All About The Chem Cookies Strain

Photo by Miss Grass

These scrumptious cookies have rich diesel and coffee flavors, notes of sweet plum, and accents of mineral—and are sure to have us all caught with our hand in the cookie jar. The Chem Cookies strain is also known as Garlic Cookies and is sometimes called GMO Cookies. It's a fragrant indica-dominant strain that comes from crossing two legendary cannabis strains: Chemdawg #4 and Girl Scout Cookies (a.k.a. GSC).

With THC levels of up to 30% these cookies pack a flavorful punch. Chem Cookies smoke hits you with a cerebral euphoria that quickly turns into a feeling of deep-body relaxation. 

The floaty, feel-good effects of this strain are perfect for times when you want to relax and reconnect.

Chem Cookies strain appearance

With bursts of color, these cookies are more than just delectable to taste, but also offer a feast for your eyes. Chem Cookies’ eye-popping nugs have a brilliant lime green tone accented by dark purple hues bursting with fiery orange hairs. Topping it all off, the nugs are coated in blue-tinted white trichome crystals. 

Chem Cookies strain lineage 

The hybrid nature of this strain comes from both of its parents. The bright green color and the high THC content are a genetic gift from one of its predecessors, the Chemdawg strain. At the same time, the therapeutic properties that make it effective for helping with certain conditions—such as lack of appetite—are part of the heritage from the Girl Scout Cookies’ side of the family. As mentioned, Chem Cookies results from the cross between the world-famous Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdawg #4 strains. So, let's chat a bit about the origins of this incredible strain.

Chemdawg #4 is the first namesake of these magical cookies. This strain is a balanced hybrid that is generally known for its ability to lift the spirits while offering a gorgeous, full-body high. Chemdawg #4 has a high THC content, lime green color buds, and abundant sun-orange pistils; these characteristics are just a few of the genetic gifts this strain has passed to Chem Cookies.

On the other side of this cookie recipe, is the beloved GSC or Girl Scout Cookies strain. The GSC strain is responsible for tipping the balance of Chem Cookies more to the indica side. The curious combination of green and purple tones in Chem Cookies buds, as well as its stress-easing effects, are all part of the genetic makeup that the Girl Scout strain passed on to Chem Cookies. Although its THC content may not seem that high, the effects of GSC are recognized worldwide as truly potent and will leave you feeling euphoric, hungry, and de-stressed with the first few hits.

​Chem Cookies strain THC content

As with any strain, growing conditions and the skill level of the grower can affect the final outcome. But in the ideal conditions, Chem Cookies can be one of the most potent strains out there. By some accounts, this strain has been known to reach THC levels of 22% to 30%, with 1% CBG, and nearly no CBD.

If you get your cannabis online or in a dispensary, it’s best to follow what the packaging indicates or what the seller says to verify the THC content of the Chem Cookies batch you're purchasing. If you choose to grow your own  Chem Cookies, it’s best to maintain ideal  environmental conditions throughout the plant’s growth, vegetation, and flowering stage to ensure optimal production of both buds and cannabinoids in them. Consult a growing guide for the best approach to growing your own Chem Cookies.

A dreamy euphoria that induces deep, full-body relaxation. 

​Chem Cookies strain effects

Chem Cookies are a truly powerful strain that can throw even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur for a loop. Ease into a comfortable spot, set positive intentions, and maybe keep some healthy munchies on hand before diving into this cookie jar. 

The Chem Cookies high begins as a warm sensation that gently hits the back of the head and slowly works its way forward for an intense cerebral high. This sensation is accompanied by a dreamy euphoria that induces deep, full-body relaxation. 

​Chem Cookies strain flavors

When it comes to flavor, Chem Cookies is a strain that genuinely lives up to its name. It offers a delicious combination of sweet chocolate and nuts, with banana, earth, and diesel accents that complement this strain's profile perfectly. A rich hint of coffee is also present, contributing a particularly warm, dark touch to the final flavor of this delicious strain. After several puffs, you may also notice some of the herbal, sweet, and fruity tones in the Chem Cookies aftertaste, which are also present in its aroma profile.

​Chem Cookies strain aroma

Imagine walking by the kitchen and catching the sweet and savory aroma of fresh-baked cookies, only to find that the oven is empty and someone has just sparked a joint. Of course, just as the name implies, when you smell the buds of Chem Cookies closely, you will notice those chocolate chip tones, dank diesel notes, and spicy accents. It's say to say that the terpene profile of these buds offers a complex spectacle of scents that draw you in and prepare you for the high of your life as soon as you unpack them.

Chem Cookies strain benefits and terpenes

Chem Cookies is a strain with some of the highest potential for helping ease your mind, body, and spirit. It has high THC content, which can escalate to peaks of up to 30%. In combination with its indica-leaning nature (a terpene profile high in Myrcene) and the synergistic effects of other terpenes like Bisabolol and Humulene, Chem Cookies is an ideal companion for someone hoping to tame their tummy or perk up their appetite. The indica properties of Chem Cookies could also help soothe pain, ease stress, and assist relaxation. The euphoric effect of this strain also uplift the mood.

Take a soothing bath, do some introspective journaling, listen to music, or watch your favorite film, or make sensual love.

When is Chem Cookies best to enjoy?

Chem Cookies is the ideal indica-dominant strain to enjoy on a chill Sunday or during a quiet evening at home—really, anytime you need to decompress. It's a relaxing strain that could help lull you into a comfortable night of restful sleep, but it's definitely not a couch-lock indica. The dreamy, feel-good effects of this strain are perfect for times when you want to relax and reconnect, whether that means taking a soothing bath, doing some introspective journaling, listening to music, or watching your favorite film. The body high it brings may also lend itself to super relaxed, connective, and sensual love-making or self pleasure and enhanced orgasm potential.

​Chem Cookies strain growing info

Chem Cookies seeds are in high demand due to their unique qualities and high yield of harvest. If you want to include Chem Cookies in your next crop, be patient and persistent, as it may take some time to find these coveted seeds. Chem Cookies seeds are sought after because their plants are generally resistant to mold, fungi, and pests. They can also thrive indoors, in greenhouses, or outdoors with little to no issues. The plants of this strain are of medium height, grow vigorously, and take seven to eight weeks to reach maturity when grown indoors. So, if you plant your Chem Cookies strain seeds in mid-August outdoors, by mid-October you should start preparing for a bountiful harvest.

​Where to buy Chem Cookies strain?

Chem Cookies strain is widely popular and often in high demand. As a result, it’s not always easy to find. Many online retailers and dispensaries offer this strain, but it’s best to verify the third-party laboratory tests to confirm the terpene and cannabinoid percentages.

If you’ve been looking for a well-grown batch of this strain, we’ve got you covered—Chem Cookies is just one of the single strains we often offer in our Quiet Times Flower and Minis, depending on state, timing, and cultivator availability.