mention a Bloom Farms product before moving on. Also full spectrum, this tincture is all about, well, balance—and tending to what ails you. Thanks to the all-natural makeup of the product, it tastes just like the color green. Yum. It’s also ethically grown on a biodynamic farm in California.


Bloom Farms Balance CBD TinctureBloom Farms Balance CBD Tincture, $35


Mineral Sleep

This calming Mineral creation is made of 1:1 cannabinoids and sleep-centered terpenes, which means it’ll gently assist in rocking you straight to bye-bye land. And can we talk about the packaging on this thing? It’s the Aesop of CBD tinctures. But the best thing is the need-based focus of their blends, trust.


Mineral Sleep CBD TinctureMineral Sleep CBD Tincture, $160


Lord Jones High CBD Tincture in Peppermint

Peppermint oil—along with grape seed oil, hempseed oil, hemp oil, and stevia—is what gives this Lord Jones tincture its peppermint deliciousness. But it also comes in lemon flavor, if that’s more your vibe. Their tinctures retain the plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids, but not the THC, making it a “broad spectrum” formula.


Lord Jones High CBD TinctureLord Jones High CBD Tincture, $55


Mineral Recovery

This is Mineral's highest-concentration formula—every amber bottle of the good stuff is packed with 2000mg of active cannabinoids. As you can probably tell from the name, this particular offering is all about potent restorative benefits—a little goes a long way. And when it comes to how you feel, mind and body, that means a lot.


Mineral Recovery CBD TinctureMineral Recovery CBD Tincture, $190


Bloom Farms CBD Tincture in Relieve

Speaking of strong, here comes another! Bloom Farms' relief offering is a super fast-acting, full-spectrum CBD oil made with (highly bioavailable) MCT oil. The point of it? Oh, just relaxation, a decrease in stress, and a supported brain and body—so you can sail through the day like a Queen.


Bloom Farms Relieve CBD TinctureBloom Farms Relieve CBD Tincture, $55


Papa & Barkley Hemp Drops

Papa & Barkley’s tincture supplement is formulated for daily support, meaning it’s designed to be taken like your vitamins are, for best results. Many reviewers say the onset of this product is pretty much instant, so it’s perfect for dealing with a li'l relief from discomfort too. Also, this one is coconut oil-based, if you’re into that. And who isn’t?

Papa & Barkley Hemp DropsPapa & Barkley Hemp Drops, from $26.39

Prismatic Plants Good Day & Good Night Duo

Prismatic Plants is a brand dedicated to "better wellbeing for the overtaxed person" and we're here for it. Each tincture in this duo is blended with adaptogenic botanicals to help support the trifecta—body, mind, and mood. They say it helps you feel like your most balanced, creative self. Sounds good. Plus, these formulas come with CBD *and* CBDa and CBN—cannabinoids meant to give an extra boost in overall wellness and restfulness.

Prismatic Plants Good Day & Good Night CBD DuoPrismatic Plants Good Day & Good Night CBD Duo, $135


Jerico Mandybur is Miss Grass’ resident Weed Witch. The best-selling author, modern spiritual guide, and former editorial director of Miss Grass, is our go-to source for all things tarot, magic, and witch-related.