The Very Best CBD Capsules for Everyday Use

Photo by Stocksy

For those of you who don’t know this already, CBD is magical. Well, OK, it’s not technically magical because it’s always being scientifically tested but it seems like magic, right? When combined with the cannabis plant’s other magical cannabinoids and terpenes (a.k.a full spectrum CBD), it helps people with everything from getting a good night’s sleep to helping your daily headache to go away.

If you’re here, chances are you’ve tried the topicals, the tinctures, the vapes, maybe you’ve even tried the sexy stuff. Or maybe you’re looking for some kind of traditional medicinal format that reminds you of that Tylenol Extra Strength you pop when times get tough. Here’s the good news: CBD comes in a capsule.

Capsules are wonderful for a number of reasons, like a) we’re all good at taking pills per the Tylenol reference above and b) taking capsules means you’ll know exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting, without examining teeny black measurement lines on a dropper for three to four seconds of your free time.

Unlike most of the healing pills you’ve likely taken in your life, you can’t overdose on CBD capsules. However, as with all things cannabidiol, we still suggest starting off consistently with the recommended dose, increasing slowly, and only if your body feels ready. The side-effects are few but they do exist, so you may need to experiment. The good news is, they're not addictive.

With that said, here are the best CBD capsules around.

High Quality

Since its launch, Lord Jones has developed a major industry rep for luxe, super-vetted products featuring premium cannabinoids and maximum bioavailability (body absorption). The team at Lord Jones is also admittedly obsessed with quality control, which means every one of their products are expertly crafted from select hemp and simple ingredients, plus tested for purity and potency. They have serious respect for their consumer, which, in turn, we seriously respect. And, because the capsules are loaded with the plant's original terpenes and phytocannabinoids—which amp up the power of the CBD—they're some of the best ones currently around to help support everyday stress relief, restfulness, recovery, and mood. Swallowing these smooth little soft gels once a day is actually pleasant and very easy—especially since they're are also free of gluten, sugar, alcohols, and dyes.

Potent AF

When award-winning cannabis wellness brand Papa & Barkley announced they were launching a hemp-infused line of essentials, our hearts skipped a beat. These 30mg full-spectrum oil capsules consist of two ingredients only: coconut oil and hemp. The stuff works quickly, too. Sure, this price tag might be a tad higher than other capsules in the category, but wouldn’t you pay a little more for potentially faster and more effective relief? Worth a shot. And we also think the bottle is really adorable.

No Significantly Less Worries

There’s a reason we included Wildflower’s CBD+. We love their mission: To connect people with the healing power of plants. Chic. Even more specifically, the composition of these 30mg capsules includes hemp seed oil rich in amino acids and the omegas. That’s on top of whole plant hemp CBD. So, we’re not just talking about the possibility of less stress, less pain, and better moods. We’re also talking an improved overall state of well-being. And it’s vegan, for gosh sakes. You literally have no reason to not try it.

Sharp as a Tack

Plant People’s vegan, organic, non-GMO, sustainably sourced capsule is cheaper, but it's lacking in no perceivable way, in fact it’s made quite the mainstream splash; The New York Times, Vogue and Forbes are just a couple of biggies looking at it and saying, huh, they might be on to something. It’s no wonder. Fans says it increases focus, memory, mental alertness, and overall brain health. It’s the herbal mega supplement you never knew you needed.

Sarah Gavish is a writer, researcher, and recovering New Yorker with a killer sweatshirt collection and a penchant for witty banter.